1. Gunk

    Raleigh Eclipse Reynolds 501 Rebuild

    I bought this today for £20, it’s never going to be worth a fortune but a good candidate for a strip and rebuild. It’s not that bad, I’ve got a saddle and seat post which will fit, it’ll just need the usual. Head and BB bearings inner and outer cables, tyres and tubes. Should come up well.
  2. wafter

    Mystery '80s Raleigh, what do we think this is?

    Since I've got so many more important things to do, tonight has largely been spent browsing ebay for projects :whistle: The pipe dream plan is to refurb an '80s / 90s mid-range steel Raleigh road bike and fit modern components. The brief is for something decent but with expendible originality...
  3. MarkF

    Raleigh Superbe first ride.

    Despite looking gorgeous a good deal of fettling was required to get the bike out on it's debut ride. After my first trip down the driveway I wished I'd been sensible and bought a BTwin Elops. The main problem were the rod brakes, new to me, that juddered so badly the bike was unrideable. After...
  4. Mark Grant

    Raleigh relaunch the TI

    Just came on my Faceache feed. £2500. https://www.raleigh.co.uk/gb/en/ti-raleigh-relaunch/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=ti_announcement
  5. B

    Raleigh Pioneer Trail, £60.

    Large cromoly frame in vgc, 700 alloy, Shimano Parallax wheels, 21 grip shift Shimano gears All works as it should. Grips a bit scruffy. £60. Scunthorpe.
  6. bigjim

    Raleigh Clubman. 25" Frame. £100.

    Nice Clubman for the taller rider. It was a fixie when I first bought it. Fitted some modern parts, wheels and used it for some short tours and club rides. Now turned back into a Classic ride apart from the Tiagra rear mech. Rear end has been cold-set when I acquired it it. So it will easily...
  7. R

    Old Raleigh - what size spanner for bottom bracket?

    Hi Everyone, My mums old Raleigh city bike has rattley pedals and the source of the problem is a loose bottom bracket. I have tightened it by hand but need to buy the correct size spanner for the job. I have measured it and believe it's 38mm. Does this sound like a regular size spanner for this...
  8. NeilnrLincoln

    Raleigh grand Turismo GT250

    Hi all. I'm selling my Raleigh Grand Turismo GT250. It's 1960's & I guess would've been a fairly high spec tourer in its day with Campagnolo Gran-sport gearing etc. It's 23" frame, 5 speed, just had new 27x 1 1/4" tyres fitted. Rides nicely, all original paint with lovely patina, all original...
  9. wafter

    Chromed steel "700x28c" Raleigh rear wheel (5sp freehub), and drop bars for Raleigh Routier (circa late '80s)

    The wheel has 36 spokes and marked up at 622x28 / 700-280, although I think the 28mm probably refers to the external width as it measures about 21mm internally. I'm not after a minter just something that's serviceable and as cheap as possible since it's for the pub bike. Anything local to...
  10. wafter

    Smackhead Express - Raleigh Routier

    I happened upon this recently on my travels. In keeping with what has become a depressingly regular sight, this appears to be another nicked bike mercilessly ridden into the ground by the city's burgeoning homeless population before being discarded when it finally became unable to carry on...
  11. avecReynolds531

    TI-Raleigh 40th Anniversary Edition

    Road.cc reported this yesterday: https://www.raleigh.co.uk/gb/en/ti-raleigh-relaunch/
  12. philtalksbx

    Raleigh Record Ace

    This one started life as a bit of a fettling, see what happens kind of thing. It's beginning to turn into something a bit more than that so time to start its own thread. I saw a frame advertised on eBay during lockdown. Not far away, big enough for me and at a decent price. Some dents in the...
  13. rrarider

    What model of Raleigh is this one please?

    I'm looking at a quite old (50s/60s ?) Raleigh model of my neighbour's. Can anyone tell me what model name it goes by, and approximatelywhen it may have been manufactured? It's been partially restored with non original parts, I think. The wheels are alloy, not steel and the tyres are certainly...
  14. Reynard

    Secondhand Raleigh Junior Rigid MTB: lemon or worth a punt?

    Could just use a bit of advice / reassurance to make sure I'm not potentially ending up with a lemon... Local recycling place has a Raleigh Max 24 junior MTB up for grabs for a pony. Seems to be a smaller version of the adult bike as far as I can tell. I think it's my size (or at least in the...
  15. lucidone

    Kids Raleigh 20" wheel lugged frame - Freebie

    Sound frame professionally repainted in candy red (now with a few chips as shown). 1" threaded steerer, standard 68mm BB, 16 1/2" BB to top of seat tube, 17" top tube. Rear brake cable internally routes through top tube. Approx 11" axle to crown height
  16. bigjim

    Raleigh Royal. 23.5" Frame. Absolutely stunning. Sold

    Parting with my 80s Raleigh Royal. Bought a few years ago and told it had only been ridden ten miles. The BB grease had turned to wax it had been stood that long. Cleaned out and new grease. It ran perfectly. Looks factory fresh. Looking carefully you might find a tiny mark or two. i can only...
  17. All uphill

    Raleigh ladies bike

    I've been without a project for two weeks, and beginning to feel glum. So here's my next one bought from the local bicycle project. It is a fairly basic singlespeed Raleigh in original complete condition. My plan (which will certainly change) is to clean it up, hopefully keeping the original...
  18. D

    Raleigh MTB Bottom Bracket

    Being part way through resuscitating an elderly Raleigh MTB, from around 1990, into a Hybrid/Hack type bike, I will have to remove the cranks and strip, clean & grease the cup & cone bottom bracket, which has loads of play in it, my question is, if the BB has had it, will this be an English...
  19. Wookee

    Raleigh Pioneer Classic

    I picked up one of these the other day as I couldn't get on with my new road bike. I know we have some fans here and just wondered if someone could give me an age from this serial number sticker please?
  20. Adamh2009

    Raleigh Pioneer Classic

    So I've just bought my 4th Raleigh (I also have a Cameo, Courier and a Chiltern Lady). I cannot find much information on the Pioneer, especially the Pioneer Classic. Can anyone share any information or old brochures about this bike for me please? I believe its missing both mud guards and a...
  21. Survivor Bikes

    1980 Raleigh ‘Denim’ Eighteen

    Evening all 😊 Day 1. On checking my inventory, I actually found 3 R18s, each in varying states of decay. For one reason or another I selected a ‘Denim’ variant made in Nottingham in October 1980 (according to the frame number). The AW hub is also stamped 1980. So, I got it back to base and...
  22. RichardB

    1991 Raleigh MTB, thoughts please

    Massive long post, sorry. I have a Raleigh Amazon MTB from 1991. Frame and forks in good condition, other components tired. Paint and decals almost perfect, as I tend to look after things. It was my only bike for a while, then became the ‘holiday bike’ when in France, and finally it’s been in...
  23. Gunk

    Raleigh royal tourer rebuild

    I decided to start the Royal today, my initial inspection showed that all the bearings need replacing and the crankset is at the end of it’s life with non removable chainrings with bent and broken teeth.
  24. All uphill

    Raleigh Reynolds 531 Grand Sport. No wheels!

    NO LONGER FOR SALE This was my fixie. Raleigh Grand Sport 531 from the early 1970s. Frame built by Carlton in Worksop.Weinmann brakes, Simple derailler. 55cm seatpost. Seatpost is free. BB has no play and turns freely. Frame has a few spots and scratches, but seems solid. £50 cash on collection...
  25. All uphill

    Raleigh Grand Sport 531 frame and fork.

    I bought this two years ago with wrecked wheels and built it into a singlespeed. Now I have used the wheels on another project, and would like this to go to a good home. Its 55cm seatpost. Frame is marked Carlton, made in Worksop. I'm reluctant to post and pack, but realise I may need to...
  26. Mile195

    1978 Raleigh Medale; cosmetic work?

    Hi all Like the rest of the nation, people round my way are clearing out homes and garages and I’ve acquired this little number from the side of the street. Mechanically I’m already on top of what needs doing. However, I’ve never really worked on the cosmetics of a bike or vehicle. Unpainted...
  27. Twilkes

    Help ID an old Raleigh bike

    I came across some old photos of an incredibly naive JoGLE that I did about 20 years ago, and it had photos of the bike. I have a love-'em-and-leave-'em relationship with bikes, I love them when I'm riding them regardless of how good or bad they are, but don't really miss them when they've gone...
  28. Phaeton

    Raleigh Chopper with Twist Grip Gears

    Somebody linked me to this Chopper which came up on Fecesbook, but I don't remember ever seeing them with twist grip gear change, the ones we had were a lever on the crossbar.
  29. Gunk

    Raleigh Classic 531c Tourer Refurb

    Just picked this up this morning, late 1980's Classic 531 ST C usual huge frame! but a lovely bike. Campag record hubs, lots other nice upgraded stuff including front and rear pannier racks and Bluemells mudguards. Just needs a deep clean and service.
  30. gucu

    Raleigh Royal

    Hi I have a Raleigh Royal with something wrong with the bottom bracket but free to anyone who wants it. I live in Cornwall but can post out, which will cost around £25 - £36. Thanks Rich
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