Subway 1 restoration project, help....Headset bearing?


In the process of turning my old bike into a fun, super fast road hybrid that no one wants to steal. So far I've replaced the front and rear shifter, rear wheel, brake pads, new casette, tyres. All spanking brand new stuff on an old bike, it's great fun. Test ride yesterday and there's definately a not so fun amount of clicking particularly when peddling up hill. It's almost deafening. Turning my attention to the headset, I've taken it apart and to my amazement there's no ball bearings in there. There's a compression washer of sort and a bunch of grease. Any idea what I'm meant to be doing here?


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this might help ?
TBH i tend to just try blasting everything with spray grease to get them going again , kept my rebuild commuter going for about a year before i just took it to the LBS as semi integrated headsets are one of the things i dont mess with so i had a new one fitted for £30
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