1. LucretiaMyReflection

    FNRttC FNRttC London to Cambridge 20th August

    Hullo :hello: Registration is now open for the London to Cambridge ride. Not quite the coast but there is a DNA path. Northbound out of the capital, midpoint stop at the delightful Birchanger Services, then continuing to Cambridge for breakfast. About 100km, 600m climbing. See you at the...
  2. LucretiaMyReflection

    FNRttC FNRttC Cambridge to King's Lynn 23rd July 2021

    Hullo! Back for 2021, an away fixture for the Fridays :becool: Out into starry skies after winding out through the colleges from Cambridge and up river, led by yours truly (promoted from All Upping). Lanes to Ely and the cathedral, followed by the excellent cafe stop at Welney. You might see an...
  3. Fab Foodie

    5 years ago today - the Vernon Memorial Pie Picnic in Cambridge....

    ...where I first met (among others) my lovely Wimpers :smooch:
  4. Hebe

    Dawes Cambridge Mixte - errand bike

    I keep looking at my errand bike and thinking about how much it could be improved with grippier pedals and tyres and how all the plastic clashes with the steel frame ( which I love). And how much I dislike the fake rattan basket on the front, though I am not sure what I would replace it with (...
  5. S

    Cambridge to Norwich Brompton - found

    Owner unknown
  6. postman

    Cambridge Dutch roundabout.

    Any Chatters live near this new style roundabout.My mate told me last night they had scrapped it.I doubted that so early on.But it was closed at night for three nights as someone had knocked down a beacon. So what are the thoughts of local people.We had a new layout done near here,and moaning...
  7. Jody

    Two riders down in High Wycombe

    How sad. One accident and unfortunately two cyclists pronounced dead at the scene :sad:
  8. derrick

    London, Oxford, Cambridge. London.

    As above has anyone done this, and do you have a tried and trusted route, Organizing a club ride. all help appreciated.
  9. Bad Machine

    Fork crown milling - Newmarket / Cambridge / Bury St Edmunds ?

    Can anyone direct me to an LBS (Suffolk or Cambs) that can ? My winter project (rebuilding a delta recumbent trike) has me learning on the job - but there are some things I see I can't do at home. I've discovered my newly-threaded 1" forks for the 20" front wheel appear to be JIS crown...
  10. HLaB

    Cycle Parking in Cambridge
  11. Scoosh

    'Bents around Cambridge?

    I'm heading to Cambridge this coming week, 29 Jly - 5 Aug and wondered if any local 'bent riders would like to suggest some good routes. :okay: I certainly plan on going to Thetford :giggle: to visit D Tek but any other ride suggestions are welcome. :okay: It'll make a change from my usual...
  12. Nick Saddlesore

    FNRttC FNRttC Cambridge to Kings Lynn August 30th

    Another new destination; Almost Dutch. From the Greens of Cambridge across Fenland, a vast watery landscape of rivers, peat beds and marshes. A short stretch of bridleway, followed by the only climb to The Ship of The Fens, Ely Cathedral at all of 26 metres above sea level. Onwards along...
  13. Flying Dodo

    FNRttC FNRttC London to Cambridge - 14th June 2019

    After slumbering like a drunken student for a few years, 14th June sees the re-emergence of London to Cambridge. Setting off as usual at midnight from the Southbank, just by the BFI, this ride promises just under 70 miles of rolling road, with no gradient above 5%, and mainly downhill for the...
  14. steveindenmark

    Cambridge full English breakfast?

    Where is good place to get full English breakfast on Saturday morning in Cambridge ?
  15. steveindenmark

    Trip to Cambridge

    Jannie and I are going to Cambridge for a non cycling weekend and are looking for things to do. We will visit the Old bicycle cafe and I will try and find some walks on RWGPS. There are mixed reviews about the Backs, from very good to a waste of time. Can someone elaborate.? A long walk, 10...
  16. mjr

    England : Cambridgeshire Cambridge North-St Ives-Ely Sat 17 June

    Saturday 17th June 2017 11:15am Starting from - Main door of the station cycle park. Groups will be on the 1026 departure from King's Lynn and riding from Downham Market - please message in good time for details of meeting points if needed. CB4 1FE Heading out along the very flat Route 51...
  17. Elybazza61

    Flat Planet Cambridge window

    Thought some on here would like this;
  18. Glow worm

    Can anyone recommend an LBS in the Cambridge area?

    The wonderful folks at Ben Hayward Cycles near Cambridge have decided to call it a day and will soon cease trading. They have given me superb service for some years now and I'm gutted they're closing. I hope very much the staff there will be quickly snapped up by other outfits (they certainly...
  19. dim

    Cambridge cyclists some of the quickest in the country snip: It should come as little shock in our two-wheeled city, but cyclists in Cambridgeshire are fast - it's official. According to data from Strava, an app and website that allows cyclists...
  20. toffee

    Cambridge bike shops

    Off to Cambridge next week for a couple of days with Mrs T. We have been thinking of whether to change Mrs T's tourer. Can anyone suggest a cycle shop or two to look around in central Cambridge? Derek
  21. Flying Dodo

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride to Cambridge - 14th October

    And finally……………..the last official FNRttC of the year. Except the “C” doesn’t mean the coast, as we’re heading inland, for that mecca of cycling, Cambridge. But it’s still a FNRttC! We’ll be leaving Hyde Park Corner at midnight, heading for unknown territory through the badlands of...
  22. S

    A10 cycleway Cambridge - Network Rail want to close level crossing

    Just a heads up if anyone uses the new A10 cycleway between Royston and Cambridge - Network Rail want to close the pedestrian crossing permanently. This means cyclist will have to cross the busy A10 twice to get across the railway and back onto the cycle route - a total disaster and a poke in...
  23. Jerry Atrik


    Any one doing the Tour of Cambridge chrono tomorrow ?
  24. martinclive

    Cyclist hit by car in Cambridge - video

    Sad thing is the way the driver seems preoccupied with trying to point out that the cyclist did something wrong ...................
  25. Stockie

    Tour of Cambridge Gran Fondo

    Hi guys. I have signed up for this with my mate in June. Anyone do it last year if so any advice or views about it. Cheers guys
  26. P

    Whyte Pimlico & Cambridge

    A nerdy sort of question: Am helping D1 choose a Bike to Work bike from Cycles uk. We saw and test rode a Whyte Cambridge Large (she is 5ft10/inside leg 32) she found it fine, and MUCH better than her current Spech MTB commuter Now, looking at the Whyte website, i see that the...
  27. Flying Dodo

    England : Cambridgeshire Not a Christmas Friday Night ride - 11th December

    Yes folks, it's time for another unofficial night ride. Except this time it's not going to the coast although there is some water, and it's a bit before Christmas, and it ends in London. It is on a Friday night though and we do stop at an airport. In a change from the usual things I've done...
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