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  1. Dogtrousers

    Friday Night Ride from Reading to Oxford (and back) Ride Report

    It was great to get out on my first FNRttC* for a very long time. Meet up was outside the station in Reading, for a midnight departure as usual. There were 20-odd of us, five of us on Bromptons. Unlike the traditional London starts there was no two hour suburban slog to get out of the...
  2. LucretiaMyReflection

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride to the Coast (and back again) Fen Bridges 30th April Ride report

    The second night ride of 2021, and slightly different, as we ride to the coast at King's Lynn, then back again. My phone did not like the cold and flaked out after King's Lynn. This was very frustrating as we had a brilliant sunrise. Barry and other riders shared their photos, which I've...
  3. StuAff

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride to the Coast- Amble to Ashford, 23 April. Ride report

    Yes, we're back, the first night ride of the year. In legally-compliant fashion, two groups of a dozen hardy souls (those Garmins with temperature readings were reporting sub-zero) set out from the South Bank (surrounded by groups of those not exactly keeping their distance, it was very busy...
  4. StuAff

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride to Whitstable, 21 August. Ride report.

    The Fridays' lock down rides continue to broaden. After starting with loops, some end to ends, like London to Ashford a couple of weeks ago…and now this, the first of the old favourites to return. Brighton on the 14th… New abnormal post-work routine. Changing in the changing room at work, 2208...
  5. StuAff

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride- Ashford Amble, 7 August. Ride report

    Having written up last night's nocturnal pedalling, the thought occurred I ought to write this one up before the next one (I'm on the list for Whitstable this Friday)… Like the Windsor ride, the slightly amended post-work routine was in effect. No 2138 train, so the 2208 (and changing in an...
  6. StuAff

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride- A Windsor Wander, 10 July 2020. Ride report.

    …and we're back. This wasn't the first of the rebooted, regulation-compliant rides (they started at the beginning of the month), but the first overnight one. As @rb58 has posted elsewhere, rides are being posted on the Fridays FB page at the moment- these few rides are a trial to see what works...
  7. StuAff

    England : Isle of Wight Night Ride Around The Coast 2020 (NEW PROVISIONAL DATE SEPTEMBER 4)

    UPDATE 16 JULY: Thinking of running the ride on 4 September (I have that week off so makes life a bit easier for me). Assuming current regulations are still in place, a maximum of five other attendees. The Fishbourne ferry is still running (2359 still on the schedule) and still taking foot...
  8. AKA Bob

    FNRttC The Fridays' - Windsor to Winchester Night Ride - Friday 13th March 2020

    For ride details and registration please visit
  9. Sunrise, Brighton ride 2019

    Sunrise, Brighton ride 2019

    Scaynes Hill from Slugwash Lane on the way to Ditchling Beacon
  10. Flying Dodo

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride - London to Shoreham - 11th October

    All good things must come to an end. Yes folks, brace yourselves, as this is the last ever Friday Night Ride to the Coast for 2019. So make the most of it, get yourself an all night pass and join in the fun. All the blurb including the link for the sign up form can be found here.
  11. Flying Dodo

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride to the Coast - London to Brighton - 13th September

    Friday 13th September will be unlucky for those who don't turn up to participate in the evergreen route of London to Brighton. All the details including the sign up form can be found on the website here. Adrian will be leading. I'll be around, possibly near the back, possibly near the front.
  12. Trickedem

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride; London to Eastbourne. 19th July 2019

    I am delighted to announce a FNRTTC to a brand new destination! which will be going through some of the finest Sussex countryside. At over 70 miles, it will be one of our longer rides and also one of our hilliest. So may not appeal to everyone. We'll escape London via Dulwich and Crystal...
  13. StuAff

    England : Isle of Wight Night Ride Around The Coast 2019 (May 3)

    EDIT: Due to Wightlink changing their timetable for no good reason, we will now be taking the 0100 ferry, there's no midnight one. Earlier sailing (2300) is too early for me on a work night, sorry (I did try getting the night off some weeks back, before I heard of the timetable alterations, no...
  14. StuAff

    England : London An ABH Night Ride to Somewhere

    At this moment, I should have been either making my way home from Whitstable, or dozing after returning. Instead, I'm sitting here due to acts of Land Rover Discovery & mourning a bike (goodbye YBR, you died too young). Hopefully, I'll be able to cycle Monday if not tomorrow because my Honda's...
  15. StuAff

    England : Isle of Wight Night Ride Around the Coast 2018 (May 4)

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the hardest night ride in the south of England is back again, for the fifth time. Previous attempts at finding a refreshment stop were unsuccessful, and the peloton for this one has for some reason remained compact and bijou. Oh, I remember: It's because there are...
  16. StuAff

    England : Hampshire A Friday Night Ride to Pompey 20 October

    Those of you who frequent YACF and/or do audaxes may well be aware of the Pompey Wednesday Night Pub Rides, some of whose members have joined us over the years on FNRttCs. This year, as for the past few years, there will be a PWNPR night ride back to the Flagship of Maritime England. This is not...
  17. Andrew Br

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride Manchester-Morecambe 4th August 2017.

    The hilly, Northerly ride is back on 4th August this year. I'll post more info, including sign-up details, in a little while but it's probably a good time to look at train bookings. We start from Central Manchester (Albert Square, in front of the town-hall) so any of the main MCR stations are...
  18. Flying Dodo

    FNRttC York to Hull Friday Night Ride - 23rd June 2017

    This is a pre registration advance warning for anyone thinking of coming along on this ride and wanting to enjoy such delights as seeing the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe; cycling below the level of a canal, viewing what is possibly the blankest square kilometre marked on OS maps...
  19. Trickedem

    FNRttC Night Ride to Whitstable 7th April 2017

    I am glad to announce that registration is now open for the next Friday Night Ride to the Coast. Escaping the urban sprawl along the south side of the Thames through historic Woolwich, Dartford and Gravesend, we will be stopping for a wonderful break of homemade rolls and cakes in Strood...
  20. Flying Dodo

    FNRttC Bristol to Barry Friday Night Ride - 5th May (old thread)

    This is not about the ride being open to registration for the forthcoming début of the absolutely stunning new Friday Night Ride to the Coast route for Bristol to Barry. It is however a pre-ride thread, to give advance warning for anyone planning from travelling from distant parts (such as...
  21. StuAff

    England : Isle of Wight Night Ride Around the Coast 2017 (May 19)

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the hardest night ride in the south of England is returning for its fourth edition. Last year,I came up with a Cunning Plan for both boosting numbers and making a halfway stop possible. Unfortunately, after an initial positive response from contacts over the water...
  22. velovoice

    FNRttC 2017 Dates for Friday Night Ride to the Coast

    ... will be announced tomorrow! (9th January 2017). Details will go up on the website and be announced on CC on a ride by ride basis about a month before each opens for registration. But if you want the FULL LIST FOR THE WHOLE YEAR **NOW** (well, tomorrow) , then hot foot over to the website...
  23. AKA Bob

    FNRttC Christmas Night Ride - A Christmas Carol Saturday 17th December 2016

    The festive season is upon us and so we can celebrate the joys of friendship and night rides We cordially invite you to a night time adventure of discovery and lights. A Christmas Carol was Charles Dickens story about the virtues and values of the season. Have you ever wondered what influenced...
  24. Wetdog

    First night ride

    just come back from a quick flirt on the bike in the dark, and I like it ^_^. First off though I'd like to say I didn't fall off ^_^. It was exhilarating to say the least. A lot more folk about on their bikes although some were going home from work or whatever. Completely different to the day...
  25. Flying Dodo

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride to Cambridge - 14th October

    And finally……………..the last official FNRttC of the year. Except the “C” doesn’t mean the coast, as we’re heading inland, for that mecca of cycling, Cambridge. But it’s still a FNRttC! We’ll be leaving Hyde Park Corner at midnight, heading for unknown territory through the badlands of...
  26. A Nutter

    First night ride last night!

    Another first for me last night! Less than a week after my first audax I done a 70 mile ride from Brampton to Sunderland last night. Was amazing and recommend it to anyone who is a keen cyclist :)
  27. Trickedem

    Friday Night Ride To Whitstable. 19th Aug 2016

    I am pleased to announce that booking is now open for the Friday Night Ride to Whitstable on 19th August.This is a wonderful ride following the Thames from Tower Bridge to the delightful seaside town of Whitstable, passing iconic sites such as the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, The Royal Arsenal in...
  28. redfalo

    FNRttC July 22 - Friday Night Ride to... Newhaven

    Yet another Friday excursion to a charming English seaside resort on the South Coast – this time we’ll ride to lovely Newhaven.* We’ll leave Hyde Park Corner at midnight, depart via Farthing Downs and use the 24-hours McDonalds at Gatwick Airport as a halfway stop. The ride will be around 60...
  29. theclaud

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride to the Coast: Cardiff - Swansea 24 June 2016

    Registration is now open for the annual South Wales edition of the FNRttC. We depart the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay at midnight, meeting 11:30 pm. You can't really miss the WMC - it looks like this: Our exit from Cardiff is business-like but effective - it is not long until we...
  30. Andrew Br

    FNRttC Friday Night Ride Manchester-Morecambe 5th August.

    It's on again, the most Northerly of the Friday night rides and the one that reaches the highest elevation even if it doesn't necessarily have the most climbing. As in previous years, we'll start from Albert Square in front of the Town Hall and we'll stop at a 24 hour McDonalds in Blackburn for...
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