2004 Fox Float RL Reducers / Shimano Hollowtech II XT BB


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Hi there,

Just started looking to get my 2004 Rocky Mountain ETSX-70 back off road, it was looking neglected...

Anyways it looks like I need to find some parts for it, these being:-

2004 Fox Float RL reducer set for the top of the rear shock - There is definite play at the top of end of the shock absorber


A bottom bracket for the crankset, which is a XT Hollowtech II model - I stripped the crank set down and give it a good greasing but there is some stiffness down there in the bearings area, is it worth attempting to strip the bearings down or not, see if the bearings loosen up with use or just buy a new bottom bracket?

I live in the North West of England so if anyone knows of a LBS near me that might carry these parts it would make things quicker, if not I guess I will have to go online to purchase them.

Many thanks
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