5 years ago today - the Vernon Memorial Pie Picnic in Cambridge....

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...


...where I first met (among others) my lovely Wimpers :smooch:


Hello decadence
There's some good looking people there, Fabbers


If it was 5 years (!) since the memorial I take it was 6 since we lost him?


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
I miss Vernon. Pies, absinthe and a dose of Scottish/Afro-Caribbean humour enriched this forum.

It was his unexpected death, 3 days after retirement, followed by my serious accident and a colleague killed on his bike by a drug dealer trying to escape the police - all in the space of a couple of months - that led me to re-think what is important in life.

As a result I'm happier, if a bit poorer financially, and have my life back.

But I still miss Vernon :sad:

I never made the picnic but if there's a re-run up north I'd try to get there.
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