1. cool_hand

    Sora vs Claris (cassette)

    have been looking to pick-up a new 8 speed cassette. current 8 speed is Sora but looking around now they're not that easy to find, most are Claris. will I notice any discernible quality between Sora and Claris or is it just branding/marketing?
  2. Cycleops

    Linkglide promises 3x longer life cassette.

    A new cassette by Shimano promises a life three times longer than a conventional model:
  3. StHuck

    I need a Shimano CS-HG20-9 Cassette....

    Hi, any recommendations where I can source a Shimano CS-HG20-9 cassette for my son's bike from a UK dealer? Only ones I can find are in China with up to £42 shipping.... Any help really appreciated. Many thanks Steven
  4. Rooster1

    A Lighter Cassette

    I was staggered at the sheer weight of my Shimano HG5000 10 speed 11-32 teeth cassette I am guessing that there are lighter cassettes out there I will put the old one on the scales but I reckon its half a kilo.
  5. K

    10 Speed Shimano Ultegra CS-6700

    For Sale 10 speed shimano ultegra CS-6700 12/30 Cassette Only done approximately 100 miles £30 including 1st class postage and packaging UK delivery only
  6. Ghost66x

    SHifters, Rear Derailleur and cassette question!

    Thread Music theme: View: Just purchased: Shimano Zee Shadow - FreeRide - rear derailleur- short cage - 10 speed 8 speed 11-34t rear cogs single narrow-wide race face 32t - drive Sram pc-870 8 speed chain -...
  7. Twilkes

    Shifting problems at both ends of the cassette

    New cassette, new chain, new rear cable (inner and outer) but if I'm on the biggest sprocket it's reluctant to shift down to the next sprocket, and if I'm on the smallest sprocket it's reluctant to shift up to the next sprocket. So it doesn't seem like a derailleur alignment issue, and the...
  8. K

    11 speed 11/42 or 11/40 cassette Shimano freehub

    As above ideally with not too many miles on. Thanks
  9. HumpTdumpty

    Cassette Removal Hell ! Help

    Hi All - have lost the will to live here my Freehub has gone on my Fulcrum back wheel - tried all day to remove my shimano cassette with no joy ! Even broken my whip chain - appears stuck fast - any ideas easing it what I’m doing wrong - tried it in the Vice , tried it with wrench tool...
  10. DCLane

    SOLD: Almost new Reynolds Stratus Elite 700c rim brake wheels with 11sp cassette, £110 - Dewsbury, West Yorks

    For sale: a pair of almost new Reynolds Stratus Elite 700c rim brake wheels with an almost new SRAM 11-26 11 speed cassette but no skewers as they didn’t come with any: if you really need some I’ll dig out a pair. Asking £110 These came along with a TT disc, which is what I wanted, and have...
  11. bikingdad90

    8 speed sram cassette 11-26

    The top 5 cogs are ok but the bottom 2/3 are worn out. I used it for the turbo but can’t put the watts out as the bottom cogs make the chain skip. Yours for the cost of postage.
  12. Maylian

    Shimano 105 11-speed Cassette - SOLD

    Looking to sell a spare 105 shimano cassette (11-28T) that I got sent as part of a turbo trainer order, which is unopened. My bike is still a 10 speed so ordered a fitted a different cassette. From what I can see this retails for £35 in most retailers, so would like £25 including postage which...
  13. livpoksoc

    Installing a shimano 10spd cassette to Hunt Wheels

    I just took delivery of new Hunt Superdura wheels. Super excited! I went to put my shimano 10spd cassette on (with the provided spacer already on the hub), and got all the bits on. Went to put my shimano cassette tool on to tighten up the lock ring and...the tool won't get past the bit the QR...
  14. Maherees

    Cassette for Turbo?

    Hi all, With this appalling weather we’re getting at the moment I an thinking of getting a turbo trainer, something like the Wahoo but my bike is a gravel bike with a SRAM PG1130 Cassette / 11-42T - do I need to buy the same for the turbo trainer. Thanks
  15. D

    Replacing cassette, will I need to use a shorter chain?

    Hi, I will be replacing the 8 speed cassette on my bike soon (the bike is only used for going to work and back), the current cassette is a Shimano HG200 t12-32. If I replace it with a Sram PG850 t11-30 would the current chain length be ok or would I need to take an extra link out? The chain...
  16. livpoksoc

    Converting a MTB bike cassette size

    Trying to find a way to use both my MTB and Road bike on a smart trainer. I have a 10 speed cassette on my road bike and smart trainer, but by MTB has an 8 speed group set (with triple front ring). Is it as simple as changing the cassette and chain to a 10 speed set up, or are the extra...
  17. Sjw

    Cassette spacer etc help pls

    Elite suito coming soon. Bike is a 2/7 gear so 7 speed cassette. Carrera zelos 14 gear Elite is an 11 speed cassette so won't fit bike What do I need to get a fit? 7 speed cassette and 4.5 spacer? I've been looking and think I can put it on the hub as its compatible to 9 10 and 11 speed. I...
  18. bikingdad90

    Ultegra 11-25 cassette

    I have a redundant 11-25 ultegra 6800 11 speed cassette going. Some of the cassette is a little sharktoothed so not in the best condition. say £18 posted?
  19. davidphilips

    Cheap cassette tool from china.

    Bought a cheap cassette tool from china (not the first) any way, lasted great but got lost so about 6 months ago bought another and hence the reason for this post, avoid them the splines on the latest ones are far to thin and likely to damage your cassette lock ring. Have tried to show the...
  20. Ridgeway

    Campy 11sd derraileurs with 10sd shifters & cassette

    So my second hand Winter bike project seems to have taken a slightly complex turn. Picked up the bike last week, did my checks and test ride all seemed OK although it seems i did miss a couple of small details on the bikes components..... The bike was sold with Campy SR, even if the crank had...
  21. broady

    Can anyone tell how worn this cassette is?

    Was told that the cassette has covered about 400 miles, but want to know if any of you experts can tell me if it is worn. The reason is the chain it came with was worn. Thanks
  22. A

    Ultegra cassette upgrade....

    Folks, my road bike has an Ultegra group set with an 11 speed 11 x 30 cassette. I would like to upgrade to an 11 x 32 or perhaps an 11 x 34 cassette. Would the existing derailleur be suitable for this upgrade ? Thanks in advance....
  23. stevey

    Cassette Ratio's

    Hi all, Hopefully someone can help i have a road bike with 53/39 & 13/29 campag Veloce cassette, the RD is SS. I am looking at changing the cassette to help my knees any ideas as to what i can put on to help. Thanks in advance.
  24. Bromptonaut

    Shimano XC Cassette - Removal Tool/Technique

    I have a Claud Butler Ravana ATX MTB purchased c2002. Standard piece of kit with 27" wheels 21 gears (3*7) and rim V-Brakes. Hubs are Quando and run fine with occasional regrease and adjustment. My problem now is with the cassette/freehub. On Saturday, while on a ride on muddy towpaths the...
  25. livpoksoc

    New cassette and chain?

    After a decent year of going from mot using my bike to clearing 900 mile since lockdown, I'm wondering if I need to replace the chain and/or cassette. I've had the bike up on the workstand and indexed using th barrell adjusters but wasn't completely satisfied it was perfect, but on the road...
  26. Mr. Cow

    Can you buy just half a Shimano cassette?

    Hey, It's come to the point where my cassette and chainring has gone through about 5 chains so looking to replace the lot. I only ever use ~5 smallest sprockets and notice since Shimano cassettes come with the biggest sprockets as one unit and the smaller ones individually, is it possible to...
  27. Blue Hills

    Deore 9 speed 14-25 cassette

    Brand new, never been unpacked. Came from one of the major UK suppliers, can't remember which, like this. An OEM item I assume as there was never a box. £15 posted or if you are in London or thereabouts I will give myself a bike ride and deliver it for £13. Payment by paypal F&F.
  28. Dan77

    Cassette alignment

    I'm using one road bike for both indoor training and outdoors. I fitted an identical cassette to the turbo trainer. It's an 11-34 Ultegra so it has a spacer. I've had to reindex the gears though when swapping from trainer to wheel and vice versa. Do I have to just get used to it and try to...
  29. A

    New gear cassette

    Hi guys, I just wanted to pick your brains if I may. I have just had a new chain and cassette fitted on my hybrid (for the first time on a 6 year old bike), the chain was really worn and stretched, at a local independent bike shop. I must say first of all the bike and gears feel great, like a...
  30. Saracenlad

    700C Rear cassette hub with 125mmO.L.D.

    Hope someone can give me a clue where I could get a decent Alloy 700C rear wheel with cassette freewheel to take 7 speed. O.L.D. 125mm. I am really struggling to find one for my Raleigh? Is the answer to get the rear dropouts pushed out? Thanks in anticipation. Ken.
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