Operation London Bridge

The official government contingency plan to be implemented if the Queen dies apparently includes black borders on websites, a ban on official social media use and other gubbins.
I wonder if we at Cycle Chat need "Operation London Bridge Bike Lane" in case the unthinkable should ever happen. This might include:
A black border on this website.
A ban on the jokes section
A blackout of News and Current Affairs
Switching all hi viz cycle wear to black during the 3 days of mourning.

Carry on with a normal stiff upper lip as HMQ does whenever any of her subjects passes away.


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I'm prepared to volunteer to organise a "Republican Randonneurs" ride to take advantage of reduced traffic on the day.

Can't believe we have to put up with all of this and don't even get a public holiday. Bah!


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All that government stuff sounds apocryphal.
NaCA will be gone before Her Majesty.

If this is an attempt to poke fun at the Queen's passing when it comes it's in poor taste.


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All that government stuff sounds apocryphal.
It's real.


If this is an attempt to poke fun at the Queen's passing when it comes it's in poor taste.
More an attempt to poke fun at the ridiculously OTT response to it.

The Queen's passing should be respected with due solemnity: there should be a proper state funeral, people who wish to engage in whatever ceremonies they want should be able to do so freely without disruption from others etc.

Equally, people who think it's way overblown should be free to join the Republican Randonneurs on the quiet roads. Or watch normal telly programs if that's what they want. Or go to football matches. Or whatever.

These things should be by free choice, not imposed.


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Apparently there have been strenuous efforts to work out what a sovereign's funeral should look like, there being nobody alive with first hand organisational knowledge. Similarly the ensuing coronation ceremony has been pieced together from the Beeb's coverage back in 1952.

It's the changes within the UK since '52 which may cause more issues. Given quite a lot of water has passed under the royal bridge since then* and society is now far more open to alternate ideas, re-royal protocols. Where once a nation acted fairly uniformly to such events, perhaps that won't be the case when HRH pops her court shoes.

*See Princess Margaret, Diane, multiple divorces and erm... Andy's little escapades**.
**Or alleged escapades!


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When Her Maj passes, it should signal the end of the monarchy.

The UK can do better.
I think the House of Windsor should have done what some of Scandinavian royalty have done and had become closer to the people. Truly a missed opportunity.

She was all of 27 when she ascended to the throne. She has never faltered over 69 years. She was there when the country began rebuilding after the devastation of WWII. She was there for formalities, charities, Armed Forces events, NHS, and a string of occasions that I cannot be bothered about. She loved animals and that is big plus for me.

I would do a great disservice to the memory of my late my parents if I treated her passing with anything other than respect.

The above has no relationship to the utter contempt I have for the circus of clowns in the present royalty.
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