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  1. cyberknight

    if i had the cash i have found a nice second hand bike in my size

  2. RegG

    Second hand bike pricing....

    Not sure if this is the right forum but I have been trying to find somewhere to value my 2015 Giant Defy 0. The bike is in very good condition with numerous upgrades from the standard spec including full Ultegra 6800 groupset (with the exception of the front mech which is 105); Vittoria Session...
  3. C

    slightly dodgy second hand bike from trader, whats a girl to do please?!

    Morning! I bought a second hand single speed from a bike shop at the end of July. I rode it a couple of times (omg who knew the love I would have for a single speed) but realised there appeared to be some kind of clunking noise that came and went from the rear wheel. I took it back to the...
  4. johnnyb47

    Serious bodging on my second hand bike discovered

    Hi. Last year i bought a very nice Specialized Allez bike. The seller told me that he had only covered around 50 miles on it and decided cycling was not for him and then relegated the bike to the garage never to be seen again until he sold it on to me. The bike was in remarkable unused...
  5. B

    2 nd hand bike

    looked at a bike yesterday was advertised as a full carbon frame but on viewing it seems to be carbon forks and alloy frame and rear carbon stays wishbone style said it was a 2009 model btwin hc one carbon any ideas got mavic wheels and sram hubs 10 speed and full 105 groupset and triple...
  6. N

    2nd Hand Bike Question (Cannondale Trail)

    Hi all, looking at this for some winter fun. I don't know what it means in the suspension description "left arm on air". Can anyone tell me? Would also welcome opinions on this deal in general. Thanks...
  7. Wester

    Selling a second hand bike at the moment

    Is now a good time to sell a good quality second hand bike or is it best a wait for a while or does it make no difference when you decide to sell I will be selling on Gumtree
  8. Shaun

    Mountain Trike - Hand-powered MTB wheelchair (and Experience Community)

    Shopping in Tesco's at the weekend I noticed a guy wheeling around on one of these: A seriously heavy-duty looking bit of kit, and not something I'd seen before, so I stopped and asked him about it. He was very friendly and explained it was a Mountain Trike...
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