Memories of my Moulton Standard..... and wishing I still had it!


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Sorting through some old photos I found these two of me and my mum back in (around) 1964/5 with my much loved Moulton Standard.....

Scanned Image.jpg

Mum & dad bought me the bike when I was 10 years old, some 54 years ago. It was painted a pale grey colour with white rear rack. I seem to remember I eventually had a front rack and rear bag fitted. I road the bike all over the local area - we lived at RAF Shawbury at the time. I absolutely loved the bike and kept it until I was in my late teens. I cant remember what happened to it but I do wish I had kept it!

I am sorely tempted to try to find one to relive my youth, even if it means some restoration is required!


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Plenty on eBay and Gumtree;
And not too far from you!
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