4 day tour from Roscoff

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Looking for a recommended route from Roscoff taking in some interesting towns to stay in B&Bs along the way. We're on hybrids so looking at doing no more than 35-40 miles per day for 4 days, returning back to Roscoff.

Also, how hilly is it around that area?




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Ive not ridden that area but I find the Plotaroute.com site very useful for looking at places I have not been to before.


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Brittany ferries have some useful suggested routes, including one out of Roscoff that looks like it might fit the bill:


or you could try:


Going into and out of Roscoff it's definitely worth taking the voie verte (it goes past the ferry terminal entrance) and not the main road.

I would be very wary of using routeplanning sites as you generally have no way of telling whether a route is one that someone has carefully researched and ridden, or has been put together by a local, or has been thrown together in 2 minutes by someone who knows even less about the area than you do. They are useful though if you have a route in mind and want to know how hilly it is, as they will generally produce 'altitude profiles'.
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