1. Always Cross

    Moulton APB £750 SOLD

    Hi upfor sale is my Moulton not had it long but needs to go. It has double chainring 56/44, 9 speed cassette on a SRAM Dual drive 3 speed hub So lots of gears. I’ll take off the Garmin mount and cycle compute. I’d like £750 collection only from Wiltshire
  2. Drzdave58

    My 65 Moulton with electric kit

    So i decided to try out my Bafang kit on my Moulton. Fits nicely and works great. I only had to fabricate a speed sensor mount. An old hockey puck came in useful for that.
  3. Drzdave58

    A fall day ride on my 64 Moulton

  4. Drzdave58

    66 Moulton mini automatic

    I recently had this 66 Moulton mini given to me. It was completely dismantled . I was pleased to find all the important parts were there and I have cleaned them all and started to reassemble it. Just waiting for tire tubes to arrive. It’s got a Sachs duomatic torpedo hub. 2 speed.
  5. robrinay

    Moulton Major Deluxe refurb

    I’ve had a number of different models of Moulton f frame bikes and three apb’s since my bike ‘addiction’ started in the 80’s. But it’s a long time since I sold the last one (a Landrover APB) so when I saw this ‘deluxe’ advertised on Facebook marketplace for only £120 I thought “ well why not...
  6. avecReynolds531

    Evolution of frame design - Dave Moulton

    Excellent 3 part series on frame design here - mainly focussing on the 50s, 60s and 70s:
  7. Drzdave58

    1965 Moulton 4 speed

    Just got this 65 Moulton rebuilt. Powdercoated cream, new flat bars and stem, new tires, cables and brake pads hand stitched leather grips
  8. J

    WTD: Moulton Bicycle

    Hi, Looking for usable Moulton bicycle(s) to ride / tinker with /restore. From the 60's F frames to newer space-frame models. Best regards, Joe
  9. dbeattie

    Moulton mk2 rear fork

    Anyone got a spare Moulton mk2 rear fork?
  10. dbeattie

    Moulton mk2 rear fork

    Anyone got a spare mk2 rear fork?
  11. Drzdave58

    Moulton Stowaway

    I just acquired this 1964 Moulton Stowaway. It needs some serious TLC. It’s going to be great!
  12. wafter

    Moulton Bikes

    Not really something I've paid attention to in the past, but they do intrigue me a bit. While I'm all for a bit of inspired, left-field design and innovation I can't really see the appeal of these bikes. To me they seem like a bike redesigned to accomodate the shortcomings of using small...
  13. macp

    Like a Brompton but not like a Brompton

    Afternoon all hope you are staying safe. So I love the look and the idea behind foldable bikes but what if I wanted something like this but I dont need the folding bit. I commute to work almost all year round except for snow & ice and its an 8 mile round trip from Cheshire country lanes into...
  14. Drzdave58

    My Moulton with alban bags

    So I am trying out my axiom carrier with alban bags on my Moulton...I think they look ok..haven't ridden with them yet tho
  15. rogerzilla

    Moulton TSR fixie

    It has a unified rear triangle and horizontal dropouts, so it was rude not to. 56 x 15 (about 68"), Surly fixed/free hub. I need to repaint the dropouts as Moulton powdercoat flakes off at all the sharp edges - this frame is only two years old! Why do BSOs always have perfect paint and...
  16. RegG

    What "nasties" to look out for on a Moulton circa 1964...

    I am seriously considering looking for a Moulton Standard/DeLuxe or similar from around 1964, the year my parents bought me a grey Moulton Standard which I really enjoyed for many years. I was just wondering what nasties I need to look out for to make sure I don't buy a load of scrap! I am...
  17. RegG

    Memories of my Moulton Standard..... and wishing I still had it!

    Sorting through some old photos I found these two of me and my mum back in (around) 1964/5 with my much loved Moulton Standard..... Mum & dad bought me the bike when I was 10 years old, some 54 years ago. It was painted a pale grey colour with white rear rack. I seem to remember I eventually...
  18. rogerzilla

    Moulton TSR or 531 APB

    Not a top end one, something that needs a bit of TLC is fine.
  19. dbeattie

    Mk 3 Moulton

    Anyone know of one near me? I'm in Glasgow.
  20. dbeattie

    Wanted Mk 3 Moulton

    Anyone know of one near me? I'm in Glasgow.
  21. DCLane

    SOLD: Moulton Midi 3 speed from 1973, £40, Dewsbury

    Loss of storage is forcing the sale of several bikes. This is a sad day :cry: A Moulton Midi from 1973 during the Raleigh ownership era. Just arrived but I've no storage space. Apparently restored in 2012 by Cycle:Recycle this has a metallic green frame and mudguards with a 3 speed Sturmey...
  22. DCLane

    New arrival: Moulton Midi from 1973

    This afternoon I bid and bought this via eBay. A 1973 Moulton Midi that appears to have had the rear luggage carrier chopped off. At the time I wasn't sure what the bike was, but guessed a Moulton of some sort, given the lack of description. Sold on Retrobike in 2012 it has apparently been sat...
  23. J

    Moulton Spaceframe

    Hi, Looking for a Moulton Spaceframe as my workhorse AM7 is looking like it is set for retirement. If anyone is selling please send me pics/spec/price. Regards, Joe
  24. U

    Moulton Midi

  25. U

    Moulton shopper

    Available for sale here, is this 1964 Moulton De-lux shopping bike. It features the early 'billiard cue' paint work. It has front & rear racks, 4-speed hub, Phillips pedals, Terry mattress saddle, GB bars, Adie 'ping-ping' bell. I need the space. £125.00
  26. U

    barn find moulton

    due to imminent loss of storage, I'm selling my cycles. third one available, is this 1960s moulton de-lux. £250
  27. U


    1964 De-luxe model.£225.00
  28. J

    Moulton APB - Mint Condition

    For sale a Moulton APB S7 in fantastic condition. The notoriously unreliable S7 7 speed hub has been replaced with a brand new Sturmey Archer SRF-5 W 5 speed hub and shifter. This give the same top and bottom ratio as the original, but is a much better regarded piece of hardware. £950...
  29. dbeattie

    Moulton back on the road

  30. MoultonDan

    1964 Moulton Speed12

    Change of circumstances and general loss of interest means this is up for sale,though I may come to regret that! 1964 Moulton in the speed six style,with many alloy components and upgrades. It was built in the early 80s by someone who clearly knew what they were doing,used for touring then laid...
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