FNRttC Friday Night Ride to Cambridge - 14th October

Discussion in 'CycleChat and Recreational Rides' started by Flying Dodo, 25 Sep 2016.

  1. Flying Dodo

    Flying Dodo It'll soon be summer

    And finally……………..the last official FNRttC of the year. Except the “C” doesn’t mean the coast, as we’re heading inland, for that mecca of cycling, Cambridge. But it’s still a FNRttC!

    We’ll be leaving Hyde Park Corner at midnight, heading for unknown territory through the badlands of Walthamstow to leave the bright lights of the metropolis behind to then enjoy the darkness of Epping Forest, where we might spot some deer, before crossing the M25 and then through the villages of Essex with quaint names like High Laver. Night time aficionados might suddenly think that sounds like the DunRun route and you might be right for a bit, until we veer off to then arrive at our half way spot, the beacon of light that is Stansted Airport.

    Suitably refreshed we escape back into the dark, to then track northwards, skirting alongside the M11 in places, going past a palace which you could have bought for £5, and then following the River Cam (hopefully not overflowing), to then drop onto the Cambridge Busway (which I can assure you is so much better than the Luton one), going past the station and into the city centre for breakfast.

    About 66 miles in total, and it’s not a particularly hilly ride, with no gradients more than 5%. And of course, on average, it’s flat.

    Bear in mind we’re now past the autumn equinox, so make sure you’ve got lights and (charged) batteries to keep you illuminated for at least 7 hours. It’s likely to be chilly, so ensure you’ve got several layers.

    Trains back from Cambridge to London run every 10-15 minutes and cost from £6 in advance (before Railcard discount) compared with £16.50 on the day, and go to Liverpool Street and Kings Cross taking between 49 minutes and 1 hour 23 minutes depending upon train/route. Trains to other parts of the country are also available.

    The sign-up form can be found here.

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  2. StuAff

    StuAff Silencing his legs regularly

    Will sadly miss this one, on account of a Saturday night gig in the smoke. Original date got cancelled & the new one was only announced a couple of weeks back. Hotel room options are all £££££...ho hum.
  3. RoubaixCube

    RoubaixCube ~Tribanese~

    London, UK
    Let me see if i can get the days off (I work every friday & saturday) Maybe it will be the FnRttC i finally complete. I'll chuck my bike in the thames and retire from cycling if i cant finish this flat 66miler.
  4. OP
    Flying Dodo

    Flying Dodo It'll soon be summer

    I didn't say it was flat! Just not particularly hilly. A bit less climbing overall than London to Brighton, and nothing steep like Ditchling, just rolling stuff up to 5% gradient.

    But not flat.
  5. StuAff

    StuAff Silencing his legs regularly

    Well, flatter than the IOW anyway ;)
  6. Tim Hall

    Tim Hall Guest

    @Flying Dodo , the spiffy email, which landed in my inbox, doesn't seem to mention the date. Jus' sayin'
  7. Oh my, that's my fault!

    ETA: except of course if you click on any of the links, you should find the date...? I should have pretended it was all a cunning plan to get people to go looking for what they want to know...
    Last edited: 25 Sep 2016
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  8. mmmmartin

    mmmmartin Random geezer

    Dead keen on this ride but current plans are on that day I should be starting a recce of a possible route for next year's Tour. If that changes I'll sign up.
  9. outlash

    outlash also available in orange

    ice station zebra
    Hm, tempted as I can ride home from Cambridge. Only problem is getting my wife to take the night off work and actually staying awake.
    Be interested to know the route too as I've done a few rides back from London to home and there's only so many ways of getting over the A414 and M25.
  10. OP
    Flying Dodo

    Flying Dodo It'll soon be summer

    I didn't have you down as a train spotter! We go right next to a level crossing if that helps.
  11. OP
    Flying Dodo

    Flying Dodo It'll soon be summer

    For that section, as stated above, it's the DunRun route.
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  12. Fab Foodie

    Fab Foodie hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

    I'm a definite maybe at this point.
  13. Dogtrousers

    Dogtrousers Kilometre nibbler

    Sorry, can't make it. I really liked last year's edition (in the other direction).

    Enjoy it, everyone.
  14. Elybazza61

    Elybazza61 Veteran

    Might be up for this;could get a train to that Laanden and ride home after brekkie,sounds perfect for the XLS cross commuter.

    Have an Exposure Strada and TraceR,See Sense Icon,Cat-eye volt 300 and others;should be enough I think;

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  15. StuAff

    StuAff Silencing his legs regularly

    That light setup will be (much) more than enough! :smile:
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