Getting a bike serviced in London N4


Started young, and still going.

A quick google come up with these 3 bike shops. I have no experience of them, but worth a phone call to each.


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A friend used these people a couple of times - apparently they did a good job.


Having said which, some of the reviews on Google aren't that encouraging.

(Can't offer any personal experience I'm afraid - I do all my own fettling.)


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@RoubaixCube is in north London I think
And maybe @swee'pea99 ?
I am indeed.

I am further down the road past the seven sisters area but my regular for YEARS has been Micycle N4 and i rate them very highly.

But I have heard really good things about Finsbury Cycles too so you cant go wrong with either of them. Finsbury Cycles have been around for donkeys of years. Probably a lot longer than Micycle so are pretty well established.

Micycle N4 quite often has a few secondhand bikes up for sale so be sure to take some extra cash with you incase you see something you fancy.
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