1. stevey

    Cassette Ratio's

    Hi all, Hopefully someone can help i have a road bike with 53/39 & 13/29 campag Veloce cassette, the RD is SS. I am looking at changing the cassette to help my knees any ideas as to what i can put on to help. Thanks in advance.
  2. Bromptonaut

    Shimano XC Cassette - Removal Tool/Technique

    I have a Claud Butler Ravana ATX MTB purchased c2002. Standard piece of kit with 27" wheels 21 gears (3*7) and rim V-Brakes. Hubs are Quando and run fine with occasional regrease and adjustment. My problem now is with the cassette/freehub. On Saturday, while on a ride on muddy towpaths the...
  3. livpoksoc

    New cassette and chain?

    After a decent year of going from mot using my bike to clearing 900 mile since lockdown, I'm wondering if I need to replace the chain and/or cassette. I've had the bike up on the workstand and indexed using th barrell adjusters but wasn't completely satisfied it was perfect, but on the road...
  4. Mr. Cow

    Can you buy just half a Shimano cassette?

    Hey, It's come to the point where my cassette and chainring has gone through about 5 chains so looking to replace the lot. I only ever use ~5 smallest sprockets and notice since Shimano cassettes come with the biggest sprockets as one unit and the smaller ones individually, is it possible to...
  5. Blue Hills

    Deore 9 speed 14-25 cassette

    Brand new, never been unpacked. Came from one of the major UK suppliers, can't remember which, like this. An OEM item I assume as there was never a box. £15 posted or if you are in London or thereabouts I will give myself a bike ride and deliver it for £13. Payment by paypal F&F.
  6. Dan77

    Cassette alignment

    I'm using one road bike for both indoor training and outdoors. I fitted an identical cassette to the turbo trainer. It's an 11-34 Ultegra so it has a spacer. I've had to reindex the gears though when swapping from trainer to wheel and vice versa. Do I have to just get used to it and try to...
  7. A

    New gear cassette

    Hi guys, I just wanted to pick your brains if I may. I have just had a new chain and cassette fitted on my hybrid (for the first time on a 6 year old bike), the chain was really worn and stretched, at a local independent bike shop. I must say first of all the bike and gears feel great, like a...
  8. Saracenlad

    700C Rear cassette hub with 125mmO.L.D.

    Hope someone can give me a clue where I could get a decent Alloy 700C rear wheel with cassette freewheel to take 7 speed. O.L.D. 125mm. I am really struggling to find one for my Raleigh? Is the answer to get the rear dropouts pushed out? Thanks in anticipation. Ken.
  9. Marchaugh

    Chain slipping with new chain, cassette and jockey wheels

    I'm trying to help my brother fix his bike, it's Scott Hardtail and has a Deore XT rear mech. The bike was new in Feb but has been heavily used and abused. Much to my annoyance it doesn't get cleaned that regularly. He said his gears weren't working properly so I checked the 10 speed chain and...
  10. Shropshire65LW

    Rear Cassette and Hubs question

    this may be a stupid question i have a specialized crosstrail hybrid, i want to replace the components as they have seen there life in a unloved bike i bought ...compatibility seams a complicated thing im going to replace my rear cassette , but believe my Hub determines what i can fit .. I...
  11. B

    Looking for replacement cassette suggestions.

    After fitting a new chain (first ever chain change) as it approach (but hadn't yet reached 0.75) I was very suprised to find the new chan slipping all over the place on the old cassette. Alas I need a new one. The cassette on the bike (factory) is Microshift CS-H092 9V 11/32 cassette...
  12. M

    Looking to replace cassette, but I'm not sure what these number mean?

    I'm looking to replace my cassette, but I'm struggling to know which on to get for my bike. I have a Sram PG 850 8 speed cassette, but I now see there are a choice of five of these cassettes on amazon and they all look the same apart from a number. These are the numbers 11-28t, 11-30t, 11-32t...
  13. DCBassman

    Sora Brifters 3x9 Button-type

    Worn and scuffed but fully functional. Hoods OK. £17.00 delivered.
  14. P

    Help: Shimano cassette question

    Hi guys and gals, I would like to know if Shimano HG50 9 Speed Cassette 13-25 would be a direct replacement for a 12-25 HG50 cassette? Assuming it's just a minor difference on the gearing and it should fit my PR2 wheelset fine? My PR2 wheelset had a 10 speed tiagra cassette on it but I...
  15. bungyb69

    Changing cassette and chain

    Hey guys took my boardman adv8.9 to the local bike shop! Because the chain was slipping, spoke to the guys there and told me I needed a new cassette and chain which would cost me £120. So I thought I'd have a look how much they cost and how easy it is to do my self, safe to say it cost me £43...
  16. Shropshire65LW

    changing the rear cassette

    I have some 10 speed shifters and a 10 speed Derailleur, that I want to fit to a mountain bike , which currently has a 8 speed cassette , to change this is there anything I need to be aware of , are they universal fitting …...
  17. jay clock

    Cassette cleaning

    I had the pleasure of cleaning my son in laws bike. He had a new chain for it and the cassette was black with muck. I find white spirit is ideal but didn't have any. So I dissolved a dishwasher tab in boiling water and left a few minutes. Scrubbed each cog for a few seconds and job done. Now...
  18. Dwn

    Cassette removal problem

    I'm in the process of changing the wheels on my Triban RC520 and RC500. The latter bike is a couple of months old and the RC520 about 18 months. The cassette on the newer bike came off without too much effort , but the older one seems stuck fast. Any suggestions to make this easier, or do I...
  19. R

    Freewheel vs cassette

    Today, I have removed the freewheel from my touring bike as I wanted to service the dirty hub, cogs, spokes etc. It was shocking to see how easy the process was. I have used a long braker bar and the £4 special tool for removing the freewheel. You don't disturb any other parts and it takes not...
  20. C

    What cranks & cassette to go for?

    In the process of choosing my first road bike - it will be more for exercise rather than racing and live in Cambridgeshire which is probably the flattest part of the country!!! Ok, we do have hills but not too many! can go for a 50x34 & 11x28/32/34 or a 52x36 & 11x28 In the real world is there...
  21. Phaeton

    Snapped Chain, need new cassette, new fronts?

    Done just under 4K on the Cube MTB, this is the 3rd chain, it was making all sorts of noises this morning, kept jumping/slipping thought it might need adjusting & figured I'd do it when I got home. Unfortunately I didn't get that far, 4 miles from home the chain snapped, got split links with me...
  22. Venod

    New SRAM Cassette

    The first thoughts on seeing this is its something for @SkipdiverJohn to buy ;)
  23. J

    CS-HG30-8I cassette - what do I need as a replacement? When to replace?

    I have a bike with a 11-32 Cassette, and Shimano Tourney groupset. When replacing the cassette, do I need to keep to the same size (11-32), same make (Shimano) or are they interchangeable (doesnt changing the ratio - affect chain length). Current Cassette is marked CS-HG30-8I. What do I need to...
  24. Daninplymouth

    Changing cassette advice

    Hi, I have just took delivery of my new bike but I am planning on upgrading the wheels soon. Also at the same time I am thinking of swapping the cassette. At the moment I have 50/34 and an 11-34 rear, I thought this might have been a bit easy on the gearing, and although the 1-1 gear is quite...
  25. Colin S

    Cassette damage on Carbon Chain Stay

    I have just put a different rear wheel in my bike and unfortunately the 11 cog was catching the inside of the chain stay slightly. It has cut through the lacquer and marked the carbon. There is a little bit of a ridge where it has rubbed. I assume the carbon will be fairly thick at this point...
  26. M

    Replacement of cassette query

    Looking for some advice please. I have a 8 speed 11-28. I would like to swap it for a 34-11 to help me with steep hills,is this a straight forward swap or does work need doing to the derallear or chain length etc
  27. D

    105 Cassette (11-32 11 speed) new

    Brand new/boxed R7000 £32.50 inc UK postage 😊
  28. B

    Chainrings, Cassette & derailleur MTB

    Hi folks, I posted a week or so ago and got some great help as I'm stripping down and refreshing my old Apollo mountain bike mainly to learn mechanical skills and have an off roader. My Giant Hybrid bike is ordered and shoukd be with me soon! I just have a few questions from today's work:-...
  29. Tim330

    Worn chain or cassette? Any advice?

    I've got a 6-7 year old MTB ex Halfords Voodoo with light to medium use and well maintained, used on flat trails. I'm now losing the chain on every ride. I don't know if its down to a worn cassette or chain or both. I've cleaned it up and lubed it with silicone lube, and adjusted the derailleur...
  30. roundisland

    11 Speed derailleur 9 speed Cassette

    Hi is it possible to use an 11 speed derailleur with a 9 speed cassette?
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