FNRttC 2017 Dates for Friday Night Ride to the Coast

... will be announced tomorrow! (9th January 2017).

Details will go up on the website and be announced on CC on a ride by ride basis about a month before each opens for registration. But if you want the FULL LIST FOR THE WHOLE YEAR **NOW** (well, tomorrow) , then hot foot over to the website and sign up to our newsletter NOW.

If you think you may have an old email address on our mailing list, please PM me or drop an email to fridaynightridetothecoast(AT)gmail(DOT)com and we'll sort that out for you.




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Sorry, maybe asked before.

Do you have to be a CTC member?

I gather insurance might be needed?


Is LCC membership any good?
JOIN The Fridays!

Joining The Fridays actually involves TWO memberships:

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Membership of the CTC

This can be achieved 1 of 2 ways – either:

1. Join the CTC as a member of an Affiliate Club (The Fridays).
Enter our Affiliate Club Code where indicated: 90044140
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2. Take out a full CTC membership, either as an individual or as a family.
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Dates noted. Will look at slotting this year's IOW ride in there somewhere.
@AKA Bob at the risk of stating the obvious, ready and willing to help out where I can with the Hayling ride. Whatever route you're planning, I know those roads. Also, I know quite a few locals who'll be interested....
ah thanks for that User482 - so LCC membership is fine for the insurance component.

So just the £2 fridays thing needed.

I may in any case get round to joining CTC again sometime - let my membership lapse in favour of LCC when I moved back to London.


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Will look at slotting this year's IOW ride in there somewhere.
Good idea. Same as last year - happy to mention it in the email to members, usual thing, not an official Fridays ride, very hard ride, etc etc. Thought you might be too busy this year to fit it in......


It's a bit more complicated than that...
June 9 Swansea? What a coincidence. I'm outside Newport for a conference in the middle of the previous week. I may just have to stay on. I presume the "uniquely South Walesian terrain" is a reference to the mudflats around Port Talbot....

This could all be a decent incentive to get fit again.


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Just like to say a massive thank you to the organisers for all of this. I went on a few rides a few years ago and loved it. Went abroad for a bit and did one ride last year.

Really struggled and my bike was too heavy for such a ride but everyone was really patient. Will be signing up to many new rides this year once I have bought a more suitable bike.
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