1964 Moulton


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Been in the back of my garage for years - I used to use it to commute to work 20kms !

Its a 1964 Moulton Standard built in Kirby ( I believe ).

3 speed hub gear with the Sturmey Archer shifter located on the stem ! ( hub is a bit noisy ).

The brakes were services with new pads & cables fitted.
Low mileage Schwalbe Marathon tyres.

It's in full working order the front suspension is also operational.

Let me know if you're interested or have any further questions ?

I'm located in N.E. Bristol.

Open to offers ?

Steve T

Senior Member
I am interested because it was built the year I was born, but TBH I have no idea of the value of this bike do you have a ball park figure for it?
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