slightly dodgy second hand bike from trader, whats a girl to do please?!


I bought a second hand single speed from a bike shop at the end of July. I rode it a couple of times (omg who knew the love I would have for a single speed) but realised there appeared to be some kind of clunking noise that came and went from the rear wheel.

I took it back to the bike shop who acknowledged there was some issues and I left it with them. On my return to collect it they said they had done 'what they could' and that it is possibly the bearings that would need to be replaced but wouldn't be too costly (they didn't have them instore and would need to send off for them)

I agreed to see how it went but on reflection, I am wondering if they have some responsibility and duty to make the repair as I assumed they were selling me something that was working? They are my local bike shop and generally very good but I'm confused with this situation.

What was the time period between buying it and taking it back and what were the terms and conditions of you buying the bike?


I bought the bike on 26th July so about 2 weeks ago. There were absolutely no terms or conditions given and there is no information on their website. I only have a receipt.

I have just looked at the consumer rights act for buying second hand items and it does suggest that I should expect it to be repaired or refunded if its not in satisfactory working order so am going to see if they will do this.


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@cyclegirl999 i would expect some help towards the cost if bought recently ie a month ago , so 2 weeks should be down to them imho .

Why not ask them to show you how to do it under supervision and then you would have the knowledge to do it or something similar next time


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^^^ That's almost what I said @Freds Dad. However, your method creates the risk that the OP will lose her absolute right to reject the bike if 30 days elapse between buying it and the repair not working. It's usually better to negotiate from a strong hand.


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Take it back, reject it. If you paid on your credit card then so much the better.


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The retailer should really sort it or take the bike back but if you love the bike it shouldn’t be expensive to have the wheel bearings replaced, if that is what the problem is.


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You are entitled to a full refund if the goods are faulty within 30 days of purchase but I think it not unreasonable for them to be allowed to make a repair like this and replace the faulty bearings to your satisfaction.


Thanks all for the responses. I have been in touch with the bike shop and they have agreed to make the repairs free of charge (I think it was also some miscommunication). Its one reason I bought from a trader (instead of a private seller) as I suspected there would be more consumer I can carry on enjoying my new bike once its up and running whoop whoop :highfive:
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