2019 Goats League - *CLOSED* Climb 16 - Col du Granon

Discussion in 'BRVR - Goats League Discussions' started by Aleman, 12 Apr 2019.

  1. Aleman

    Aleman Ale Man (BKool)

    Blackpool UK
    Ride opens for attempts at midnight 15th April 2019, and closes on Midnight on the 9th June 2019, ride must be completed within that window for it to count otherwise you get the time of the slowest rider plus 5%.

    Prior to the summit finish of the Col du Galibier the Col du Granon held the acolaid of being the highest ever mountain top finish in le Tour. It was won by Spaniard Eduardo Chozas after a long, lone breakaway in the 1986 edition of le Tour. Averaging 10% for the 10.33 Km, the 958m of ascent is more or less unrelenting.


    Post your times in the thread and I'll update the Goats League Spreadsheet

    Please include your BRVR User/Display Name to give other riders pacers to chase if they so desire.
  2. djk

    djk David Kings on BRVR

    That's a lot of red...
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  3. martin22

    martin22 Senior Member

    I have a plan...Just turn the colour down on your tv for the ride and voila no more suffering ^_^
  4. djk

    djk David Kings on BRVR

    hmm, perhaps I can raise the turbo up a bit and cycle downhill
  5. martin22

    martin22 Senior Member

    That's sheer genius, no ones going to beat us now!
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  6. martin22

    martin22 Senior Member

    I take my previous comment back I just realised I rode this one a couple of years ago, (on BigRingVR) and it's awful. (Even with the black and white telly and the bike pointing downhill). We're doomed. Doomed I tell you....
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  7. Crook Town AFC

    Crook Town AFC Dave Wade on BRVR

    Took on board all the advice but found the small wheel on the front began to hurt my back, so in a moment of inspiration I put the cooling fans behind me and Voila (some sort of musical instrument I think) instant tail wind all the way up the climb. Not that it made much difference like.
    46:01, not much faster than when I did this one 18 months ago.
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  8. martin22

    martin22 Senior Member

    did this a couple of weeks ago and just realised i didnt post my time up!


    A lot of red, but i quite enjoyed it (especially the last couple of metres)! Dont think i'll be rushing to do it again soon though.
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  9. BRVR_User

    BRVR_User Well-Known Member

    Herts, UK
    40:42 for me please. Stunning climb
  10. ibooij

    ibooij Senior Member

    the Netherlands
    That was no fun. I managed to start conservatively, but even then I faded completely. I should probably go to bed a bit earlier the coming weeks..
    45:21 for me @Aleman
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  11. Mugshot

    Mugshot Cracking a solo.

    Well, that was exciting, if you use me as a marker see if you can spot the precise moment that my wheel clamp opened and I got unceremoniously dumped on top of the laundry basket, followed by a mad scramble to get the bike and me clipped back in again. I'm pretty sure I would have had the KOM if it hadn't been for that.
    Relentless though it was I did like the road and the views were stunning. A few other cyclists too which is always nice :smile:
    Anyway, as it was I'd like to register a score of 56:21 please @Aleman
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  12. djk

    djk David Kings on BRVR

    That was a beast. Obviously not quite back to form yet. 59:55 please @Aleman
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