1. gavroche

    Loose headset.

    I noticed that the headset on my Roubaix is a bit loose when I rock the bike back and forth with front brake on. I loosened the two screws on the side but when I try to tighten the screw on the top , it is already quite tight so what do I do ?
  2. C

    Headset totally loose (crap) and marks in fork.

    What a circus. This bike is chinamade and it have been a circus. First time I have a carbon steerer tube and I guess it's finished after 1 month of riding. Whatever I do the damn thing rocks back and forward,here is pictures. I don't even know where the thing is supposed to sit. Push it down...
  3. P

    Carrera Parva Headset - Press fit??

    Hello There's a lot of play on my son's front fork, it's a Carrera Parva, I think 2018 as I bought it in October 2018. I've greased and tightened it but it's still there so suspect the bearings. Here's pictures, one top one bottom. The bearings seem to be cartridge style but I can't get them...
  4. philtalksbx

    Raleigh Record Ace frame 61cm with headset

    I'm afraid the Record Ace frame has to go - it was a brilliant project through lockdown last summer and you can see the build thread here which gives a good idea of where it came from and what it has been through. It has been replaced so offering for £60 posted or slightly less for local pickup...
  5. Mralexrides

    Bike headset loose

    Think the issue is at the bottom of the fork the bearing ring isn't seating properly and no matter how tight the top cap thing is theres always play in the headset rocking back and forward holding breaks. Any ideas? Also not sure where this rubber washer goes.
  6. G

    Voodoo Bizango 2013 - Headset

    As per my other threads I'm using this bike as a project to get to learn more about maintenance. Saying that at the rate I'm spending money I could have got a new bike! But hey I'm learning a lot. So next up is to replace the headset. Looking at this it has a 1 1/8 Aheadset So I've been...
  7. H

    Holdsworth Mistral Headset

    Having a nightmare fitting a headset to my restored 1970s Holdsworth Mistral frame and would welcome some sage advice please. Bike shop tried to fit my standard Campag Record NOS headset - crown race too small for the fork crown. Advised by bike shop that I needed a JSI headset. Obtained a...
  8. M

    Headset for BTWIN ultra 700 af

    Hi I believe this is the headset I need for this bike https://www.decathlon.co.uk/p/semi-built-in-tapered-1-1-8-headset/_/R-p-197386?mc=8523750 - according to someone on another forum The lead time is a couple of weeks, does anyone have any idea where I could get something similar Best...
  9. RichardB

    Headset bearing cup replacement

    Just a quick query ... refinishing a frame. Have removed the headset bearing cups and now want to reinstall in the frame. I've seen people using tools and jigs for this on YouTube, but is it OK just to use a couple of wood blocks and a hammer to tap the cups into place? Happy to make up a jig...
  10. AliShah2020

    Wobbly headset.. Help!

    Dear fellow cyclists, I've replaced an OEM 60MM STEM for a shorter one (35MM) and realised my front headset was a bit wobbly. I've tightened it up now by hand using an Allen key, and realised I might need to purchase a torque wrench. I have a hard tail MTB with front suspension locked out...
  11. alecstilleyedye

    headset won’t tighten

    my ribble cgr sl ‘rocks’ slightly with front brake applied. i’ve tried tightening the headset with the bolt through the top cap, but makes no difference. anything simple that can be done before i hand it over to the lbs to fix?
  12. nickAKA

    Headset expander/compressor not compressing headset

    The wife's new bike (Wilier) came with an expander plug for the steerer tube and I'm struggling to get any sort of 'load' onto the headset bearings - I can't see an obvious way for it to compress, I assumed it must pull down the top cap after it had expanded and you then nipped it up but I can...
  13. Smuggs

    Felt F85 headset bearings

    Hi, can anyone help with the correct headset bearings (top and bottom) for a Felt F85 road bike. thanks Smuggs.
  14. Smuggs

    Headset bearings for Giant Defy 2

    Hi all, I ‘be just stripped my headset bearings on my 2016 Giant Defy Advanced 2 bike, only to find I am missing some ball bearings in the bottom bearing set. i think the bike takes an overdrive 2 road bike kit MH 137 bearing, which I could buy, but would prefer to just replace the ball bearings...
  15. chr15b

    Headset Movement on Road Bike

    I've been out cleaning and greasing my seat post and pedal threads hoping they'll remove a creak before a 30 miler tomorrow evening and thought I'd look at another minor issue I have - the front headset has slight movement in it. If I hold the front brake and rock the bike it has a little play...
  16. dhd.evans

    Replacing Headset Bearings - Help!

    The bearings in my forks and headset are probably smooshed. I'm getting creaking during riding and when out of the saddle a distinct 'knock-knock' when i rock the handlebars. Bike is a B'Twin Ultra 700 AF and from here reckons: "The steering uses long-life, sealed bearings, with a 1⅛" diameter...
  17. D

    Creaking headset after 700 miles?

    Hi all, So I've got a B Twin triban 520 flat bar which I use fairly regularly now and I've put 700 miles or so on it. When hill climbing, and rocking the bike (pulling on the bars) the headset creaks every time I alternate between left and right pedal strokes. I can replicate the noise when the...
  18. Binka

    New bike, squeaky headset

    Had a new Liv bike for 5 days and on day 3 the headset started squeaking like mad. Anytime I turn the handlebars slightly. the shop I bought it from is nearly 2 hours away......would the local Giant shop be likely to sort it for me or I’d it something I can sort out easily myself? Is it a...
  19. G

    Subway 1 restoration project, help....Headset bearing?

    In the process of turning my old bike into a fun, super fast road hybrid that no one wants to steal. So far I've replaced the front and rear shifter, rear wheel, brake pads, new casette, tyres. All spanking brand new stuff on an old bike, it's great fun. Test ride yesterday and there's...
  20. Welsh wheels

    Headset spacers smaller outer diameter than stem

    Hi, I haven't posted on Cyclechat for ages, but am in need of some advice. I was advised to fit a longer stem to my bike after a bike fit at my lbs. The stem they sold me was a Giant contact but had a larger diameter than my aluminium steerer tube, so they fitted a steerer tube shim to reduce...
  21. glasgowcyclist

    Removing and identifying headset

    I’m trying to replace the headset on my 2005 Trek 1000SL and I’m not finding it easy. According to the specifications it is a semi-integrated headset but I can’t identify the correct replacement as the Cane Creek online tool doesn’t list my bike. I got the top bearings out fine, they’re 24...
  22. M

    Headset for 34mm headtube - Kona Dew Plus

    Hello I just got this Kona Dew Plus frame. The internal diameter of the head tube is 34mm. I was wondering if anyone could help me pick the right headset for this frame ? I thank you all in advance for your help! Mateo
  23. BalkanExpress

    please, can anyone identify this headset?

    Campagnolo, I think mid 1990s, no obvious name on it. If anyone can identify the model and even better tell me the stack height it would be greatly appreciated . The stack seems to be 43mm ish, but as a fork needs to be cut down, i’d like to be sure:smile:
  24. Globalti

    Specialized Future Shock headset bearing adjustment.

    It's a wee bit different and I'm only just getting my head around it. Have I understood it right? The main locking collar that is clamped by a 6mm hex from the right has two functions: it holds the shock unit in place and exerts upward pressure on the steerer to compress the bearing system...
  25. Lien Sdrawde

    Simple headset. Can't thread bol

    Just trying to fix my daughters cheap mountain bike. The only components are as pictured. The bolt seats in the threaded hole at the bottom of the headset but not when the nut is in the tube - the nut has some slots on it, one of which seems to line up with a groove on the inner walls of the...
  26. velohomme

    Headset Stack Height. Help!

    Maybe I'm over thinking this or just getting old. The difference between length of steerer and headtube is 40mm. Therefore the stack height required for a new headset is 40mm. Correct or not? The question is will a 41mm HS do the job or does it need to be just under 40mm. Please don't direct me...
  27. Kiwiavenger

    Carrerra Virtuoso Headset bearings

    Good day Ladies and Gents I'm back again after a long absence (and putting on 6 stone in the process) and am getting the old girl back out the garden to lose some weight and cycle to work now its not a 45 mile round trip! I've had to use a hammer today to get the forks out of the headset and...
  28. MrGrumpy

    Headset bearings

    The headset on my Cube CX cross race pro 2016 is rough as a badgers........ was hoping to just replace the bearings but might need to check the races first. Anyone advise on bearing size ? From Cubes website this what is fitted. I get the difference top and bottom but the height of each bearing...
  29. wafter

    1 1/8" threaded headset quill / expander bolt torque..

    Does anyone have any torque recommendations for the expander bolt on a 1 1/8" threaded headset please? I've just aligned the bars on my pub bike and made an effort to tighten the expander bolt to about where it was previously; checking this with a torque wrench suggests around 5N.m. I can't get...
  30. Twilkes

    Headset caps

    Has anyone tried any of the 'gimmicky' replacement headset caps? I saw one which was a compass which is an awesome idea, but reviews said it didn't really work or was too unreliable unfortunately. Quite like the idea of a clock there though. Anyone tried any others, even if it's just something...
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