1. M

    Headset for 34mm headtube - Kona Dew Plus

    Hello I just got this Kona Dew Plus frame. The internal diameter of the head tube is 34mm. I was wondering if anyone could help me pick the right headset for this frame ? I thank you all in advance for your help! Mateo
  2. BalkanExpress

    please, can anyone identify this headset?

    Campagnolo, I think mid 1990s, no obvious name on it. If anyone can identify the model and even better tell me the stack height it would be greatly appreciated . The stack seems to be 43mm ish, but as a fork needs to be cut down, i’d like to be sure:smile:
  3. Globalti

    Specialized Future Shock headset bearing adjustment.

    It's a wee bit different and I'm only just getting my head around it. Have I understood it right? The main locking collar that is clamped by a 6mm hex from the right has two functions: it holds the shock unit in place and exerts upward pressure on the steerer to compress the bearing system...
  4. Lien Sdrawde

    Simple headset. Can't thread bol

    Just trying to fix my daughters cheap mountain bike. The only components are as pictured. The bolt seats in the threaded hole at the bottom of the headset but not when the nut is in the tube - the nut has some slots on it, one of which seems to line up with a groove on the inner walls of the...
  5. velohomme

    Headset Stack Height. Help!

    Maybe I'm over thinking this or just getting old. The difference between length of steerer and headtube is 40mm. Therefore the stack height required for a new headset is 40mm. Correct or not? The question is will a 41mm HS do the job or does it need to be just under 40mm. Please don't direct me...
  6. Kiwiavenger

    Carrerra Virtuoso Headset bearings

    Good day Ladies and Gents I'm back again after a long absence (and putting on 6 stone in the process) and am getting the old girl back out the garden to lose some weight and cycle to work now its not a 45 mile round trip! I've had to use a hammer today to get the forks out of the headset and...
  7. MrGrumpy

    Headset bearings

    The headset on my Cube CX cross race pro 2016 is rough as a badgers........ was hoping to just replace the bearings but might need to check the races first. Anyone advise on bearing size ? From Cubes website this what is fitted. I get the difference top and bottom but the height of each bearing...
  8. wafter

    1 1/8" threaded headset quill / expander bolt torque..

    Does anyone have any torque recommendations for the expander bolt on a 1 1/8" threaded headset please? I've just aligned the bars on my pub bike and made an effort to tighten the expander bolt to about where it was previously; checking this with a torque wrench suggests around 5N.m. I can't get...
  9. Twilkes

    Headset caps

    Has anyone tried any of the 'gimmicky' replacement headset caps? I saw one which was a compass which is an awesome idea, but reviews said it didn't really work or was too unreliable unfortunately. Quite like the idea of a clock there though. Anyone tried any others, even if it's just something...
  10. gazza81

    Headset bearings

    I need to order some new bearings, but dont really know what its called im looking for, wondering if someone can help? This is whats on the headset at the moment but the part at tje bottom of that picture, goes at the bottom closest to the fork is really rusty and grinds when turning, ive...
  11. B

    Headset advice - SOLVED

    I have changed the stem on my 2014 Genesis Volant. As a result I now have a very slight looseness through the headset and I don't know why. It was not there before the change (so it is not the bearing wear). Nor is it like that Volkswagen ad, where something else is loose. The only different...
  12. Andy in Germany

    Stem headset tightening

    Or: Am I missing the blindingly obvious? So here's the headset on the newly rebuilt bike. Notice scratches from spanner. It won't stay tight: either it is hard to steer, or the forks wobble. Sometimes, by way of variation, they do both. I'm not sure how they manage that either. A couple of...
  13. airborneal

    Velo Staywrap Chainstay Protector & Promax Headset Spacers Set

    Velo Staywrap Chainstay Protector Velcro New Size XL please see photos for details £4.50 posted Promax Headset Spacers Set 1" 1/8 10, 5, 3, 1 mm I have two packs of these, £3.75 posted per pack or £5.25 posted for both packs New old stock
  14. winjim

    Headset FSA No11N

    Somehow I ended up with two of these so this one's unused, BNIB. £15 posted.
  15. biggs682

    Anybody use one of these : Adjustable headset Spacer

    Anybody use these ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ABR-Float-1-1-8-Fully-Adjustable-Headset-Spacer-35mm-to-50mm-Silver-Alloy/292689333485?hash=item4425a4cced:g:yH0AAOSwpP9Y7L1c
  16. Johnymak

    Correct Headset

    I have an Italian mid 80.s NERI e renzo Columbus sl frame What would be the correct headset needed Many thanks
  17. Gatters

    Strange headset issue!

    Hi all, just about completed a new build on an old frame. I noticed that my Shimano 600 headset was missing the lock washer that goes between the top race and the locking nut. When I rode the bike the headset was often loosening off, so I put this down to the missing lock washer. Anyway I bought...
  18. Hugh Manatee

    One Inch Headset Die

    Hello everyone. I have spent two years looking for suitable forks for my crash damaged Graham Weigh. I thought I was there but it turns out a small section of threads are damaged. Would this section be improved enough by running a tap down it? Does the average LBS still have such tools...
  19. Browser

    Headset bearings, assembly of.

    Hi all, I've removed the steerer from my bike for the first time, the headset bearings appear to be in very good nick so I'm going to re-install them. They and the races have been coated/smeared in a greenish-coloured paste/grease , what type of lube should I be using to re-assemble the steerer...
  20. woodbutcher

    Shimano cable stops/adjusters

    This may be a simple question with an equally simple answer but it has me struggling at the moment. Is it possible to find Shimano stops to replace the down tube levers and enable me to install STI brakes. See photo for braze on design.
  21. woodbutcher

    Stronglight Competition Headset

    Looking through my box of spares today l found a Stronglight Comp. headset with caged bearings. My question is "should it stay or should it go" I dont think it would be appropriate for the bikes l have right now but l suppose you never know if something suitable might appear. Its condition is...
  22. EltonFrog

    Trek Madone 3.5 headset replacement.

    I would like to change my headset on the above bike, I've done the bearings once before so I know how, but I want to change it to a Chris King headset but I do no know which one to order. Can anyone advise please? Apparently it's an Integrated, cartridge bearings, sealed, alloy, 1-1/8" top...
  23. grellboy

    Headset Replacement

    Merry Christmas everyone! Currently in process of very amateur building of a TT bike. I need to get a headset. Put the bike model in on Cane Creek headest finder and it gives me these stats: Upper = IS 41/28.6 Lower = IS 41/30. Unfortunately, it doesn't go as far as actually then showing you...
  24. Welsh wheels

    Help me find the right headset bearings

    The headset bearings on my genesis delta 10 need replacing as they are very worn. I have been searching for a week and can't for the life of me understand what I need to get. Online bike shop websites, that sell this model, suggest that the headset on the bike is an FSA Orbit C-40. I understand...
  25. Slick

    Servicing a Headset

    I have replaced cartridge bearings before and whilst they are easy I've usually found the most difficult part is identifying then sourcing the exact one you need. The good thing about them is it's easy to tell when they need replacing as there is a noticeable shake in the steering. My Genesis...
  26. EasyPeez

    Changing Headsets - FSA TH857 Semi-Cartridge to Hope Conventional 1 1/8 headset

    I shall soon be swapping my headsets. I'm reasonably confident in servicing my current headset - taking it apart, greasing bearings, putting back together etc I've never changed a headset before, but I had assumed (perhaps naively) that it would just be a case of taking the current one apart...
  27. Jenkins

    Headset choices

    While I've decided on most of the parts for my Pickenflick build, I'm stuck on which headset to use - or more specifically which manufacturer. Planet X build the full bike with their in house Selcof item, but my other options are the FSA version or separate upper & lower components from Crane...
  28. Gary P

    Wanted high rise MTB bar and headset stem

    Hi, I need a hi rise stem and bars for 1 1/8" a-headset for my hybrid. Please PM me if you can help
  29. S

    Drop handlebars 1 inch diameter at clamp/headset please?

    I've got some handlebars for the retro project but the width is too narrow for my liking (36cm). Has anyone got a pair of wider bars but with the narrower 25.4 1 inch variety not current 'oversized' diameter please? All the best.
  30. autolycus

    Which Headset please?

    I have a 2012 Sirrus Comp. The spec says my headset is: 1-1/8" sealed Cr-Mo Campy Style integrated bearings, 15mm alloy cone spacer with 30mm of spacers Cane Creek say i need: Upper Headset Type IS Upper Head-tube Type 42 Stem Clamp Diameter 28.6 Lower Headset Type IS...
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