1. ren531

    Finaly Finished my Raleigh Lenton

    Just finished the Raleigh Lenton i bought late last year , i posted some photos of it on here before i started the project , its all original i touched up the white lining on the frame and laquered it cleaned greased everything replaced most of the bearings and chain got some replacment...
  2. biggs682

    Raleigh Royal

    Whilst I was looking at the Rider brand ?? the same seller mentioned that he had owned a Raleigh Royal from near enough new . So once I had dismissed the Rider I asked to have a look at the Royal . Big mistake as I ended up bringing it home .
  3. biggs682

    Rider brand ??

    Went to have a look at a "Rider" branded bike this afternoon that was advertised locally . Can't find any info on it . Only stamping was 54 on the underside of the bottom bracket shell which equated with the size . Headset was "rider" branded and had the same decal . Seat post was 26.4...
  4. Cycleops

    Raleigh Lorry

    Some of you might be interested in this new cargo/utility bike from Raleigh. Seems to tick all the boxes for a reasonable cost. https://www.bicycling.com/bikes-gear/a26551395/raleigh-lorry-review/ Not sure if it will be available in the UK though.
  5. Dick Kite

    Raleigh/ Ken Rogers Trike (not Higgins!)

    Hi all - Jusr putting things right. The conversion I’ve just completed is a Raleigh 25” frame with a Ken Rogers Trike adaptor as I knew all along - yesterday’s senior moment!! The adaptor is stamped KGR 35581. It is for sale - open to serious offers- come and have a ride on it! Hopefully, more...
  6. Dick Kite

    Raleigh Ken Higgins Trike

    Hi - have completed my trike conversion. It’s a Ken Higgins Trike kit on a 70’s Raleigh (25” frame). It’s a bit of a homage to Ray Booty (if anyone out there remembers him - he was a phenomenal rider in the 50s/60s, Nottingham-based and multiple BBAR record holder as well as winning the 58...
  7. Smokin Joe

    Raleigh Record Ace

    I picked this up on ebay today. It was up for £150 or best offer so I put in a bid for £130 and the seller accepted. The guy worked in a main dealer body repair shop (Which is where I collected the bike from) and the sprayer there had sandblasted the frame back to bare metal, gave it a full...
  8. PHL67

    Vintage Raleigh Record Sprint

    Vintage Raleigh Record Sprint road bike in black. 60cm frame. In a very good condition. 90% original. Has had new tyres and tubes. New gear cables. New inner brake cables. New chain. Please see pictures for condition. Travel with work so may be able to deliver depending where you are for small...
  9. ren531

    Raleigh insert brake pads

    Does anyone know where I can buy some replacement brake pads for my Raleigh Lenton I would like to use the original shoes that have removable pads ,found 1 or 2 on ebay but not the correct ones ,thought you guys might know where to look , they are 49mm long and 10mm across the shoe on the...
  10. P

    Confusing Raleigh

    I bought a job lot of bikes, mostly for the Moulton, but as I began sorting out the others I became co fused by this old Raleigh. I believe the SA hub dates to 1939 but the frame number doesnt seem to tally with any particular year. It is udentical to most 1930s Sports models as far as I can see...
  11. biggs682

    Raleigh Tandem for sale

    Anybody wanting a fairly basic but useable tandem then look no further https://www.gumtree.com/p/bicycles/tandem-for-sale/1326768063 just needs the fork turning around lol oh it's not mine
  12. BristolRoversfc

    Raleigh Pioneer Classic 17"+Touriste Classic 19"

    Hi....desperate for room in shed. Just the white one for sale now .Raleigh Touriste Classic 19"frame.Rides ok but I reckon needs a new front brake cable and then brake blocks adjusting. Side stand and rear pannier rack. Both tyres are good and front/rear mudguards. Need the room so will accept...
  13. Boon 51

    My Raleigh Bike. The Start.

    Just got this today and pleased as punch. Lots to ask and lots to do. These numbers were at the bottom of the frame.. 50619068 is that the frame number ?
  14. biggs682

    Raleigh or carlton Worksop built frame only on e bay

    Anybody looking for a nice frame to renovate ? I have this Raleigh / Carlton Worksop built one that at some time in its life the drive side rear stay looks to have been squashed a bit . There is a hole in the rear stay for some reason . Sizes and frame number shown in pictures. Frame is free...
  15. woodbutcher

    This time its a 979 1st generation

    I realise that l might becoming slightly obsessed with Vitus but hey this is different ,its not a 992. So l just bought the frame, forks, Stronglight BB and most importantly the seat post (of the correct size). My plan is to build it up not as a replica of Mr Kellys' KAS but as a sort of...
  16. Mark Grant

    Raleigh all Steel

    Here is another bike I got with the Lenton. A Raleigh All Steel Bicycle. SA dyno rear hub, original pump, B66 saddle. Not sure what I'll do with this one as I have a Rudge of a similar age.
  17. woodbutcher

    Team Raleigh

    Now l confess to being an ignoramus regarding Raleigh bikes but l thought this may be of interest , for sale here in France . Size 55cm .
  18. Mark Grant

    Raleigh Lenton Clubman

    I picked up this Lenton Clubman earlier in the year, a bit sorry for itself but still saveable I think. From the frame No. it appears to be '48 or '49. Though, the hub is dated '56. It is unusual (to me at least) as it has a 3 speed Sturmey Archer combined with a 3 speed Simplex derailleur...
  19. PHL67

    Raleigh Bottle.

    i was given this nice bottle today. Will look nice on one of my bikes.
  20. chrismisterx

    Quick question regarding replacing gears on a Raleigh Ascender

    I have an old Raleigh Ascender, from 1993. How hard and expensive would changing the gears be for a novice? found this run down of the bike specs online http://www.ply.me.uk/bits_and_pieces/bike.html would it be possible to go from the current 15 gears to 27 with nice low gears to help with...
  21. Specialeyes

    Alan Oakley - archive, drawing board and original Chopper sketch up for sale

    So, I was going to link this into the 'for sale elsewhere' thread (mods - feel free to do so if you prefer) but thought it's a bit special and warranted some more attention. The widow of Alan Oakley, head of design at Raleigh, has put up an archive of blueprints, documents and some rather nice...
  22. PHL67

    Vintage Raleigh Europa ti - Carlton frame.

    Vintage Raleigh Europa Ti in an original condition. SOLD SOLD SOLD... NOT CARLTON FRAME. L'eroica legible. can be ridden away. Size of frame is 55cm. Original foam bar covering. Weimann brakes and calipers. Sachs Huret gearing. Raleigh stem. Alloy Shortie Mudguards. Original crank and...
  23. W

    Raleigh Gran Sport (1962)

    I need to free up some space at home as have too many bikes now, as such hoping to find a good home for my Gran Sport. It's in excellent condition and all original, even down to the Michelin tyres. Frame size is I think 22.5 inches, it's a ten-speed with Campagnolo Gran Sport derailheurs and...
  24. ren531

    Raleigh Lenton

    My Raleigh Lenton ,I have just bought going to do a oily rag restoration I think its called .
  25. Johnymak

    Raleigh panasonic

    Hi guys Possibility of me delving into obtaining a raleigh team panasonic/ weinman for my herd More pics to follow as I'm getting a look later hopefully Any details of the bike and other panasonic models are welcomed Also wondered what the buying price would be around in UK
  26. CarlP

    England : Bristol Bath - Bristol - Bath, Raleigh 20 / Dawes Kingpin Ride this Saturday 13/10

    As above, informal bike ride for those that ride 20 inch wheeled bikes. Meet at Bath Spa. FACEBOOK LINK
  27. W

    Raleigh Gran Sport

    Morning all, Picked up this yesterday:smile: Looks very original, I looked up the spec from the 60's and this seems to have the lot (Campag everything, GB Courier 66 brakes, Superhood Rapide levers). Missing a decent saddle so I've put an old one on for now, and the seat post needs looking...
  28. woodbutcher

    Rims,tape,tires and pressures

    Not sure if this post is in the correct place but we are talking Mavic SUP rims on my Look so l guess it may be ok in the vintage section. Anyway here goes, this morning when l got the bike out ready for a ride l found the front tire to be completely flat :sad: This afternoon l thought ok l will...
  29. biggs682

    Raleigh Sirocco

    One of my favourite colour schemes the red and white Raleigh Sirocco with golden arrow gearing components to boot. Nice and original and not to bad condition either . Again Reynolds 501 tubing .
  30. rrarider

    How can I grease these old Raleigh pedals?

    I've got an old Raleigh Shopper, on which one of the pedals sounds quite dry when I spin it. I'd like to grease it but I don't see any outside cap on the spindle which I could prise off or unscrew to get access to a nut for further dismantling. Can anyone please suggest a method?
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