21.5" (55 cm) Raleigh Randonneur Mens Touring Bike. 1990 Model. Sold.


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For sale:

A Gents 21.5" (55 cm) Raleigh Randonneur.

Year = 1990.

Deore DX group set.

7 Speed triple.

Bar end shifter version.

Shimano Canti brakes.

Very good quality 700c Mavic Module 3 CD wheels. Ever so smooth and true.

Paint touched up in places particularly on the top tube but no rust or dents.

In dark metallic Grey with off white head tube.

Really is a very smooth ride.

Very original apart from the large chain ring which is now a 48 t.

The tyres definitely need replacing.

Cash on Collection or bank transfer only.



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Not going to buy as I have too many bikes I don't ride at the moment, but I used to have one of these and it was a fabulous ride, a brilliant tourer. :okay:

The bloke I sold it to toured all around the UK and Europe on it and was absolutely devastated when it was stolen in Switzerland :sad:


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I hankered for one of these in a yesteryear but could never afford one.

I now find myself unable to ride a drop bar bike.

This is a joy to ride and I now understand what all those lucky people were on about all those years ago !

Don't be put off by the large chain ring. It's actually a very good quality one and personally, I wouldn't want anything larger on there as it's a 48t which suits the gearing very well.

I know the right buyer is out there for this and I'll hold on to it if it doesn't sell as I'm not going to let it go to an auction.
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Fat bloke, pedalling slowly and enjoying the ride.
Very, very nice, it's too small for me, but they are considered to be one of the best mass production touring cycles ever built.
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