1. MoultonDan

    1969 Moulton Major

    1969 Moulton Major Due to acquiring a Speed six replica,I've decided to concentrate on that so am offering my Major up for sale. Original and unrestored,I would describe the paint as having patina,rusdt has bled through but it has polished up reasonably. Fitted with stronger 36 spoke wheels...
  2. MoultonDan

    My new 12 speed Moulton

    Hi all, thought i would start a thread about my newly aquired Moulton f frame,highly modified in the early 80s i believe.My knowledge of componentry is still in its early stages,ive managed to identify some of the parts fitted,and was hoping some of you knowledgeable types could advise wether...
  3. Spartak

    1964 Moulton

    Been in the back of my garage for years - I used to use it to commute to work 20kms ! Its a 1964 Moulton Standard built in Kirby ( I believe ). 3 speed hub gear with the Sturmey Archer shifter located on the stem ! ( hub is a bit noisy ). The brakes were services with new pads & cables...
  4. P

    Brompton (which one?) or Birdy, or even moulton ?

    Just to help guide my decision, I find myself in the market for a small folding bike, Brompton being the obvious starting point. I envisage using it whilst working away, in London if training it to London an this kind of thing. So having got used to fairly nice bikes for everyday use, I don't...
  5. MoultonDan

    Moulton F frame wanted

    Hi all, I'm looking for an f frame Moulton,though knowing me will end up being several! Either ready to ride or to restore,would also be interested in any parts that would help keeping one going. I'm located in Pershore,Worcestershire. Dan
  6. U

    SOLD**** Moulton****SOLD.

    Up for sale here, is my 1966 Moulton De-Luxe shopping bike. I've owned it since January 2015. I believe it has had two previous owners. As can be seen from the images, it's in original rough state. Urgent disposal.....£50.00
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