1. M

    54cm modern steel touring/road bike (E.g. Raleigh Clubman)

    Hi everyone I'm on the lookout for a modern steel bike that can be used for commuting and bit of touring. Mainly for road use with some canal paths. I'm 5'9 so looking for a medium/54cm frame. Id love to hear from anyone who has a 2012/13 Raleigh Clubman for sale... Thanks, Mike
  2. GoodLifeSpud

    Does anyone have a 1980 Raleigh catalogue ???

    Hi all, I've been trying to identify the model of my Raleigh. I know it's 1980, I know it was made in Worksop - or has the W stamp at least. However, the original parts were missing when I got it and it's been powder coated so none of the original paint (e..g black on the head tube) remains...
  3. A

    New tyres for an '80's Raleigh Pursuit

    Decided I need to do something with this bike. It's been in various cellars and sheds for 30 years, when I bought it new but hardly rode it. I have other bikes now but I'd like to recommission it. It needs new tyres but I'm not sure of the modern size. The wheel diameter seems to be 63cm and...
  4. KneesUp

    1989 Raleigh 'Strada'

    I've been on the lookout for a Falcon Strada (c. 1990) for quite some time, as I want to replace the one I had stolen in about 2002. I've never seen one. However, walking home the other day I saw a Raleigh Strada outside a neighbours house with a 'free to a good home' sign. Reasoning that...
  5. dmgraham8

    Raleigh Royal rebuild - beginner

    Hello everyone, I am hoping to revive this decrepit Raleigh Royal (c 1986 - 90 I think). I have a thread in the projects forum: https://www.cyclechat.net/threads/raleigh-royal-late-1980s-rebuild-advice-for-beginner.270893/ Any advice for a novice would be very welcome.. :angel: David
  6. P

    Raleigh crankset wanted

    I'm looking for a crankset like the one pictured. Hilary Stone has NOS chainwheels but no crank arms. They were fitted to a few bikes either side of WW2 I believe. This is to be fitted to a Raleigh Clubman of 1946 vintage.
  7. J

    Raleigh ebike .

    So more or less have my mind made up on the Raleigh motus grand tour.is it worth the money have k picked a good one.
  8. oldworld

    Raleigh Lenton owners?

    I'm wondering if anyone on here has a Lenton?. If so where did you find yours? I had one in the 50's and would love to get another. I've seen a couple on eBay but they were ladies models.
  9. Smokin Joe

    Raleigh 501 Fixed

    Raleigh fixed wheel bike, been resprayed in it's original Team Raleigh colours. Reynolds 501 main tubes (No decals), VGC has only had limited use as a turbo bike. 21" seat tube C-T, 22" TT. Comes with a choice of Exustar road pedals or single side Shimano SPDs. £60, collection only from west...
  10. RichardB

    Raleigh child's bike, 1959-60, request for info

    Having found and bought a model of bike that I rode in my 20s (Carlton Corsair) and found adverts and an illustrated catalogue/spec sheet for the bike I owned in my teens (Viking Conquest), I am trying to find a bit of info about the bike (my first two-wheeler) that I rode before that. If it...
  11. NeilnrLincoln

    Raleigh Bomber

    Hi. Does anyone have a Raleigh Bomber for sale? prefer a cheapish one needing some work but anything considered. Ideally not a million miles from Lincoln. Thanks. Neil.
  12. Rockster57

    SOLD : Raleigh SP Comp Carbon Road Bike

    **SOLD** Purchased new in 2015, I've enjoyed just one outing on this quality full carbon frame road bike. Not long after I bought it, I did a few laps of Knockhill Circuit clocking up 10.73 miles in total. And that's been it. The rest of the time it has been carefully kept indoors in my...
  13. DCLane

    Raleigh - Sports, Superbe, Wayfarer or something else?

    Having said to myself "no more bikes for a while" I collected the Raleigh below yesterday, bought for a minimal sum: It needs a bit of work, having sat for at least the last 14 years. New cables, chain, tyres (one is split, the other cracked), replacement saddle and general maintenance but...
  14. PHL67

    Beautiful Vintage Raleigh

    Bought this today. Needs some items changing and a little clean. Absolute bargain.
  15. wafter

    Raleigh Metropolitan - NOW GONE

    Skip find. Apparently quite rare and certainly interesting; lugged steel frame with fat 26" wheels, bullhorn bars and 2x5sp drivetrain. Dating from the mid-1980's; apparently Raleigh's stab at a mountain bike before mountain bikes were really a thing. This one appears complete although is...
  16. wafter

    Anyone fancy saving a Raleigh Metropolitan...?

    Spotted one of these in a bad way in a skip down the road from me (in someone's drive). I was tempted to knock on the door and ask to rob the wheels and saddle for my Routier, however it transpires the wheels are 26" so no good. Having done a bit of research it's apparently an '80s MTB / road...
  17. W

    Raleigh frame lug

    I have come across this lug on a number of Raleigh, Triumph and Claud Butler bike frames and I don't know what it is for. It is located on the right hand rear stay just behind the bottom bracket (see photo). The hole goes into the centre of the rear stay but it is not threaded. Can anyone...
  18. Newbiebikeman

    Does Anyone Recognise What This Raleigh Bike is?

    Hello everyone, I recently bought this bike and am curios what type of bike it is and how old it is. When I picked it up it was in good condition but the bikes were a bit worn. I've looked around the bike and there are some markings on it for example on the back bit (the pole that connects to...
  19. swee'pea99

    The Raleigh Story, BBC4 tonight, @ 11.10

    In case anyone's interested.
  20. Gravity Aided

    Some Raleigh I Found in a Basement

    I found this very old, very light Raleigh 10 speed in the basement at a co-op, it appears to have, under all that paint, Bocama Lugs?,R4 and B4?, Campagnolo Chainwheel and drop outs, as well as the clamps for the rear brake along the top tube, It has Weinmann brakes and the surviving wheel is...
  21. Gunk

    Raleigh Eclipse Reynolds 501 Rebuild

    I bought this today for £20, it’s never going to be worth a fortune but a good candidate for a strip and rebuild. It’s not that bad, I’ve got a saddle and seat post which will fit, it’ll just need the usual. Head and BB bearings inner and outer cables, tyres and tubes. Should come up well.
  22. wafter

    Mystery '80s Raleigh, what do we think this is?

    Since I've got so many more important things to do, tonight has largely been spent browsing ebay for projects :whistle: The pipe dream plan is to refurb an '80s / 90s mid-range steel Raleigh road bike and fit modern components. The brief is for something decent but with expendible originality...
  23. MarkF

    Raleigh Superbe first ride.

    Despite looking gorgeous a good deal of fettling was required to get the bike out on it's debut ride. After my first trip down the driveway I wished I'd been sensible and bought a BTwin Elops. The main problem were the rod brakes, new to me, that juddered so badly the bike was unrideable. After...
  24. Mark Grant

    Raleigh relaunch the TI

    Just came on my Faceache feed. £2500. https://www.raleigh.co.uk/gb/en/ti-raleigh-relaunch/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=ti_announcement
  25. B

    Raleigh Pioneer Trail, £60.

    Large cromoly frame in vgc, 700 alloy, Shimano Parallax wheels, 21 grip shift Shimano gears All works as it should. Grips a bit scruffy. £60. Scunthorpe.
  26. bigjim

    Raleigh Clubman. 25" Frame. £100.

    Nice Clubman for the taller rider. It was a fixie when I first bought it. Fitted some modern parts, wheels and used it for some short tours and club rides. Now turned back into a Classic ride apart from the Tiagra rear mech. Rear end has been cold-set when I acquired it it. So it will easily...
  27. R

    Old Raleigh - what size spanner for bottom bracket?

    Hi Everyone, My mums old Raleigh city bike has rattley pedals and the source of the problem is a loose bottom bracket. I have tightened it by hand but need to buy the correct size spanner for the job. I have measured it and believe it's 38mm. Does this sound like a regular size spanner for this...
  28. NeilnrLincoln

    Raleigh grand Turismo GT250

    Hi all. I'm selling my Raleigh Grand Turismo GT250. It's 1960's & I guess would've been a fairly high spec tourer in its day with Campagnolo Gran-sport gearing etc. It's 23" frame, 5 speed, just had new 27x 1 1/4" tyres fitted. Rides nicely, all original paint with lovely patina, all original...
  29. wafter

    Chromed steel "700x28c" Raleigh rear wheel (5sp freehub), and drop bars for Raleigh Routier (circa late '80s)

    The wheel has 36 spokes and marked up at 622x28 / 700-280, although I think the 28mm probably refers to the external width as it measures about 21mm internally. I'm not after a minter just something that's serviceable and as cheap as possible since it's for the pub bike. Anything local to...
  30. wafter

    Smackhead Express - Raleigh Routier

    I happened upon this recently on my travels. In keeping with what has become a depressingly regular sight, this appears to be another nicked bike mercilessly ridden into the ground by the city's burgeoning homeless population before being discarded when it finally became unable to carry on...
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