1st School day.

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I am 57 my eldest girl went to High School today.Iworried about her all day.She came home by herself for the first time.I sat looking out of the window while she came home after three.She walked down the street with the biggest smile. It had been a good day.
Good on her!

A friend of mine's eldest son, many years ago, when being asked what he thought about his very first day at infant school (or whatever it's called nowadays), said 'it was OK, but I don't think I need to go again!' :biggrin:
Boy no 2 first day at high school tommorow.

Girl no 1 first day at primary tommorow.

Much weeping and photo taking expected.:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

Big landmarks for a family , I will be very proud.........it usually lasts until the first parent evening!! :biggrin:


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This is why the weathers been so good today. It was always lovely when we went back. I should book a weeks touring next year for when they go back.
Our eldest had his first day in his second year today (year 1-I still don't get it). He couldn't sleep last night and was like a shaken up pop bottle this morning with excitement.

They must be doing something good these days. It was never like that for me.


We cant calm them down, just been up they are all trampolining on beds and singing about school!!!

Do they bribe them nowadays!!!
Granddaughter No1 cried at the schoolgates apparently. Her little sister went for a bike ride to cheer herself up. Nearly a mile! The back to school chocolate has been delivered. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


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Miss Hugo15 had here first day in reception class today. She looked so grown up in her little uniform. Can't believe she has started full time school - where did the last four and a half years go to??


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My son is now in his third year,but i still worry untill he is home,it never goes does it?


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wafflycat said:
Mine starts university later this month. Where did the last 18 years go!

I know its a cliche,but it does seem only yesterday when my son was going to playbus when he was three,its scary isnt it.
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