2 Pairs of spd shoes size 43 -uk 8 SOLD

Discussion in 'For Sale and Auction' started by cyberknight, 6 Mar 2018.

  1. cyberknight

    cyberknight Bullied off cc

    On my seemingly endless hunt for shoes that fit my wide feet i bought these M065s and RT 32s both size 43 .
    Now have some northwaves which are wide fit
    Tried really thin insoles i could get from the chemist but i could feel the ridges of the plastic sole so i tried filling them with blue tack ( still in but i can take it out if you want )
    The M0 65s were new and worn a few times , with various insoles but i couldnt get n with them, the RT32s were from ebay listed as used VGC and still ( to me ) look mint .Both include cleats
    If your a normal uk 8 they are fine, just my paddle boat feet :sad:
    And a pair of shimano insoles that are thinner which cost me £25
    Shoes £22 each posted
    Insoles £10 Posted
    Will do the whole lot for 45 posted ?
    IMG_20180306_171832135.jpg IMG_20180306_171900379.jpg IMG_20180306_171910044.jpg IMG_20180306_171925154.jpg IMG_20180306_171942680.jpg
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