1. C

    Freewheel to cassette

    Hi all, I am using a Carrera TDF to upgrade/learn about all things bike. A bit like many years ago when I would take my MK1 Escort apart sometimes to repair sometimes for fun and learning. Today I discovered the difference between freewheel and cassette. My question is I have a 7 speed...
  2. Smuggs

    Use 11 speed cassette on rims currently fitted with 10 speed

    Hi all, Some advice required please. I am thinking of buying a wheelset which has a 10 speed cassette fitted (Shimano105). I would like to use the wheels on my 11 speed bike (Shimano Ultegra). So the question is can i fit my 11 speed cassette to the new wheelset and will that run okay with my...
  3. The happy cyclist

    Cassette compatibility

    I need to change the cassette on my 2016 giant defy 3 it has the original sram 950 11x32 what could I get to either upgrade or just change because i can’t seem to find the 950 anywhere
  4. M

    How many miles before changing chain and Cassette?

    I did about 700 miles on a chain and found it needed replacing. The guy at Halfords told me that the cassette would need replacing on the 3rd chain change. So does this mean the cassette would need changing every 2100 miles? I'm also curious as to why my chain is wearing out at 700 miles on my...
  5. M

    Cassette replacement

    Hi I'm looking to replace my cassette and was just wondering if I would be able to replace my current cassette, which is a SRAM PG850 11-32 Cassette for a Shimano HG51 8 Speed Cassette 11.32 teeth? If I am able to just swap them out without any problems is the Shimano the better one out of the...
  6. brookie

    Shimano Cassette Deore XT 9 speed 11-34T

    Shimano cassette Deore XT CS-M770 HG Hyperglide 9 speed 11-34T Brand new still boxed. £24 includes postage. .
  7. wotsthat

    rohloff or 11/12 speed cassette

    in the process of building a recumbent trike for touring - initially was going for a rohloff speed hub but then chatting with a friend last night he's saying that i'd be better off with sram/shimano 11/12 speed rear and have a greater range of gears - i know the rohloffs are reliable and low...
  8. L

    Cassette Making Weird Noise

    Hi all Today I noticed that my cassette was making a weird noise when I spin it. The noise is not noticeable when riding the bike I don't think and it is not causing loss of speed. It sounds like sand or maybe grit somewhere but I am just guessing. I cleaned my whole bike today and the...
  9. gavroche

    Cassette change

    I have a Cube Peloton with a granny gear of 30/32 which is the best of my three bikes but, not being a born climber, is it worth changing the cassette to a 34 teeth ? Would it really make a lot of difference when going up steep hills? I would appreciate your valued opinion on that.
  10. JuliaT

    Snapped Chain requires new cassette?

    Hi all, During my commute this morning my chain snapped. I took the bike to the shop as I had no tools or knowledge on how to replace it (specially in the middle of the street and having a meeting in the morning). The guy in the bike shop told me that, as I through away the snapped chain he...
  11. Gixxerman

    Is this cassette knackered?

    This is off my Dahon Vybe C7A folder. The chain was at the 1/16 wear limit so I changed it. I did notice the old chain skipped a bit in top gear under heavy power. However the new chain does it a lot more. So I took a closer look at the cassette (actually a free wheel) and top gear looks to be a...
  12. benb

    SOLD: Brand new Shimano 105 cassette 11-32

    Sorry, now sold. Literally zero miles, just swapped it out from my new bike having not even ridden it. No spacer though. New price is about £30, so as it's unboxed how does £20 sound, or £25 including postage?
  13. r04DiE

    Will this Shimano Ultegra R8000 11-34 Cassette fit Shimano 105?

    Hello all, I have Shimano 105 and I would like to buy this rather large casette. Can anybody tell me if there would be any issues in fitting it to my Giant Defy 1 Disc road bike, with Shimano 105? Happy to elaborate if needs be! Thanks :)
  14. DCBassman

    ***SORTED***26"/559 MTB wheel with freeHUB, and 11-34t 8-speed cassette

    Wanted to convert an old MTB from freewheel 7-speed.
  15. Kernow_T

    Shimano 105 5800 11sp cassette 11-28 550 miles use £18.95 posted

    In excellent condition all round with loads of life left. With all sockets/spacers/locking present - price excludes PP fees
  16. Ajay

    Rear Derailleur to run 34t cassette (10 speed)

    I currently have a sram red set up with 50/34 chain set and 11-28 cassette (10 speed). I want to run a bigger cassette - 34t (don’t judge, I have my reasons!). Any advice on which rear derailleur would be compatible? Most road/gravel derailleurs I’m seeing that take 34t are 11 speed. I’m not...
  17. colly

    8 speed campag cassette

    If anyone has one hanging about I would be interested. My nieces husband has taken up riding a bike and was looking for some wheels for his bike. I had a pair of Mavic wheels with a Mirage 8 hub. The wheelsand hud are in good condition. All he needs is an 8 speed Campagnolo cassette to complete...
  18. ianbarton

    Doh! Changing a Cassette Error!

    The cassette on my Giant Defy 2 is rather worn. I have been using a Wahoo trainer over the winter, which had a supposedly identical new cassette on it. I took the cassette off the Wahoo and fitted it to the Giant. The old Giant cassette had a spacer behind and the Wahoo has a spacer if you have...
  19. cabbieman

    Changing cassette gearing

    Hi. Can I swap a shimano Sora 13-25 cassette for an 11-30/32? Do I need a new chain? It's a secondhand bike purchase for my niece and I don't think she could cope with the hills on a 25. Any suggestions ?
  20. D

    Will this cassette work with this bike?

    Hello again :) I ordered a Triban 520 yesterday and I worked out that in order to go up hills with the 50/39/30 chainset and the 12-25 cassette that gives a ratio of 1.2 which is far too high for my power output level, considering I'm using to 0.75 on my MTB I'm upgrading from. I've looked up...
  21. Kernow_T


  22. C

    6 speed Shimano Uniglide cassette

    Looking for the above with a 28 sprocket (ideally 14 or 16-28) but seem to be like hens teeth! Its the Uniglide that appears to be the issue. If anyone has one or knows where to find one all help would be greatly appreciated. Tried the usual - eBay, SJS...
  23. bbvelo

    16-27, 16-28 or 16-30 shimano compatible 11 spd cassette

    Pretty unusual cassette, I know.
  24. bbvelo

    Has anyone got a link to where I can get a 16-27, 16-28, or 16-30 shimano 11 spd cassette?

    For youth racing, my hardest gear can only be a 50/16. Therefore I need a 16 tooth cassette but cant seem to find ones anywhere for a reasonable price and within the UK. I raced today but I had to limit my deraillieur which is not too practical for racing. Cheers.
  25. bladesman73

    Rear cassette lockring wont undo

    ...tried using my adjustable spanner and also a longer armed tool but the bugger wont shift. Any ideas before i give up and take to lbs pls? Btw its a racing bike wheel with shimano 11 speed cassette.
  26. ChrisEyles

    Anyone got an old 12t cassette lock ring going spare?

    Just need the lock-ring itself, not the 12t sprocket. It's for an 8 speed cassette if that makes any difference. Going to use it to tidy up a SS conversion, currently I'm using an 11t sprocket & lock-ring to hold everything together, since the 11t lock-ring is too small to grip a spacer.
  27. gavroche

    Cassette on new bikes.

    Why do they all come with 11x28 cassette? It is ok if you are a good climber or young or very fit or live in a flat area. In my case, 12x32 is a minimum as Wales is not flat, I am not young, a bad climber and not as fit as I would like to be. All my present bikes are 32 and one even 34 cassettes.
  28. Kernow_T

    Brand new: Sram 1050 12-26 Cassette RRP£61

    Brand new/unused with lockring. Not now needed. Can't see same anywhere for anywhere remotely close...
  29. Dec66

    Chain slipping on cassette under load

    On my BTwin, following a recent cassette & chain replacement, the chain is slipping on the cassette when put under load (so, for example, if I'm in too high a gear pulling away from a junction). It's as if the chain is trying to rip itself off. LBS have adjusted grearing, cable tension etc., to...
  30. M

    Wanted 11 speed shirmano /sram cassette 11 x 28 or up to 32

    Wanted 11 speed shirmano /sram cassette 11 x 28 or up to 32 Must be very good condition, little use. regards Mark
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