1. F

    Brompton folding (plus its partner) pedal for sale - Only 58 dry miles ridden!

    I recently took ownership of a brand-new and unused 2007 Brompton (lucky me!) I decided (after riding a total of 58 miles) that non-SPD pedals aren't for me (even on a folder), so they need a new home. Looking for £49 including carriage (Uk mainland only) by Royal Mail. Please excuse poor colour...
  2. M

    FS: Widened Brompton rear triangle, wheel w/ Alfine 8 hub and shifter

    I am selling some kit to modify a Brompton to an 8 speed Alfine hub which is now surplus to requirement. I am offering the following for sale: A factory rear triangle in black, widened by Fudge Cycles in North London to be able to take a wheel with a standard 135mm hub. The rear triangle is...
  3. B

    REDUCED!! Brompton C LINE M6L (brand new unridden) M Bar £1150

    for sale: brand new late 2021 Brompton c line explorer m6l. (Was £1250) now £1150 :) As standard with front frame mount in absolutely unused new condition, never been outside, never ridden. see pictures. 4 available, all are black frames. bought at closing down sale! receipt to prove they are...
  4. robgul

    SOLD Brompton telescopic extending seatpost - as new

    For the taller/longer legged rider. Brompton telescopic extending seatpost, in silver, as new condition. This is the two-part seatpost - not just the longer seatpost. Currently £70 at Condor Cycles, £74 at Edinburgh Bike Co-op .... £35 posted to a UK address, or collect from...
  5. robgul

    SOLD Brompton . . and luggage, and more

    I have decided to sell my Brompton folding bike - it's a 6 speed model in black, in good condition with upgraded tyres, Brompton luggage bags . . . and more. I'm looking for £750 (current equivalent is around £1,300 - and out of stock!) If you're interested I can give you more details and...
  6. C

    Trying to find Brompton seat post bung for pre 2017 models

    I'm trying to find seat post bung which is screw fixed that was used on pre 2017 Bromptons. Anyone could suggest where I can find one to order online ? Local Brompton dealers can't help. Here how it looks like. Thanks for any help.
  7. C

    MKS Sylvan Touring Next Ezy Superior black on Brompton

    Upgraded Brompton pedals with MKS but didn't want the Ezy versions considering there is a plastic ring to be inserted every time. So decided to go with Ezy Superior versyon MKS Sylvan Touring Next. No plastic rings. Pedals are wide with big contact surface, also more grippy than Brompton ones...
  8. rogerzilla

    Frequent rear wheel punctures from Brompton rim

    On a couple of Bromptons over the years, I've had irritatingly frequent rear punctures, always when the bike is parked, that are traceable to a badly-finished rim hole. The sharp edge chafes at the base of the valve stem, presumably as the tyre deforms under pedalling forces, and then deflates...
  9. C

    Kickstand for Brompton

    I wander if anyone ordered a kickstand for a Brompton from Bike Gang. It's only £198.00 (USD 262) No, you don't get a bike. Just a kickstand. Brompton Aluminum 6061T651 CNC machined Ultra Strong Kickstand (COLORPLUS)
  10. djhep

    travelling on LNER / Transpenine with a Brompton

    Good day all. I'm starting a new job very soon, and the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get there is by train (LNER / Transpenine Express) with a bicycle and a shortish ride of a few miles at either end. This will be my first time commuting by train or bicycle apart from a year or two in...
  11. C

    Pedal replacement for Brompton?

    I find Brompton pedals to be OK but I always wish for something better and probably grippier too. Does anyone have experience with upgrading pedals on Brompton? There are some models with quick release, but then where to store removed pedal. Any good upgrades with foldable design?
  12. Tenkaykev

    New Brompton 4 speed P line wheel replacement

    Brompton have posted a video about replacing the wheels on the P line 4 speed. View:
  13. S

    Long shot Brompton 3 or 6 speed preder

    Preferably M bar with guards, carrier and rack, but what do you have? I know long shot, but new are just too expensive Cheers
  14. C

    Outbound Lighting Road Edition for Brompton?

    I like good lights and don't like when bike light beam is designed as flashlight. I understand that lights for mountain bikes and road bikes serve different purpose and I think lights need to be marketed as such. I also like StVZO certified lights not only because they don't blind incoming...
  15. bikegang

    Parallelogram derailleur 7 Speed Brompton aftermarket mod Not P Line

    #Thx4Ride parallelogram derailleur kit for an old frame (non P Line) to run 7 speed Stock frame compatible Stock Wheelset compatible up to 4 cogs (with #MiniMODs yet to release X4UnibodyCogset or X3+1 setup. 5 cogs might be possible) 7 speed in this demo video was on dedicated wheelset This Kit...
  16. T

    Brompton M6L yellow

    Selling my wife's yellow Brompton M6L, 2004 model used maybe 10 times so virtually as new. Collection from Thirsk, North Yorkshire or potentially could deliver between Heathrow and N Yorks on Saturday afternoon 27th November. Photos to follow but please ask any questions. £850.00
  17. bikegang

    4 speed Superlight Brompton

    P series Sprockets: 11-13-15-18 Tooth Rear Wheel: Superlight 4 speed rear wheel - Lightweight rim, double-butted spokes and aluminium hub body with sealed bearings, newly developed 4 speed freehub body and hex key axle
  18. Kell

    Numpty - front axle Brompton.

    So, like many people, I’ve not ridden my Brompton much over the past year and a half. We’ve only been going in to the office for a couple of months and only occasionally at that. Anyway. I’ve been thinking that it sounded very ‘graunchy’ at the front end. I put it down to the fact that...
  19. Bee

    Spa Cycles super-compact double on a Brompton

    Has anyone used one of these Spa Cycles super-compact doubles on their Brommie? I've just changed the BB for a Shimano UN55 118mm so would prefer to not have to replace it again -- but how to know if the Spa double will work out ok (ie not interfere with folding etc)? N.
  20. B

    New notation for Brompton models

    Brompton just changed their notation of model names. What used to be "a Brompton" is now a "C-Line", 2-speed ist now called "urban", 3-speed "utility" and 6-speed "explore". The B-75 is now the "A-Line" (and black/white instead of blue). S-bars are now "low", M-bars are "mid" and H-bars are...
  21. ExBrit

    Brompton repair shops along the West Coast of Ireland

    I'm planning on riding the Wild Atlantic Way and I have two bike options. The Brompton would be very convenient as I have to fly from and to California as well as from London to Cork and Londonderry to London. But I'm worried about getting repairs if I have a mechanical. I only see the one...
  22. Paulus

    Brompton won't stay folded

    I have an elderly, 20 year old M3. When folded, as soon as it is picked up the front wheel and bars will come loose and swing out. The hook is intact, and the the stays for the front mudguard aren't bent. Any Ideas please.
  23. Y

    Regular brompton to Electric brompton using brompton parts?

    I was looking at some third party kits to convert regular brompton to electric. Price wise they are not great. When added to new bike cost, most of them go over new electric brompton price. There is really no financial initiative to modify new out of factory regular brompton. On other hand I had...
  24. D

    Brompton 6speed now sold

    For sale my brompton m bars 6 speed it's just over two years old not used in the last 6 months as I now have the electric version in really nice condition one slight problem a little crack in the front mud guard I did on the first day of owning it Has the extra extendable seat post S bag...
  25. 12boy

    tubeless tire sealant on Brompton tires

    I have Marathon Racers on my Brompton now, and due to ample rain in the spring this has been the worst year I can remember for Goatheads, the uniquitous natural caltrops found in the western states. Based on advice from my LBS, I used an ounce or so of tubeless tire sealant each in the tires...
  26. stoatsngroats

    32 miles on a Brompton, no issues… what is your farthest distance…?

    I know many have done many more miles on their Brompton, but today I did my farthest cycle on my Nine Streets. For anyone who wonders whether these amazing machines can be used for anything other than a short (commute) distance, I have to say, they really are fine. I had some well worn...
  27. Arrowfoot

    Interesting Brompton features

  28. Kell

    LEJOG on a Brompton in 7 days
  29. Tenkaykev

    Brompton prices

    I had an Email from Brompton a couple of days ago. It seems that stock levels are getting better as there are several models listed for order on their website. What did surprise me is the price, perhaps I'd lost touch but they do seem to have increased a fair bit recently ( perhaps that is as a...
  30. Tenkaykev

    Brompton vs Road bike speed / efficiency

    There's an excellent YouTube channel created by Pam and Gilbert, a couple of folding bike enthusiasts. Loads of really useful information that's exceptionally well presented. The lates upload compares the performance of a Brompton compared to a road bike, interesting and informative. View...
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