1964 Moulton Speed12


Change of circumstances and general loss of interest means this is up for sale,though I may come to regret that!
1964 Moulton in the speed six style,with many alloy components and upgrades.
It was built in the early 80s by someone who clearly knew what they were doing,used for touring then laid up for 30 years in as garage.Aside from starting to clean it and fitting a new front tyre,tube and tape (I have a matching set for the rear) I haven't really had time to do anything with it.
Its a 1964 bike fitted with the stronger series 2 rear forks.It again comes with an original moulton rear bag (rare), and also the optional front rack,one of these has just sold for £90!
Spec wise it has the following:
Brooks B17 saddle on alloy seat post and quick release clamp
Cinelli bars and long reach stem
Strong light 49D cotterless cranks with TA chainring
Moulton AM 17" alloy rims
Weinmann 730 alloy brake set
4spd FW hub with 3 speed Gipiemme derailleur converter
Alloy rear carrier stray
Quick release front hub
Lyotard Berthet pedals with toeclips
Brazed on bottle carrier
Its in a slight pearlescent light blue,some rusdt spots have come through it overall quite presentable.
I have ridden it occasionally and its very quick and quite sprightly!
Perfect for anyone who wants a Moulton for more serious use,and a lot cheaper than a speed six oont!
I'm looking for £350 ono
Send me a message if interested.




no longer for sale
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