Moulton Midi


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That’s really nice. I’d get it into shape, do a few rides before deciding what to do with it.

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hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
[QUOTE 5123224, member: 45"]Well here it is, the ebay bargain mentioned elsewhere.

I know. It fell out of the ugly tree. But I wanted to get hold of one to see what the fuss was about.

I'm not sure what to do with it now. Everything works and there's nothing significantly wrong with it. It's a bit rusty in places and needs a clean and new bearings, but that's about it. The problem is that this afternoon I'm picking up a 1950s Triumph, and its a beauty. I don't have time to do both, so I'm not sure whether to pass it straight on or leave it in the shed for a few months.[/QUOTE]
Tempted but still holding on for @User42423 Moulton to be freed-up from current duties.
I’ve let a mate in Abingdon know however, not only did we ride his mother’s as kids him and his wife also have modern Moultons.

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The chainring guard just screams, "Look at the gear I'm pushing!"

I sourced a larger sprocket for the MK 3 I did up for my Mum. I can vouch that the Moulton rides far better than the Hercules folder I have at the moment.


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That's the 3/4 size one. I got one of those a year or so ago and cleaned it up. Works fine but far too small for me. My wife is quite wee and it fits her fine.


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
I've just seen this - almost a matching pair ...


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I learnt to ride aged 8 on a Moulton mini. I loved it to bits. It died of lack of maintenance when I was about 13.
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