2nd Hand Bike Question (Cannondale Trail)


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I think it means the left fork leg (not arm!) runs on air, this is called ‘solo air’. This means you put air in the fork with a shock pump it allows you to tune your suspension to your body weight and then set it up as you prefer to ride ie pretty stiff for cross country riding and maybe a little softer if you are riding on much rougher ground.
Air shocks are much better than budget sprung shocks with no adjustment.

Edit-There are lots of YouTube videos available to help you understand air forks, how to put air in and how to set them up correctly.
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Was a £1200 bike 2/3 years ago so would seem a good price if in good order. Does the seller have title to it? Seems kosher but you never know!
Go and check it out, look for usual signs of wear and tear.


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Thanks for the replies. It's not near me - would be a blind purchase. It's from an ebay seller with 500+ sales and 100% feedback. Loads of bikes and eveyone commenting exactly as described.
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