1. slowmotion

    Shimano CS -5700 cassette, brand new, unpacked, and unused

    I bought this from Spa Cycles
  2. Velochris

    SOLD Shimano 11 speed cassette and chain. Indoor use only.

    105 5800 11-28 cassette. HG 601 Ultegra chain with new KMC quick link. 54 pairs of outer links/108 rollers including the quick link. Both bought new by me and used for indoor turbo trainer only. Plenty of miles on them but as indoor only the stretch minimal when compared to a new chain I...
  3. K

    Shimano hyperglide 12-28 Cassette 7 Speed ( Taken)

    Free……plenty of wear left
  4. G

    1 x brand new, unused and in box Sunrace MS3 10 spd 11-40 cassette

    This cost me £45 from Merlin cycles, if anyone interested they can have it for £33 delivered in UK. I also have the Sunrace wolftooth I can include for£37 all in.
  5. Kernow_T

    sold - New/unused Shimano 105 r7000 11-30T 11sp cassette £33.75 posted - sold

    brand new, never mounted (paypal fees if applicable on top)
  6. videoman

    Shimano 105 R7000 11 Speed Cassette Now Sold

    Shimano 105 R7000 11 speed 11/30 cassette, new take off never used, boxed £45 posted Now Sold
  7. rivers

    11speed cassette

    I'm looking for an 11-42 11 speed cassette if anyone has one going. Thanks
  8. robgul

    SOLD Park Tool CP 1 Cassette Pliers - as new

    As available at Wiggle and other stores at about £64. - giant pair of pliers - better than a normal chain whip (damage to your knuckles is reduced!!! ^_^) These are as new - I have a pair that I use all the time and was given another pair as a gift. £40 posted to a UK mainland address -...
  9. Kernow_T

    New/Campagnolo Chorus 11 speed Cassette 11-25 RRP £155

    Removed from a display bike so completely unused beyond display bicycle being set-up. Not in original packaging. Campagnolo's Chorus 11 Speed Cassette 11-25 calls upon new levels of precision and their engineers have delivered. Every sprocket tooth has been designed to achieve maximum...
  10. S

    SRAM 11 speed cassette 11-26 very low useage £30 posted.

    As above it came on a bike I bought but far too low gearing for me, so immediately swapped out for a bigger one, I don't think it had ever been used and looks in good condition. Pics to follow if needed.
  11. D

    SOLD 105 11-32 cassette 5800

    Came with a set of wheels, identical to what's already on my bike so surplus to requirements. Very clean/no corrosion, teeth shape feels as new £35 plus postage at straight cost would be the very thing Regards!
  12. plastic_cyclist

    Cassette for Turbo

    Mr Claus has generously dropped me off a new Tacx Flux S. As I understand these things don't come with a cassette, the LBS guy told me that I need to either remove my current cassette from my bike and stick it onto the unit......but as I don't own a chain whip or the correct sprocket wrench...
  13. P

    Cassette on kickr core to winter wheel Q

    Hi all, After a bit of advice. I recently bought a new kickr core smart trainer. I'm using my winter bike on it but want to be able to remove my bike quickly and simply occasionally when the weather is nice to ride outside. I've been removing the cassette each time from the trainer to my winter...
  14. Willam

    Cassette ratios?

    Trying to work out the best cassette for my bike, at present the cassette is 11-42 10speed with 42 on front, the lowest gear I tend to use is on the 4th cassette ring, dropping a couple of gears for lights etc What would you say would be a good ratio cassette to go for? As 11-42 seems a little...
  15. P

    Tightening my cassette onto my kickr core

    Got a Park Tool FR 1.3 from the lbs to tighten the cassette onto my kickr core, but I can't seem to get it to fit. That one odd tooth seems like it might be the problem. Anyone see what my obvious dumb mistake is? Videos seem to suggest I get the FR 1.3 on there and crank it about 25 degree...
  16. P

    Which pieces to use after installing the cassette on my kickr core?

    Wondering if anyone out there has trainer experience that can help me out. Finally got a 1.8mm spacer, and a pc setup with internet, and the correct cassette, and I'm ready to get a zwift account set up today and to try riding indoors for the first time today. Just slid the cassette on the...
  17. nlmkiii

    Decathlon brand cassette for a home trainer?

    Wondering if anyone has experience of this or if any pitfalls I should be aware of. I’m putting a SRAM 1050 on the wheel, but for the trainer does it matter? My max power is circa 1500, but surely it must be good enough to handle moderately powerful numbers...
  18. Spiderweb

    Shimano Deore LX Cassette Compatibility

    My Specialized Crux CX bike is currently geared 46/36 front with a 34t cassette and a Deore LX derailleur. I don’t want to keep changing from road slicks to knobbly CX tyres so I have a spare set of wheels and a 12-36 cassette, I’m pretty sure the chain length will be ok but before I try it, do...
  19. bladesman73

    11 speed rear cassette, 1 piece

    Hi, I have a slight problem on my road bike. Has rear 11 speed 105 cassette and upon cleaning today have noticed the rear hub has been slightly damaged on the splines with the cogs digging into it. Apart from replacing the hub with a steel bodied one I hear that having a rear cassette that is...
  20. P

    Help setting up my first cassette?

    I finished my first century ride last weekend and am now trying to set up my first indoor trainer and transitioning to riding indoor for the first time. Any good resources on how to get the cassette up and running on my trainer? Brand new to trainers and trying to figure out how to set the whole...
  21. Xipe Totec

    Shimano 105 11sp Cassette 11-28 As New - SOLD!

    Shimano R7000 105 cassette - bought this for my project Ti bike build - I'd wanted an 11-30 but couldn't find a sensibly-priced new one at the time, so the 11-28 was a compromise. As luck would have it another CC member advertised a nearly-new 11-30 a day or two after I finished the build! I...
  22. Blue Hills

    shimano 9 speed cassette 14-25

    HG50 14-25 cogs brand new never used - since new prob no point posting a pic - it is in the original shrink wrap with label. Says Deore on the label though a current search seems to show HG50 branded as Sora. Seems to be £33.99 on chain reaction though out of stock. £23 plus postage. Can hand it...
  23. D

    Sram force22 53/39chainrings sramforce22 short rear mech plus 11/26 cassette very good condition.

    Sram force22 53/39 chainrings sram force22 short rear mech plus 11/26 cassette for sale very good condition £120
  24. D

    Installing 7-speed cassette

    After removing the old cassette, I've had a go at installing the new one, but there's a bit of play in it. The hub is a Shimano 105 FH-1055 which has a 7 speed freehub and 126mm OLN. The link is here There wasn't a spacer behind the old cassette, but...
  25. D

    Tight cassette lockring

    I'm trying to remove a 7-speed cassette which has either been on the bike since new (l980's) or installed by a bike shop umpteen years ago. The bike has been stored in a slightly damp shed - the chain had a few rusty tight links. There looks like there's a few spots of surface rust on the...
  26. D

    7-speed cassette & chain

    I dug out an old racing bike recently, and need to replace the chain and probably the cassette, but I can't remember the spec. I don't have the bike at hand to check, either. It's a Peugeot, and probably dates from the late 1980's. It has a 7-speed Shimano 105 groupset, Biopace chainrings(!)...
  27. Kevin Alexander

    Brand new wheels, cassette and tyres

    Bought wheels to sell the bike but buyer didn’t want them so stuck with them as both my bikes are brand new vision team 35 clincher wheelset Victoria corsa 25mm tyres 11-28 105 cassette £250 plus postage located Edinburgh
  28. M

    Cassette guard nessecity?

    A cassette guard on a Raleigh ebike has snapped and come off. It was hooked into the spokes. Is it worth replacing ?
  29. iluvmybike

    Brand new boxed Shimano HG400 9spd cassette 11-32t

    £25 plus postage(approx £5)
  30. JoeyB


    I’ve just sold a spare bike but don’t have cassette to put on it, does anyone have an 11 speed cassette for sale? 11-28 / 30 / 32 ideally. Cheers Joe
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