1. Jon George

    Just ordered a new lightweight Brompton

    In a complete contrast to my normal impulse buying (especially any time concerned with cycling), I have taken well over two years to decide how to spend a legacy I received from my late father-in-law. I considered putting together a Fixe, flirted with the idea of a mountain-bike, but in the end...
  2. robgul

    NEW PRICES Altura and Brompton luggage, seatposts and tools

    All luggage items are in very good condition with little use - just surplus to requirements. Altura rack-bag, expandable with side pockets. Complete with shoulder strap. £10.00 SOLD Altura bar-bag with new clear map case. Complete with shoulder strap. Requires Rixen & Kaul KlikFix fitting...
  3. S

    Dutch-made Brompton telescopic handlebar stem

    Hi I've found that a dutch company is making telescopic handlebar stems for Brompton. View: I think it looks great for...
  4. S

    Where to attach tail/rear light on an L type Brompton ?

    Hi I've just bought a cateye omni 5 rear light: But i can't figure out where best to attach the light fixture on my L type Brompton's rear end. (L type = mudguard only / no rack) 1. I want to keep the rear reflector that came...
  5. D

    Modding a Brompton B75

    I've been hankering after a Brompton for a while now. My daily commuter is a Cube mtb that I put an electric kit on. I can go anywhere on it and won't be getting rid of it but it is a heavy lump to take in the car. So for summer use when I go away for weekends I want a folder. Saw the B75 this...
  6. S

    Should I buy a Brompton?

    No idea where the desire has come from, but I really want a brompton. But I don't know what to use it for? I've got a commuter for the 6 mile work trip, and a roadie for the weekends - so why should I get a brompton? My wife has done a lot of eye rolling...
  7. S

    Using a Brompton as a home exercise bike

    Hi Can anyone recommend or advise what i need to purchase to use my brompton bike as a home exercise bike ? Thanks for your attention folks s
  8. lilolee

    SOLD : Schwalbe Kojak Brompton Tan wall Tyre x 2 NEW

    Thought about fitting these to my non Brompton folder but it turns out these would be too tight a fit. £80 inc UK P&P
  9. lilolee

    FS: Brompton front carrier block brand new

    Never opened, still in packaging £12 inc UK P&P
  10. S

    Converting Brompton standard 6 speed to twist gear handles

    Hi I'd like any product links or advice on converting a brompton to a twist gear lever handle system. I'm okay on cable lengths - i just need to make sure i understand twist gear handles and any other issues people know about. I'm converting a brompton 6 speed standard hub gear mechanism as...
  11. S

    Recommend quick release bolt for Brompton handlebar

    Hi Newbie question here; sorry – most probably really obvious to others….. Can anyone recommend a quick release bolt which will fit the standard Brompton folding bike stem handlebar - clamp bolt hole sizes ?Does anyone know what diameter those bolt hole sizes are ? Recommends, links and pics...
  12. steveindenmark

    Red Brompton

    This Red Brompton was stolen with other bikes from Atterbury Street, London this afternoon. A passer by took this photo of a guy attacking another bike with a grinder. They were too afraid to approach them. Notice how he is wearing a helmet and viz belt to blend in as a cyclist. Any...
  13. JhnBssll

    Brompton project

    As some may have seen in my wanted post I've managed to find a donor bike for my Brompton project, thanks again to @ABikeCam - I hope to get it back up and running and will document my efforts here :okay: Here is the bicycle in question: It has been stripped for spares so there are a few...
  14. D

    Brompton 3 speed gearing question

    Just had a test ride on a standard 3-speed Brompton form Evans in Leeds. Was OK really but I found the gearing to be a bit high. I think I used 3rd just once in the few hours I had it. Was nearly always in 1st with the occasional relaxed cruising on the flat in 2nd. I'm not a fit or fast...
  15. JhnBssll

    Old unloved Brompton - FOUND!

    I fancy another refurb project and have my heart set on a Brompton. I've been scouring eBay but they all seem too good for my purposes, I really want something that has been used and abused and will take some work to freshen up. As such i dont want to be paying too much but understand even poor...
  16. Banjo

    Small saddle bag for Brompton.

    Can anyone recommend a small saddle bag for a Brompton that can stay on when folded. Only want to fit one spare tube no space for tools needed as I treated myself to the Brommie tool kit last year. A strap for a rear light to clip on would be good. This one looks ok I could probably glue and...
  17. fossala

    Wife's new Brompton

    Managed to score my wife a M6R-X (titanium) for £500. Very good condition, hardly used with all paperwork. Think this is the best bargain I've had!
  18. stoatsngroats

    Brompton basket bag... is there a rain cover..? Resolved!

    I’m having difficulty finding one, anyone got one, or an idea how to stop the bag filling with rain..? Thanks SnG
  19. steveindenmark

    Richard Branson riding LEJOG on a Brompton.

    Richard Branson is currently in Wells.. I think.. on his 3rd day of his Lejog. He is riding a Brompton. No. Not THAT Richard Branson. Another one
  20. Pale Rider

    Brompton waiting time

    A tentative Brompton inquiry gathered the news that waiting time for a custom Brommie is currently 13 weeks. Longer than usual, a bike ordered today might not arrive before Christmas. My Brommie dealer, who professes no inside knowledge, wonders if the delay is caused by Brexit. I hate to...
  21. sdawila

    Bobbing Titanium Seat post for Brompton

    Hello everyone, I am in the midst of confusion over the use of upgrade material for my Brompton bike. I am confused about the use of titanium seatpost which also results in bobbing when pedaling. and on the other hand the use of aluminium is also very rarely used by Brompton bicycle users...
  22. philepo

    Older Brompton frame hinge clamp bendy, flexy or loose?

    Hello I have bought a fairly well used Brompton from Ebay: a 5 speeder (I really wanted the gears and don't like the 6 speed Heath Robinson setup). I know, £1100 for a new one probably is better value than £500 for a 18 year old one, but if you don;t have £1100 and think the new gears are daft...
  23. rogerzilla

    Pimped Brompton weirdness

    Ignore the trispoke wheels and plum paint...what happens when you backpedal to brake?
  24. thenay

    Locking a Brompton

    Hello all, I finally got myself a 2nd hand Brompton, loving it so far. But today I found out that in the new workplace I won't be able to keep it indoors :/ There's a shed on site for staff to lock their bikes, but as you'd expect I'm very hesitant about locking mine, even if it may be safer...
  25. ukoldschool

    Brompton rim wear indicator pictures

    Hi all, I've have my brommie (S6) for a year now, and have happily commuted on it daily to and from the station at both ends of my journey in all weather conditions (including snow...), while my daily mileage isn't particularly high, I am conscious of the fact that I will need to be on the...
  26. chriscross1966

    Camping on my Brompton

    Henrietta all set up for camping by chriscross1966 posted 6 Aug 2019 at 16:07 Henrietta all setup for a recent trip to BlueDot festival... Front bag is a Fiets-a-Parts Rolltoptas, they're a dutch company, the bag is made for them by RadicalDesign (the folks that make Brompton bags for...
  27. S

    Variation on a Nano conversion

    I've just done a Nano-based conversion of my 2006 Brompton, but I did not want to use the Nano electrified luggage block/converted bag system, but instead to have the battery mounted somewhere on the frame. I found a 36v bottle battery on eBay that is smaller than the usual ones, at 5.6Ah, so a...
  28. Cycleops

    Brompton Rival?

    There's a new lightweight folder about, carbon frame with belt drive either single speed or Alfine 11. Looks tasty but quite a price.
  29. doginabag

    Brompton 2 speed shifting issue

    I have just given my 6 speed it's first proper service, after three years and ~8000 miles the rear tyre was down to canvas and the amount of gunk on the drive train needed chiselling off. :laugh: It's all cleaned up good, the change to kojaks has made it feel like a whole different bike, brakes...
  30. B

    Brompton - advice on rear fold problem after Nano conversion

    I have had my 2009 M6R Brompton converted by Nano and it is now not folding right. Part of the problem seems to lie with the rear of the bike, which *shouldnt* have been affected at all by the conversion, so I am stumped. The rear wheel seems to be further from the frame than it should be and...
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