12yr old in his own race against riders of the Tour of Britain


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What a sweet moment for this young rider, the recognition of his enthusiasm by Pascal Eenkhoorn.

View: https://twitter.com/TourofBritain/status/1436695550599041028?

"Aspiring cyclist Xander, from Bonnyrigg in Midlothian, had gone to watch riders on the seventh stage of the race near his home. He had been cycling himself earlier in the day and had his bike to hand.
In a spur of the moment decision, he began cycling along the pavement as the Netherlands' Team Jumbo-Visma went by - and quickly sped past them.
He told the BBC: "We already knew they were going to be there because we had seen the route online.
"They were coming round the corner and people were clapping and that's when I decided to start riding up beside them.
"It was about one minute and I was just riding as fast as I could - about 25km an hour I think."
As a reward for his efforts, Eenkhorn - part of a five-rider breakaway - could be seen passing Xander his water bottle, or bidon.
The water bottle is something Xander plans to treasure.
"I was just in shock," he said. "I was so happy and amazed. I'm getting a shelf for it to put up in my room."😍


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Made me smile ^_^


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He was invited to their bus the next day for a show around & he met Cav & others with his vip pass.
It would be a cracking story if he became pro in 7 years & ended up racing with them.
And if he did become a pro, and did become the subject of commentary ...
The kid who attacked the break on the run in to Edinburgh is a gift to commentators, his name is Xander Graham, so at the start of each final lap he races he would get Alexander Graham’s Bell ^_^
I saw it and thought it was a very nice gesture from the rider .
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