3-in-1 White Lithium Grease


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Just bought a can of the above - spray on stuff. Got it in a DIY shop.
However on reading the tin more carefully, it says this:

"Sprays on evenly as a liquid then sets dry for a thick coating. Will not splatter, melt, run, wash off or freeze. Reduces friction whilest protecting against rust and corrosion."

Now the middle bit, about not washing off, sounds good, but the bit about setting dry makes me wonder if the stuff is suitable for lubricating a bike (which is what I bought it for).

Any comments?


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It isn't really suitable for bike use i'm afraid. It dries, crumbles and then leaves you with an unlubricated interface which you thought was lubricated and therefore don't think about again until you try and remove it and find it's seized.

Stick to the brown stuff. It will improve your mood.


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Generally, I think you are best to avoid any form of spray lubrication. The likes of WD40 can be useful for unsticking something or working into a squeaky doorhinge but that's about it.

Use proper grease or oil. Get one of the traditional pump action oil cans and some cheap engine oil for putting a drip of oil on something.


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If the lithium grease actually contains lithium (I doubt it) then it will cause a galvanic reaction in aluminium over time. Simply put, it will weld aluminium parts together leaving them well and truely seized.

Lithium grease is often used in/on moving parts, although loads of bike manufactures state in their manuals not to use it in their hubs/forks. This could be because of the rubber seals or then again it could be because they want you to buy their own brand of grease?

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I've got a can of it. It's rubbish.

The propellant washes the grease away before it's had a chance to stick.

I'm using it up by spraying it on any crusty bits that appear under my car.
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