FNRttC Friday Night Ride; London to Eastbourne. 19th July 2019


I am delighted to announce a FNRTTC to a brand new destination! which will be going through some of the finest Sussex countryside. At over 70 miles, it will be one of our longer rides and also one of our hilliest. So may not appeal to everyone.

We'll escape London via Dulwich and Crystal Palace on quiet roads, climbing to the top of the North Downs at 885 ft. Although it is a long climb to the top it is not very steep and we are rewarded with a magnificent descent to the village of Titsey. The halfway stop will be in Forest Row, where the local scouts will be providing us with refreshments, after which we'll climb through the dawn over the beautiful Ashdown Forest. This is the toughest climb of the ride and is comparable to Ditchling Beacon, although it is shorter and the average gradient is less.

The route flattens out once we descend from Ashdown and the last few miles into Eastbourne are lovely and flat.

Registration is now open.


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Hopefully I will have escaped from the real world stuff that has kyboshed nearly all cycling for me in May and June.


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I did the recce with Tim. You're in for a treat. It's a cracking route.
It'll be good to see you back sometime.....


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Me too.

I don't think I've ever been to Eastbourne.

Eastbourne is famous as:
The location of the 28 people in a mini Guinness world record
Home town of George Mainwaring (who subsequently moved to Walmington on Sea)
Home town of Michael Fish, weatherman
Site of a Martello Tower ("The Wish Tower")
The seventh most polluted town in Britain. (According to a study on particulates in 2017, which didn't check every town)

I had such trouble in discovering real facts, I decided to ask Talk to Transformer ( https://talktotransformer.com/ ) to make some up for me:

Eastbourne in East Sussex is famous for:
being owned by the BBC .
2. hosting 'Dr Who' episodes on a Friday night.
3. The infamous 'Goblins' pub.
4. Beating up anyone who attempts to make them eat with the 'pizzas on each corner'.
5. A hostess who uses her knowledge of what her 'friends' do in the night to make them eat with her hands.
6. The fact that they just had their own TV show and were just so popular (like that new TV chef on the channel).
7. The fact that no one knew what 'the girls' were up to when they weren't even on stage at the end.
8. The fact they were so desperate to change the channel in the '70s so that their show would have to be played backwards and 'in the middle of an orchestra'.
8. The fact that they got a free concert from the UK radio station BBC Scotland.
9. The fact that there was a 'pizzagate' hoax being spread online.

Edit: Changed for a better list
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We never like to be too precise about routes for Friday Night Rides, because we often need to change the route for various reasons.
However, I have checked my facts and the hill we are climbing might be a touch longer than Ditchling....my mistake! But it isn't as steep.
Not Fixed Friendly then....


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We never like to be too precise about routes for Friday Night Rides, because we often need to change the route for various reasons.
And that would spoil the surprise! :smile:

I think I've ridden all the ways up onto the top of the Ashdown forest but I could be proved wrong.

Anticipation building. Brompton or NC (non-clown) bike .... Decisions ...
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