1. D

    Installing 7-speed cassette

    After removing the old cassette, I've had a go at installing the new one, but there's a bit of play in it. The hub is a Shimano 105 FH-1055 which has a 7 speed freehub and 126mm OLN. The link is here There wasn't a spacer behind the old cassette, but...
  2. D

    Tight cassette lockring

    I'm trying to remove a 7-speed cassette which has either been on the bike since new (l980's) or installed by a bike shop umpteen years ago. The bike has been stored in a slightly damp shed - the chain had a few rusty tight links. There looks like there's a few spots of surface rust on the...
  3. D

    7-speed cassette & chain

    I dug out an old racing bike recently, and need to replace the chain and probably the cassette, but I can't remember the spec. I don't have the bike at hand to check, either. It's a Peugeot, and probably dates from the late 1980's. It has a 7-speed Shimano 105 groupset, Biopace chainrings(!)...
  4. Kevin Alexander

    Brand new wheels, cassette and tyres

    Bought wheels to sell the bike but buyer didn’t want them so stuck with them as both my bikes are brand new vision team 35 clincher wheelset Victoria corsa 25mm tyres 11-28 105 cassette £250 plus postage located Edinburgh
  5. M

    Cassette guard nessecity?

    A cassette guard on a Raleigh ebike has snapped and come off. It was hooked into the spokes. Is it worth replacing ?
  6. iluvmybike

    Brand new boxed Shimano HG400 9spd cassette 11-32t

    £25 plus postage(approx £5)
  7. JoeyB


    I’ve just sold a spare bike but don’t have cassette to put on it, does anyone have an 11 speed cassette for sale? 11-28 / 30 / 32 ideally. Cheers Joe
  8. Sloth

    Crank and rear cassette advice please?

    Hi, I am looking into buying my first proper road bike (I currently ride a Claude Butler 'Cape Wrath' MTB, with upgraded saddle/road tyres and front suspension set to most firm setting - sadly they can't be locked out). Where I ride is mainly country lanes with a fair amount of undulation and...
  9. G

    40 tooth 10 speed Cassette question

    I have a shimano 105 5700 medium cage rear mech on my caad8, the chainset is a compact 105 5700 series also. Because I have multiple Sclerosis I can't push full tilt like I did before diagnosis. I've ridden up 18-20% percent gradients using a 32 tooth rear cassette but my cadence drops to 60rpm...
  10. Pedal pusher

    Cassette Socket

    I'm renovating a 80s/early 90s Raleigh and I can't find the correct cassette socket. Can anyone give me a clue. The pic is the one I have with the measurements across the splines and it's to big
  11. Buck

    SOLD Dura Ace 11 Speed 11-30 R9100 cassette

    This is barely used and came with my new turbo trainer. it’s had around 3 months low usage. Looking to sell this so I can get one the same ratio as the cassette on my bike. (11-34) gear ratios are 30-27-24-21-19-17-15-14-13-12-11 The only down side is that some of the paint has come off...
  12. Xipe Totec

    11-Speed 11-32 cassette - brand new, unused *TRADED*

    Shimano-fitting 11sp cassette, branded 'Sunshine'. Got this as part of an ad-hoc groupset I bought from AliExpress - so it is unashamed cheap Chinese gear! Selling because the ratios I wanted (11-30) weren't available - this hasn't been used beyond popping it on a Fulcrum freehub to check...
  13. S

    Wanted 11 speed 11-32 cassette Shimano/SRAM fitting

    As above has anyone got one laying around, would go for 11-30 if anyone has one of those instead?
  14. rivers

    Wanted 11 speed 11-28 or 11-30 cassette

    As per the title, looking for an 11 speed 11-28 or 11-30 cassette. Shimano compatible
  15. Willam

    Cassette compatibility?

    I have a 11-42 shimano cassette 10speed, need a new one but none available anywhere, can I change to any other 10 speed cassette, I'll be changing the chain at the same time, the rear mech is a long cage, will I need to keep the new cassette to a certain size to accommodate the longer cage?
  16. Shack

    Wobbly cassette

    Hi all, I picked up a gravel bike the other week and the PO let me have the original wheelset (devoid of all useful things like rotors, skewers, tubes and until today a cassette. So having correctly fitted a cassette on there appears to be some oscillation, and I can wiggle the cassette around a...
  17. cool_hand

    Sora vs Claris (cassette)

    have been looking to pick-up a new 8 speed cassette. current 8 speed is Sora but looking around now they're not that easy to find, most are Claris. will I notice any discernible quality between Sora and Claris or is it just branding/marketing?
  18. Cycleops

    Linkglide promises 3x longer life cassette.

    A new cassette by Shimano promises a life three times longer than a conventional model:
  19. StHuck

    I need a Shimano CS-HG20-9 Cassette....

    Hi, any recommendations where I can source a Shimano CS-HG20-9 cassette for my son's bike from a UK dealer? Only ones I can find are in China with up to £42 shipping.... Any help really appreciated. Many thanks Steven
  20. Rooster1

    A Lighter Cassette

    I was staggered at the sheer weight of my Shimano HG5000 10 speed 11-32 teeth cassette I am guessing that there are lighter cassettes out there I will put the old one on the scales but I reckon its half a kilo.
  21. K

    10 Speed Shimano Ultegra CS-6700

    For Sale 10 speed shimano ultegra CS-6700 12/30 Cassette Only done approximately 100 miles £30 including 1st class postage and packaging UK delivery only
  22. Ghost66x

    SHifters, Rear Derailleur and cassette question!

    Thread Music theme: View: Just purchased: Shimano Zee Shadow - FreeRide - rear derailleur- short cage - 10 speed 8 speed 11-34t rear cogs single narrow-wide race face 32t - drive Sram pc-870 8 speed chain -...
  23. Twilkes

    Shifting problems at both ends of the cassette

    New cassette, new chain, new rear cable (inner and outer) but if I'm on the biggest sprocket it's reluctant to shift down to the next sprocket, and if I'm on the smallest sprocket it's reluctant to shift up to the next sprocket. So it doesn't seem like a derailleur alignment issue, and the...
  24. K

    11 speed 11/42 or 11/40 cassette Shimano freehub

    As above ideally with not too many miles on. Thanks
  25. HumpTdumpty

    Cassette Removal Hell ! Help

    Hi All - have lost the will to live here my Freehub has gone on my Fulcrum back wheel - tried all day to remove my shimano cassette with no joy ! Even broken my whip chain - appears stuck fast - any ideas easing it what I’m doing wrong - tried it in the Vice , tried it with wrench tool...
  26. DCLane

    SOLD: Almost new Reynolds Stratus Elite 700c rim brake wheels with 11sp cassette, £110 - Dewsbury, West Yorks

    For sale: a pair of almost new Reynolds Stratus Elite 700c rim brake wheels with an almost new SRAM 11-26 11 speed cassette but no skewers as they didn’t come with any: if you really need some I’ll dig out a pair. Asking £110 These came along with a TT disc, which is what I wanted, and have...
  27. bikingdad90

    8 speed sram cassette 11-26

    The top 5 cogs are ok but the bottom 2/3 are worn out. I used it for the turbo but can’t put the watts out as the bottom cogs make the chain skip. Yours for the cost of postage.
  28. Maylian

    Shimano 105 11-speed Cassette - SOLD

    Looking to sell a spare 105 shimano cassette (11-28T) that I got sent as part of a turbo trainer order, which is unopened. My bike is still a 10 speed so ordered a fitted a different cassette. From what I can see this retails for £35 in most retailers, so would like £25 including postage which...
  29. livpoksoc

    Installing a shimano 10spd cassette to Hunt Wheels

    I just took delivery of new Hunt Superdura wheels. Super excited! I went to put my shimano 10spd cassette on (with the provided spacer already on the hub), and got all the bits on. Went to put my shimano cassette tool on to tighten up the lock ring and...the tool won't get past the bit the QR...
  30. Maherees

    Cassette for Turbo?

    Hi all, With this appalling weather we’re getting at the moment I an thinking of getting a turbo trainer, something like the Wahoo but my bike is a gravel bike with a SRAM PG1130 Cassette / 11-42T - do I need to buy the same for the turbo trainer. Thanks
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