1. Aravis

    Sale Agreed: Raleigh Pioneer Tourer 53cm. Very little used.

    I'm very much hoping that someone will want this. It's a steel-framed Raleigh Pioneer in touring guise dating I think from around the turn of the millennium. The serial number on the underside of the bottom bracket is YF98B10304. I bought this bike five years ago in "new old" condition, but...
  2. TTSS

    Sold - Raleigh Lenton Marque III - Reynolds 531. £20.

    For sale: Raleigh Lenton Marque III. Reynolds 531. Has a tiny ding in the top tube but it's so small, it won't photograph properly. Seat post and stem both move freely. Bottom bracket nice and smooth. 4 Speed Sturmey Archer gears all work. Tyres are shot and need replacing but currently...
  3. B

    When did Raleigh stop rebranding some of its bikes as BSA?

    Just bought a BSA bike locally for £15 and very pleased with condition but very confused by the specification and assume its been partially upgraded and so hard to date the bike. Here's some pictures. I'm planning to convert to drop bar. The crankset and shifter look non-original to me (the...
  4. W

    Raleigh TI lightweight

    I have just bought a1978 Raleigh TI frame. I bought it because it is a lightweight frame and it is a 25" size. I want to fit it out as a comfortable lightweight road bike for touring. I have no interest in keeping it original. I want to fit improved parts but I have 2 questions:- 1. I am...
  5. wafter

    Higher-end Raleigh Tourers; Royal and Randonneur

    As my years advance and I grow less enamoured with CFRP / concerned with outright speed and more interested in steel, comfort, longevity and character, I've persuaded myself I "need" a nice unmolested tourer. Raleigh's top-end offerings very much appeal, namely the Royal and Randonneur. I've...
  6. FrankCrank

    Raleigh aluminium folding bikes

    Currently two Raleigh folders on Ebay, both ally, both with broken frames. Wondering if they have an issue, or maybe just coincidence:
  7. S

    Raleigh lenton sports 1956 offers

    For sale 1956 lenton sports Orginal crank,4 speed sturmey archer 531 frame silver raleigh badge Frame been repainted badly forks still orginal paint 80s handlebars brakes etc see pics No saddle Orginal handlebars Orginal tyres fitted 24x Needs restore or parts
  8. ren531

    Raleigh Lenton 1952 for sale on eBay now sold

    I have a 1952 Raleigh Lenton on ebay, I would put a link to it but don't know how. I have owned it for 3-4 years and it is very original, please have a look if you're interested, cash on colection from Lancaster.
  9. Pedal pusher

    Raleigh Winner

    From spending most of her life in the back of a shipping container to how she looks today, I'm quite please with the end result. Anyone who can give me pointers as to how much to sell for I'd be greatfull. I'm thinking £150
  10. Mark Grant

    Raleigh Merlin to errand bike.

    A picked up a '70s Raleigh Merlin for 20 quid a couple of months ago with a view to making a 'popping down the shop bike'. It was stripped for paint, I didn't go too mad with prep, just enough. Rattle can paint job and a bit of lug lining then put it back together. I had some North Road handle...
  11. R

    Raleigh Chiltern Ladies Bike - any good (see photos).

    I have recently acquired this Raleigh Chiltern ladies bike - I paid £40 for it (probably the going rate as it's not a collectible I would imagine like a Holdsworth) - an impulse buy because it's in such good condition for the year - not mint, but good nonetheless .... Can I have your assessment...
  12. B

    For Sale : 1986 Hand Built Raleigh Sirocco - E'roica Ready

    For Sale : 1986 Hand Built Raleigh Sirocco Condition is Seller refurbished. Spec in detail: Frame: Handbuilt Raleigh, built 1986 with 501 tubing. Built at the Lightweight Unit in Northampton Frame No: WBS002005 Seat Tube - 61cm, Top Tube - 58cm Colour: Original paint...
  13. Saracenlad

    Paint for my Raleigh

    Any idea where I could get some touch up paint (Spray or brush) for my Raleigh Royale. The other bike is my wife's Touriste. Thanks.
  14. Pedal pusher

    Raleigh Winner

    Just rebuilt the crank and I think I might have but the crank in the wrong way looking at the gap. Can somebody confirm
  15. Pedal pusher

    Raleigh Winnner

    I've noticed the pedals are a bit wobbly so thought I'd replace/repack the bearings. How do i get into them. The end cap doesn't look like it comes off.
  16. Pedal pusher

    Raleigh Winner Tyres

    I’m struggling to see the tyre size due to the walls which have all but crumbled away 😂 I think I can see 700 x 28 but not sure Can anyone confirm. Frame size is23.5”
  17. Pedal pusher

    Raleigh Winner

    Same problem as the last bike don't have the free hub removal tool. On the free hub it says Sachs Mailard Made in France and I counted 24 slots. Had a quick look online but nothing obvious. Can anybody tell me what I need to be looking for. Thanks
  18. Pedal pusher

    Raleigh Winner

    New project pick up today. Doesn't look too bad. New tyres, cables etc needed. I'm guessing early 80s. Anybody see anything that's not standard
  19. 249ccjames

    Raleigh Pioneer 2

    I’m looking for help on my Raleigh Pioneer 2. I bought it 6 months ago intending to cycle camp, but at 6 foot I need to be 2 inches shorter for that to work, so it has to go. Pity because it’s a cracking bike. Here are some codes I’ve taken off the machine. What attracted me about the bike...
  20. Espresso vecchio

    Raleigh Motus Tour? Wisper? Other?

    Hi all I'd be grateful for some opinions please before I finally commit to the purchase for my wife. Because of a leg weakness on one side she is unable now to cycle more than 4-5 miles comfortably, but in general the upright position is comfortable..it's just the leg. I ride my Bianchi...
  21. Pedal pusher

    Raleigh Phoenix finished

    Well she's finished. Quite pleased with the end result for a first resto. Learned lots. Need to make proper space in the garage always seemed to be working in a mess. Have the basic tools so need to build on them now. Constructive comments welcome.
  22. Pedal pusher

    Cassette Socket

    I'm renovating a 80s/early 90s Raleigh and I can't find the correct cassette socket. Can anyone give me a clue. The pic is the one I have with the measurements across the splines and it's to big
  23. Oldbikefan

    Raleigh Moonrun Mountain Bike £60

    1990 Raleigh Moonrun 19 inch Reynolds 501 All Terrain steel frame 26 inch Alesa wheels with good tyres Suntour XC-E groupset New bottom bracket, seat post, cables, chain and brake blocks. Gears could do with dialing in better as it sometimes skips 2nd and 4th gears on the up shift. Frame...
  24. PHL67

    Raleigh 531 Panasonic.

    Finished my Raleigh Panasonic. Now has 6 speed block fitted. Hopefully changing the saddle soon. Enjoy.
  25. PHL67

    Vintage Raleigh Royal Reynolds 531

    Raleigh Royal in fantastic condition. 60cm frame. open to open to sensible offers.
  26. DCLane

    SOLD: Raleigh Strada 531 62cm frame with Shimano LX Sport groupset, £100. Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    This is a 62cm frame Raleigh Strada with Reynolds 531 butted tubes for someone well above 6 feet tall. It's as per page 4 of Raleigh's catalogue here: http://www.retrobike.co.uk/gallery2/d/104192-2/Raleigh+Lightweights+1989.pdf All original except for black rather than cream brake hoods and a...
  27. philtalksbx

    Raleigh Record Ace frame 61cm with headset

    I'm afraid the Record Ace frame has to go - it was a brilliant project through lockdown last summer and you can see the build thread here which gives a good idea of where it came from and what it has been through. It has been replaced so offering for £60 posted or slightly less for local pickup...
  28. Pedal pusher

    Raleigh Phoenix. What to do?

    Picked this up off FB Market place for £25.This will be my first project/rebuild. I want to use this bike as a learning process. I think it's mid 80s can't find a s/n so I don't expect to make money. Can the experienced members tell me what a not standard on the bike, also the left fork legs is...
  29. DCLane

    Dilemma: Raleigh Strada 62cm

    Having picked up a Raleigh Strada on Sunday, which was described as for parts and if not sold to be in a skip (which was outside the house) I've been surprised how original it was. The bike's got every original part bar the saddle, it's all working well and the only thing wrong was...
  30. Oldbikefan

    A Classic Story

    I recently sold my '96 Marin Bear Valley mountain Bike. Much as I liked it my back was suffering even with a shorter stem. So I decided I needed something a bit more sensible. The good lady was away visiting family and I was home alone with a bottle of red and the internet (a dangerous...
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