1. Arrowfoot

    Interesting Brompton features

  2. Kell

    LEJOG on a Brompton in 7 days
  3. Tenkaykev

    Brompton prices

    I had an Email from Brompton a couple of days ago. It seems that stock levels are getting better as there are several models listed for order on their website. What did surprise me is the price, perhaps I'd lost touch but they do seem to have increased a fair bit recently ( perhaps that is as a...
  4. Tenkaykev

    Brompton vs Road bike speed / efficiency

    There's an excellent YouTube channel created by Pam and Gilbert, a couple of folding bike enthusiasts. Loads of really useful information that's exceptionally well presented. The lates upload compares the performance of a Brompton compared to a road bike, interesting and informative. View...
  5. ericmark

    Are there other folding bikes other than Brompton?

    I was looking at this section and 9 out of 10 threads had Brompton in the title. I live in the hills, so really need a little assistance, so wanted an electric motor, but wife's e-bike is over the 20 kg and bike rack able to be used same time as towing has a limit of 40 kg, plus it means only...
  6. Yellow Fang

    Brompton clones

    I often wondered why other companies did not start copying the Brompton once the patents ran out. It looks like they have. There are at least three brands that look like direct copies: Mobot, Pike (Pikesei) and 3Sixty. Presumably they are all cheaper than Bromptons. I wonder what that means for...
  7. ExBrit

    Recommendations for floor pump for Brompton

    I have an excellent floor pump (Topeak JoeBlow) that does not work well with a Brompton because of the narrow space between spokes. The chuck simply won't fit between them. I have a crappy floor pump with a narrow chuck that fits just fine. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good floor pump...
  8. ExBrit

    Can you fix the Brompton chain in the field?

    I have a six-speed and I notice the Brompton toolkit has a chain breaker. But it looks like if I remove a bad link the chain will be 1" shorter and I won't be able to get it back on the bike. There isn't enough slack in the tensioner. Am I wrong? Is there a clever trick I need to know about?
  9. rogerzilla

    Brompton rear battery light are you supposed to open the "tool free" battery compartment when the light is bolted to its bracket? Am I missing something?
  10. Y

    recommendations of inexpensive toolset kit for brompton?

    Anyone has any ideas of pre-assembled one? Or on a part by part basis? The goal of such toolkit is to perform small to medium repairs such as mounting mudguards, rack, replacing a wheel, etc. What are the most used tools? Looking for something relatively sturdy, what would last more than 2-3...
  11. philepo

    Brompton replacement of main frame hinge pin ?

    Hello. My Brompton main frame hinge pin is worn, probably from the previous rider not being able to tighten the clamp fully causing wear. Anyway, it's not expensive to replace except I can only see shops in London that can replace the pin. Anyone know of a shop in the North East that can do...
  12. 185Q

    Brompton Phone Mount?

    I’ve been looking at the Trigo Gadget Station for Brompton to fit on the very limited space on my Brompton M3 handlebar (it has to fit around the Swytch power pack). Does anyone have any feedback, please? Suggestions for alternatives welcome!
  13. Yellow Fang

    Replacement for Brompton

    My Brompton was stolen yesterday. I knew I was taking a risk with the lock I was using. I am not too upset, because I was thinking I should replace it anyway. It was fifteen years old at least. The headset was loose. A bolt had snapped off on the front carrier block, so I could not use the...
  14. ExBrit

    Replacing the Brompton reflector with a rechargeable tail light

    Can anyone recommend a rechargeable tail light to replace the Brompton reflector? I've looked online and I can only find two and they are both over $40 which seems a bit excessive. I see Nightrider sells a $10 plastic rack adapter for their tail lights - again seems like a lot of money for a bit...
  15. rogerzilla

    Now sorted - Brompton derailleur trigger (pre-2017 type, with bell)

    Just as a spare so I don't have to change everything (or have mismatched brake levers, the horror) if mine wears out.
  16. V

    New (to me) M6L Brompton, I could use some tips!

    Crosspost from reddit. So I bought a second hand brompton and I'm excited to use it. However there are some things I noticed I need to pay attention to and was hoping you all can share your experience. First off, is it normal that the brake levers are pointing quite at a low angle? I tried to...
  17. J

    Brompton Paint / Polish

    My son has given me his older Brompton (about 2010 I think) to fettle and sell for him. It is a British racing green S2L which seems fine - I've sorted the front wheel bearings and fixed the sticking front caliper so the bike now rides well. I've sourced a better (Brompton) saddle as his was...
  18. D

    Hummingbird and other Brompton alternatives

    I'm half-considering buying a Brompton. My current bikes are recumbents, but I also have an old F-frame Moulton and a TSR fixie. I once had a short ride on a Birdy (not sure which vintage) and it seemed very nice, although the steering seemed a bit odd on the one I tried. I'd quite like a...
  19. D

    Changing times at Brompton

    My brother bought a Brompton a few years ago. It took him ages to decide on the spec, but he eventually ordered it, and it turned up at the dealer's a few weeks later. He tried to persuade me to buy one at the time, but I wasn't sure it was the bike for me. I eventually ended up buying a...
  20. Paulus

    Brompton 16 inch rear wheel, sachs 3 speed Torpedo hub. £25 inc.postage.

    All true, in good condition. The Sach 3 speed internal hub gave up a while back.
  21. gom

    Brompton, T5, Yellow – Modifications

    Many people – here & on other forums – have posted on their Brompton modifications, which I have found very useful, especially the fitting of a front changer. So in case of use / interest to anyone, here is some information on my Brompton mods. The bike 1999 T5 Brompton. In yellow – at the time...
  22. S

    Brompton in old-fashioned upright style - completed

    Hi - An update for all those here who helped advise - After many lock down months i've got the basics in place for a cycle round Hyde Park London....:tongue: This is an H-type superlite conversion btw.. 1. The pinstripe is protected by just applied frame protector which is why it looks a bit...
  23. rogerzilla

    A tired Brompton for restoration - now sorted

    L3 or similar, something that's all there and is structurally intact (no rusted-out rear frames) but needs a good overhaul. Probably needs a rear hinge job, the gears are playing up and the wheels are shot. Anyone got anything? I just fancy doing another one up this summer.
  24. Pale Rider

    Brompton auction

    Brompton is auctioning some bikes with special paintwork via a New York auction house. The blurb says shipping anywhere in the world is covered. Guide prices are from $1,000. Little time left on the auction, but curiously the few bikes I've checked are showing 'no bids'. A thousand bucks...
  25. T

    Brompton 6 speed - rear wheel play

    I've got a six-month-old six-speed and have noticed a slight side to side play in the rear wheel. I don't notice it while cycling only when I have the bike in a stand. Is this normal, or do I need to get it checked out? Both real axel nuts are really tight by the way so it's not that.
  26. JhnBssll

    *SOLD* - My custom Di2 Brompton - £1,200

    Hi all, My custom Brompton is sadly for sale. The build thread is over in the projects section here. A brief summary of the spec is as follows: 2005 Brompton frame, customised heavily with v-brake bosses added to improve braking over standard Brommies and the rear triangle cold set to accept a...
  27. Julia9054

    For sale Brompton S6L plus messenger bag

    I am selling my Brompton as I just haven’t ridden it nearly as much as I thought I would. Money going towards my garden refurb project!
  28. J

    Brompton M3R Swytch Electric

    For sale my Brompton M3R with Swytch electric conversion. Long range 50 mile model. Charger not pictured but included. All working well. Some scratches and marks etc from use. Can collect in South Manchester or happy to ship after cleared payment received. £1400
  29. S

    Replace Brompton 2019+ crankset advice

    Hi I want to replace my Brompton 2019+ folding bike crankset from the silver to black. The transmission remains the same. 1. Is changing the Brompton 2019+ crank drive exactly the same as changing other generic bicycle cranks ? 2. What is the name of the special tool which appears to be needed...
  30. macp

    Selling a Brompton on ebay

    To help fund my new bike sadly I had to sell my B. I was astounded by the response I received so much so I thought I would mention it here. I thought it might be popular and that people were paying silly money for them but I have been really surprised. I thought I would stick in a buy it now...
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