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Hi I'm new to cycling and want to buy a bike to get started, I've seen this bike spec for sale locally is it worth it or should I keep on looking thanks in advance.

Specialised diverge alloy frame 2017
Shimano 105 Hydraulic disk brakes
Shimano 105 rear mech, cassette and chain
SRAM rival crankset
Deda handlebars and stem
Specialised axis wheels
Carbon seat post
Prolog saddle

Asking price £700


Accra, Ghana
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The model us well thought of and could be a good buy if it's been well maintained.
Can you check the bike over? Do the wheels run true, are the spokes tight, is there any play in the bottom bracket, do the gears select as they should without slipping, do the tyres have much life left in them without being cut or damaged?
These are some of the things you need to look for. Can you post some pics of the bike?
Is it the correct size for you? What size frame is it and how tall are you?
Evans were selling the 2017 diverge for £725 before it was discontinued but may not be the same model.
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Not sure why a fairly new bike would have 105 gearing but a SRAM crankset. Sounds expensive to me


Can be a minefield buying your first bike. Easy to get the wrong size and then you have to decide what sort. Flat or dropped bars. Do you need mudguards? Luggage racks? Road or path riding? Low or high gearing? Narrow or fat tyres.

All these things you learn quickly in the first year, so spend what to you is a reasonable amount, but expect to replace the whole lot within a year. You'll come across the N+1 term quite quickly.


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Hard to say without knowing exactly which model it is. When I was buying my bike a few weeks ago I would do a Google image search on bikes on eBay etc. to identify the exact model. This helped me to get an idea of what the original price was and how much the new equivalent was. There are lots of new Specialized Diverge bikes, like the E5, that start around £650.


Overview of the Diverge range here:

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