1. mr_cellophane

    Large group of cyclists in London today

    Does anyone know who the large (40 plus) group were on CS2 this morning around 8:20 at Blackfriars heading east. They were in the cycle lane and had 2 police motorbikes escorting them from the road. They had navy tops with small white lettering on the sleeves. They were a mixture of male and...
  2. Ming the Merciless

    London - Lands End - London 1000km : 7th July

    I’ve just entered this. Pasta party, some riding, beer finish. I’ll be fully vaccinated by a few weeks and it’s after restrictions lift (fingers crossed) by the time of this. Looking forward to this after a year in an audax holding pattern.
  3. gasinayr

    Getting a bike serviced in London N4

    Where would you guys in London recommend for getting a service / gears adjusted in N4
  4. Kell

    BWC London 2018

    I posted a small clip a while back of the moment when the lead group passed me three years ago in the BWC in London, but I never put together the whole race. It's all a bit uneventful - with the exception of seeing just how quickly a Brompton can be ridden, and the start/finish straight on lap...
  5. Mardlinboy

    London Road Vs Voodoo Limba

    Hi folks I've had my eye on a Voodoo Limba for some time now but have just spotted these London Road bikes. They are clearly more expensive, but what am I getting extra for my money?. Is this just a better looking bike or a significantly better bike for the extra £350? Interested in your...
  6. rb58

    England : London Sunday London Ride: Street Furniture - 23 May 2021

    This is a re-run of a ride from three or four years ago. A gentle tour around town to explore some of London's more interesting and unusual street furniture. With a little bit of history thrown in. Think bollards, lamp posts and the like. Social pace, everyone welcome. Quiet roads where...
  7. glasgowcyclist

    Colour footage of José Beyaert's victory at the Olympic Games in London in 1948

    It wouldn't surprise me if a couple of our members remember being there... View:
  8. avecReynolds531

    London Holyhead in the 1960s

    I couldn't find this posted previously - apologies if it has - a vintage film and beautiful bikes: View: ... and about this mad race itself (above 250 miles/ 400 kilometres!):
  9. AliShah2020

    Bicycle insurance for London

    Hi all, Is there a reputable company you'd recommend for cicyle insurance? I live in London. I use a motorcycle grade padlock and chain. I'm still concerned about theft. If my bike got nicked I'm not sure I would be able to afford a new one any time soon. Apologies if this is not the...
  10. A

    London to Brighton route

    I want to plan a route from London (near Hyde Park (central) ) to Brighton and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommended routes or nice parts to cycle through with a road bike? I don't use google maps because it usually comes up with long-winded routes or even through fields and unpaved paths...
  11. A

    Where to go cycling in London?

    I am running out of ideas of where to go cycling in London if anyone knows any good pathways and routes or places to visit please let me know.
  12. Knightly85

    London to Brighton charity ride

    Hello all, many of you may know my story by now. If not then here is a link to my other thread 4 months ago I was unfit fat and lazy, now I'm taking part in my very first charity cycle 55 miles! I'm not here tp ask people...
  13. P

    Stolen Planet X london road

    Stolen at 5 30 am 1st august.doncaster.
  14. rb58

    England : London Another Quite Interesting Sunday London Ride: 30 August 2020

    This is the ride that was originally planned for April. London is full of interesting history, quirky corners and the downright bizarre. And this edition of the Sunday London ride will be seeking some of these out. Curiosities and trivia is the theme. The route is around 15 miles -...
  15. Brandane

    London section Grand Union canal.

    Help please Londoners! I love you all really and will never again make reference to London being a toilet while sitting in my tranquil Scottish seaside resort that has seen better days :smile:. Grovelling over, I am just wondering if cycling the Grand Union canal into town (well, Kew Gardens is...
  16. gasinayr

    Leaving a bike locked in London

    What other precautions do some of you do when leaving your bike locked up in london. My son who works in London is going to start commuting when he starts work after lockdown He has a good D lock with extension cable to loop round wheels and frame and we have changed the seat clamp from QR to...
  17. L

    London to Birmingham via Grand Union Canal?

    Has anyone here done this? I really want to give this a go. I live in London now however Birmingham will always be "home". I could get on the canal in watford and then cycle to birmingham spend the weekend at my mums house, possibly get collected by my wife in the car or cycle back a few days...
  18. derrick

    London, Oxford, Cambridge. London.

    As above has anyone done this, and do you have a tried and trusted route, Organizing a club ride. all help appreciated.
  19. keithmac

    London and lockdown?.

    Looks pretty damning on the news, surely people can't be that daft?. Discuss.
  20. rb58

    England : London POSTPONED. Another Quite Interesting Sunday London Ride: 5 April

    London is full of interesting history, quirky corners and the downright bizarre. And this edition of the Sunday London ride will be seeking some of these out. Curiosities and trivia is the theme. Subject to recce, the route is around 15 miles - negotiated at a very conversational pace - and...
  21. gbs

    Trains from London to Newbury

    I need to travel, with bike on Saturday next from London to either Reading or Newbury. I note the comment on the NR website that cycle reservation is necessary. I don't recall this when i last travelled on GWR (a few years ago ) from Swindon and Reading into London. My plans, as always are...
  22. Blue Hills

    Interesting london stuff

    As folk may have gathered I get a lot of mailshots etc about interesting london events, and indeed go to rather a lot. Will probably dump the more "interesting" here now and again for all you cultural hounds. For starters I give you this...
  23. PeteXXX

    Coronavirus outbreak

    The Coronavirus (Wuhan virus) outbreak. How worried should the world be?
  24. lilolee

    England : London Role Call Please! London Sunday Ride 23rd Feb - City of London Boundary Dragons

    An impromptu ride led by myself. It's a short ride which I may embellish with a couple of extras, but still probably on about 10-12 miles max. Meet at Hyde Park Corner (by the Royal Artillery Memorial) at 9.30am, leaving as soon as the Horse Guards have passed (usually about 9:45am). There'll...
  25. Blue Hills

    London crap

    As a northerner enticed to London many many moons ago, and still in love with so much of it, I really shouldn't do this. And it will of course play into the hands of some, but on seeing this plugged in the often bonkers too cool by half Londonist I really can't help it...
  26. Nick Saddlesore

    England : London Sunday London Ride March 1st

    West as requested. From Hyde Park Corner (09.30 etc. as usual) via Barnes, Richmond Park and Kingston to Bushey Park for coffee and cake. Trains back to civilization north from Teddington (Oyster). Or ride. No theme. 30km, flat of course. Some paved towpath. Anyone? @ianrauk @topcat1 @AlexB...
  27. ianrauk

    Stolen Bikes Battersea London

    Details and more pics of the bikes on...
  28. ozboz

    London Ride 2020 ...under review by Surrey Council

    Just been on BBC News, the event may not go ahead , through Surrey anyway , shame
  29. frank9755

    England : Buckinghamshire Westerley Winter Warmer, Sunday 12 Jan, Chalfont St Peter, Chilterns, W London

    The 2020 Winter Warmer is on Sunday 12 Jan, from Chalfont St Peter, heading out into the Chilterns. As last year there are three versions. The long version is 108km (1200m of climbing), medium route is 60km and short version of 44km. The long route is a challenging winter ride which goes up...
  30. rb58

    Sunday London Ride: The tenth anniversary edition. 12th January 2020

    The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that January 2020 will be the tenth anniversary of the Sunday London Ride (and a CycleChat thread running to over 500 pages). It would be rude not to celebrate the occasion, so I'm proposing a ride on 12th January. Not a themed ride, but a gold old...
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