Brompton (which one?) or Birdy, or even moulton ?

Just to help guide my decision, I find myself in the market for a small folding bike, Brompton being the obvious starting point. I envisage using it whilst working away, in London if training it to London an this kind of thing. So having got used to fairly nice bikes for everyday use, I don't want something crap, but nor do I want a £10k ultra super moulton either. Probably looking at the single speed, but might consider other options. Following Grumpy's post on a related thread, I gather Kinetic do Alfine and even Rolhoff conversions too, so I'd not be stuck with a Sturmey Archer 3 speed.


Must be "reasonable" quality - Brompton looks "OK" quality but perhaps no more, but questioning Sturmey Archer options. Moulton seems very nice quality, but may be worse for foldability and price.

Easy to fold and unfold, and portable / carryable when folded (Brompton good on this) - anyone know about moulton or Birdy for foldability?

Gears - tending to single speed, but maybe 2 speed derailleur. Have jaundiced views of Sturmey Archer 3 speeds from my youth - but maybe I'm being silly. Could go single speed then upgrade to the Alfine (Rolhoff is too expensive for a low-use machine). Can't find gear-inches on Brompton's site - though searching other posts has given some guidance. As I say single speed is fave for now as I can get by with fixie in Bristol - certainly for the journeys I envisage.

Anyone managed to fix toe clips to their fold up pedals?

Anyone got a Birdy or Moulton - what are thoughts on these - for my short journey (5 miles say) purposes?

I have ridden a Brompton - very wobbly but OK. I guess. Never seen a Birdy in the metal

Any other advice ?

Thanks all



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Moultons do not fold. The separable ones come apart with the aid of an allen key (I think), but certainly not the job of a minute or two.


Moultons do not fold. The separable ones come apart with the aid of an allen key (I think), but certainly not the job of a minute or two.
Thanks - I did wonder - so that's a whole load of purchase dithering avoided straight off.
I guess the moulton would be great for (say) flying then touing, but not the scenario I'm after.

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I have a Brompton S3L with a smaller front ring but standard Sturmey Archer hub and very happy. But that may not help you....

Two comments:

1 I find carrying the Brompton more than about 20 metres unpleasant but just wheel it along open and then lift unfolded when I get to stairs etc Very easy to carry in the open position

2 With the S bag on the front and loaded handling is much better


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Birdy III and Brompton are very close on fold now. But in your case I will suggest a brompton 2 speed (external gear).

Brompton wobbly in what way? M bar too short?
There are quite a few aftermarket mods to improve brompton default setting.. such as this 600mm mid-riser handlebar

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Unless you have much lumpiness to consider, a 2 speed Brompton seems to fit the bill nicely.
The apparent twitchy character soon becomes second nature so to speak and luggage on the front helps this notably. I don't have any issues with the 'quality' of my S6L. It's peachy.
Don't think toe-clips offer any real benefit.
Hankering for a Titanium 2 speed now ....
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