1. Andrew1971

    Sun GT 10 road bike (raleigh)

    Hi All Having a little clear out. I have a sun gt 10 road bike it's 22.5 inch frame, 700c wheels front qr rear nutted, 10 speed 2x5 crankset not original. Seat what i had in the box. Front and rear mechs original i believe. Bull horn handle bars from spares box put on years ago. Still got the...
  2. DCLane

    Raleigh Loxley, minus wheels, saddle and rear derailleur - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    I've needed a spare pair of wheels for the Raleigh Pioneer and yesterday I picked up this Raleigh Loxley: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Raleigh-men-bike-for-spares-not-working-/223820211432 The rear mech (a Shimano TX35) was snapped, it's got a slightly bent hanger and needs a new chain, gear...
  3. ren531

    New use for old Raleigh head badge

    I have had a old brass Raleigh head badge that came of a Raleigh Merlin from maybe the 70s that's been in my spares box for decades ,so I have cleaned it up and made a pin badge out of it for the saddle bag of my Raleigh Lenton ,just a better use than possibly getting damaged in the box and...
  4. Gunk

    Raleigh Team Banana Project

    I finally picked this up today, it’s been outside in a back garden for 12 months which hasn’t helped but the good news is that it’s 100% original even down to the reflectors, water bottle holder and supplying dealer sticker. Originally my plan was to modernise it with newer components but now...
  5. ren531

    Raleigh Lenton brake levers

    I have been experimenting with drop bar levers on my Lenton, the brakes work better and the hand position /comfort is better too, it also looks more in keeping with a drop bar bike, the original Lenton ones are just flat bar levers, but i am thinking of putting the original ones back on to keep...
  6. S

    Brief Review Raleigh Strada Electric

    After my thread of do I really need an e-bike, I decided that the overwhelming majority was that it was a good thing. A couple of friends also suggested it would help my motivation. I ended up (not without some faffing) with a Raleigh Strada Electric - at 50% off RRP. Unfortunately it turned...
  7. 8mph

    Carlton Bike Letter S stamped under serial no.

    I've tried and failed to get a clear photo. The serial number is pretty faint as the frame has been resprayed. I'm also unsure about the first 0, which could be either a 3 or an 8. Under the serial number there is stamped a single letter S. I've researched into this but couldn't find anything...
  8. EltonFrog

    New Project. Raleigh Scorpio.

    For about four weeks I’ve been walking the dogs past a house in my village that has had this bike sitting outside and unlocked and unloved. Today enough was enough and I knocked on the door and asked about it. Before I could finish the sentence the nice man told me to take it. It’s another...
  9. DCLane

    SOLD: Raleigh Equipe 54cm track bike, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire - £150

    For sale: Raleigh Equipe track bike, 54cm. Aluminium frame with a carbon fork. RRP £600. In unmarked condition except for a small mark on the front fork and wear on the edge of the saddle. Wheels and handlebar were only used for about 30 miles before being swapped, so the tyres have had very...
  10. K

    Raleigh panasonic bike

    Hi could anybody tell me how I can match the blue paint on a team raleigh panasonic 531?
  11. Rooster1

    Classic Ladies Raleigh Riviera Bike in Good Working Order

    Hi I'll give Cycle chat first dibs on this for the week - until 4th October. Chrome is patchy with surface rust. Frame is solid but patchy in places with paint chips etc. Mudguards have been rust treated and resprayed - they are rough but solid. Lots of character. 21 inch frame (from middle...
  12. DCLane

    SOLD: Raleigh Ascender retro MTB - Large 21" frame 26" wheels - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire - £15

    This is the working Raleigh Ascender which I'd posted about getting hold of a few weeks back. It's a 21" frame, so a Large although I can ride it at 5' 8" it's better for someone a bit taller. Almost entirely original, except for a replacement seatpost clamp and San Marco saddle. Dates from...
  13. chickendrumsticks

    BSA "Prima", Raleigh Worksop build, fully refurbished. SOLD

    The BSA “Prima” This lovely bike has been rebuilt from the ground up and is complete with all period correct fittings, all in all a stunning recreation of this rare BSA model. Frame number is W S 0 00246 which means it was built for Raleigh (who owned the BSA brand) in the renowned Carlton...
  14. biggs682

    Raleigh Professional

    Just back from picking this Raleigh up and associated spares . It's been hiding in a garage loft for a few years after being a time trial machine . Frame number is WA9000113 with a 4 on the left and an S on the right . Just need @midlife to tell me exactly what model it is please
  15. ren531

    Mistery Raleigh frame

    Can anyone on here provide any information about this frame ,I was given it more than a decade ago and was told it was some sort of special race frame don't know how old it is looks possibly 90s no model name just the Raleigh badge ,has a Tange head set ,Cinelli bottom bracket shell with SB7403...
  16. Paulus

    Raleigh crankset.52/42.

    52/42 170 cranks. With teeth guard. C.1980 £20. Plus £5 postage.
  17. Paulus

    Abandoned Raleigh.

    This forlorn specimen has been locked up near to me for weeks. Can anyone identify it. It has a 531 frame but the decals are a bit worn off. Just out of interest I may put a tag on it and if the owner fancies selling it I would be interested . The paintwork needs attention, and the gearing...
  18. P

    Phillip's bike pre raleigh

    I'm amazed there are not more resources in line for pre Raleigh Phillip's, consideringbthey were the second largest maker in the UK. I have 2 bikes, one more a frame and bits, that I would like to find.out more about. I have a charming but rough loop frame and a Jaguar that is incomplete. Any...
  19. S

    Raleigh Motus Tour Lowstep

    My mother decided to get one of these to help with the UK hills around her area as she cycles daily, and asked me for advice being a cyclist. She liked this model having done a cycle scheme rent for a month. I was a little hesitant at first due to lack of reviews on Evans cycles website, but...
  20. biggs682

    Raleigh Sprint

    It was a tough decision this morning walking around local car boot . First find was tired 70's Falcon Black Diamond at £75 , then a sad looking Henry Burton that had just sold for an un disclosed amount and then this "Alloy" According to the seller Raleigh Sprint with all its gold trimmings ...
  21. fleetey

    BBC4 Mon 5th Aug 11pm - The Raleigh Story

    Documentary on BBC4 - I don't know if it's old or new but might be of interest to some.
  22. rrarider

    Rear dropout spacing on a vintage Raleigh?

    I still ride my 1984 Record Ace and have always found refitting the rear wheel a bit trickier than I've seen TDF mechanics or You tube videos showing the process. In '86 or ' 87 I replaced the 27" Weinmann wheels with 700c MAvic MA40s on Campag Chorus hubs. Having a bit of a practice following...
  23. DCLane

    Beat the scrap-men: Raleigh Ascender MTB

    Having had recent purchases go wrong on me - an Orbit 531c which was rusted and seized, plus a carbon wheel which has turned out to have a broken rim - I was suffering a confidence crisis in buying used items. So, en route to Manchester velodrome I passed two bikes with other items, did a quick...
  24. E

    Raleigh ebikes

    Hi all I'm thinking about selling my old Powacycle Salisbury and getting a new ebike I have no want or need for anything faster or anything capable of ascending mountain paths or anything like that - I also do not want to spend huge amount of money (I'm like that!) Anyway - I looked around...
  25. M

    Creme Caferacer Uno vs Raleigh Tourist 2018

    I can get a Raleigh tourist 2018 for $190 out the door MSRP $650 but it rides pretty high on the crotch. Small sized but I am only 5’5, 28” https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B073Q2D1TT/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_3?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 or I can get a Creme caferacer uno for $435 out the door...
  26. wbmkk

    Bike Information Required Please .. Vintage Raleigh racing bike

    I have picked up this bike and was wondering how old it is. Can anybody please provide details about age and maybe even a model number / name Many thanks !
  27. wisdom

    Classic blue Peter Raleigh chopper.

    View: https://twitter.com/BBCArchive/status/1139857585442643969?s=09 Here's a great clip. Hell I watched it when it was on.Showing my age now.
  28. P

    1947 Raleigh mystery colour

    I've posted about this bike before. I believe it to be a 1947 Sport model based in the frame number and date on the dynohub. I'm very confused about the original colour. I took off the head badge today to discover the original paint. It's a light teal colour. I cant fund this colour in...
  29. P

    Could this be an early Raleigh Lenton?

    Further to another thread running I'm trying to ID a Raleigh. After a bit of rubbing down I have unearthed the decals. They seem to match the early Raleigh lenton decals, not the Sports model I had assumed. Your collective opinions would be appreciated. BTW the SA hub is 3 speed undated and the...
  30. P

    Confused by Raleigh frame numbers

    I've had this old Raleigh sports knocking around for a while. I thought I should attempt to date it but I'm having trouble. It looks like a 50s-70s model but the frame number has no letter prefix/suffix
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