Raleigh Record Ace frame 61cm with headset


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I'm afraid the Record Ace frame has to go - it was a brilliant project through lockdown last summer and you can see the build thread here which gives a good idea of where it came from and what it has been through. It has been replaced so offering for £60 posted or slightly less for local pickup.

Big disclaimer, it was a rattle can paint job with multiple clear coats over the top. It never really hardened and so the paint remained a bit fragile. Winter use wasn't kind and it has many chips and scrapes - overall not my finest work in retrospect but not the end of the world. It did once have a couple of small dents in the top tube and the build thread shows how these were rolled out - nearly gone but still visible if you look hard.

On the upside it's 531c, weighs just over 3.2kg including the headset and is big at 61cm c-c. For a tall rider it handles really well. I'm 6'1" and rode it a lot over the winter but couldn't get away from it being just a fraction too big to be just right.

So, offered for sale here for £60 posted to mainland UK using Hermes or £50 picked up from Oxford. I hope that is a decent price even with the paintwork condition. I would like it to go to one of the community where it might get some love, so am offering here first - I'll give it a week and if not sold or at least in conversation then I'll transfer over to eBay.

If you have any questions please let me know.


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