1. Kell

    Brompton W12 Special Edition.

    Being launched to commemorate the opening of the new London Brompton Junction in Westfield. Quite like the colour: "Take a look at the Brompton W12 special edition! It will be launched to commemorate the planned opening of our new Brompton Junction London in London Westfield this April. The...
  2. Hill Wimp

    Brompton 6 speed P For Sale

    Hi, about 3 yrs ago i bought one of these as i loved the idea of it's convenience. I was warned at the time that they are a bit like Marmite. Well i don't like Marmite and i really don't get on with the bike either. It has been sitting in the shed since i got it, all wrapped up i hasten to add...
  3. TheDoctor

    Pack a Brompton for air travel

    As the title implies... I'm aiming to take my M12R to NZ. My mate down there has a bike I usually borrow, but it really doesn't fit me. So, how best to pack it? My current thinking involves folding it, removing the clamps, left pedal (and saddle?) to get it all as small as possible, and using a...
  4. steveindenmark

    Bottle holders for Brompton 9 Street

    I said I wouldnt post this to avoid a stampede. But I couldnt resist. A very kind man has made these bottle holders on his 3D printer for my Brompton 9 Streets. I am not divulging who. My task is to find out how tough they are. I think they will look great on the bike.
  5. confusedcyclist

    Brompton DIY full service

    Is there anyone out there does all their own servicing on Brommies? I understand they have a lot of proprietary components and the fold means extra work on hinges etc, but having never had one in front of me, I was wondering how feasible it is to do all the maintenance oneself? I understand the...
  6. chriscross1966

    Oxford Brompton Owners Group, inaugural meeting tonight

    See posting here: Social meet up to discuss (amongst other things) location/destination for a club ride on March 2nd, and also just how much my bike needs a clean...
  7. cisamcgu

    Charging/Running a garmin from the Brompton hub dynamo

    I have a Brompton with the Shimano hub dynamo. Is there any way to use it to charge phones/garmins on the road ? Some way of connecting to the output ? I have had a google search but I am not 100% I know what to look for. Thanks Andrew
  8. 12boy

    My Brompton pics

    Here's some pictures of my Brompton. You can see my security system (see sticker on frame) noodle on front brake, QR on handle post, home made $5 seat bag, two front chainrings on a 110 BCD crank with 58/38 and Velo Orange model 6 saddle. Sometimes it is nice to see how someone else has set...
  9. chriscross1966

    Oxford Brompton Owners Group

    Hi folks, I'm starting up an Oxford Brompton Owners Group. Intention is to have a social on the third Wednesday of the month and a group ride on the first Saturday. The group rides will fall into a format of meet in cafe, ride around 10 miles or so to a pub for lunch, then back to different...
  10. ukoldschool

    Full Titanium frame Brompton clone.... 5.9kg!

    Wowsers! Half the weight of my S6! Cant imagine how flexi it would be to ride and not sure if I would personally be happy bumping off of curbs etc on this but its impressive none the less:
  11. katom

    To Brompton or not to Brompton?

    Hey all, Just need some advice on whether to purchase a second hand Brompton or not. 2017 Model with Mudguards, Pannier Rack + Bag - has only been ridden once. Selling at £795 Essentially I'm looking for a folding bike, as I tour the UK for work and wanted something to get me places instead of...
  12. mitchibob

    Does Cateye 400 Volt XC fit Brompton fitting?

    I've been mostly happy with my Cateye 300 on my Brommie, but lately, it's been playing up, in ways that suggests not just battery, however, it's working again, but I'd really like to get a spare light, as I always have a spare rear one in my saddlebag. However, 50 quid for the new 'brompton'...
  13. U

    Unusual events that have paralysed your Brompton

    Had one today with ongoing repercussions. Went to the Mairie this morning, and, for once, took the Brompton. It's an easy walk for me, but I was intending to make some other stops after. As ever, looked for the first available free lamp post and tethered the Brompton to it. Paid my dues and...
  14. A

    Saddlebag for Brompton

    Can anyone recommend a saddlebag for a Brompton? I have the Brompton pouch thing, but it never stays closes and I have lost tyre levers and multi-tool from it. I just need enough room for an inner tube, levers and multi-tool.
  15. Tenkaykev

    Brompton Dynamo Wheel

    I'm thinking of fitting a Dynamo wheel to my Brompton. I've looked around and there don't seem to be many available. ( My Google -Fu skills might not be up to scratch ) some sites list them but say " not available " I can't really stretch to the Son hub but see there is a " SP Dynamo hub " which...
  16. S

    My folding bicycle song

    My song "Folding Bicycle" is now available on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.
  17. Kell

    A roadie tries a Brompton...

  18. glocal

    Brompton bags for commuting

    I am looking for a Brompton bag for daily commuting that is compatible with S type handlebars and the standard LED front light. I saw C and S bags are marked as not suitable for S handlebars and that got me thinking. I will need to carry, say, a 14" laptop and the equivalent of 2-3 books. Any...
  19. M

    Brompton or Inokim Electric Scooter

    Hi Wondered if you wonderful people had any thoughts I use the trains daily and need something to get there . I had considered a Brompton for portability and it’s a Brompton, however a scooter could get me there with the minimum effort and sweat free!!! Just not convinced it’s no more than a...
  20. steveindenmark

    Brompton bags

    I have had my Brompton 9 Streets for about 6 weeks now and have ridden about 400km. I have realised that if it has Brompton written on it. Then its going to be expensive. I have bought one bag and frame and now Im going to have a go at making one myself. . Has anyone one here had a go?
  21. The Jogger

    Brompton Serviced BUT?

    I just had the Brompton serviced but when I took it out for a ride, it's either so well done and it is riding smooth, too smooth. When I go from high to low or vice versa, there is no noticeable difference. No clunk, click, nada. What could be the problem?
  22. jay clock

    Broken Brompton - help needed

    My 3-4 year old SL3 has snapped/lost a bolt where the rear triangle pivots onto the frame this point here but it is the drive side (not my actual bike) the actual bike looks like this...
  23. The Jogger

    Brompton Service Cost?

    I managed to pump up a tyre without my glasses on and when out on the bike the tyre blew. I'm currently in Spain so I brought it along to my LBS to have what I thought was a tube replacement also to renew the bottom bracket which Brompton posted to me. I received a text from the guy detailing...
  24. steveindenmark

    Brompton moving to Halford

    The new CEO at Brompton has decided to let Halfords sell and repair Bromptons Would you trust your Brompton to a Halfords monkey wrench? Not me.
  25. A

    Rolling a folded Brompton, what am I doing wrong?

    I cannot work out how to roll my Brompton when folded. I have tried leaving handlebars up, using saddle to push (which usually means the handlebars pop out) and replaced the stock wheels with Eazy Wheels, but still cannot roll the damn thing. So what's the secret? It's an M6L if that makes any...
  26. ukoldschool

    Brompton toolkit bought and reviewed

    Hi all, I had been carrying a multi tool and a couple of Allen keys/tyre levers in an under saddle bag, but saw an unused Brompton specific toolkit available on a well known auction site, so as it was cheap I took the plunge and I have to say I am glad I did! Its extremely well made, lighter...
  27. Bodhbh

    Alternatives to Brompton stock rollers/cones.

    I'm looking to upgrade the rollers. After googling a while I see in-line roller skate wheels are one option, but I'm not quite clear what I need: in-line wheels, bearings, and M6/M5 bolts depending if attaching to the frame or rack. Do I need anything else...washers, axles...or is that it...
  28. Rockn Robin

    Brompton Light (iLUMENOX SS-L122)

    This is the light that came with the bike back in 2012. I see there is a newer model now (SS-L122W). Apparently the newer light has three settings, high beam, low beam, and flash, whereas the older model just had on, and flash. Mine is OK, but not that bright and not much spread. More like a...
  29. ukoldschool

    New style brompton gear change mechanism help..

    Hi all, has anybody taken apart or have a diagram of the new style gear changer? This type: Mine is not returning when engaging down into '1', i'm sure its something simple like a spring not seated correctly, but Id rather know what was in there before I take it apart.... thanks
  30. S

    Ti Brompton worth the premium?

    I am curious is the ti Brompton really worth the premium over a standard model, it’s nealy £500-£600 more?
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