Where to go cycling in London?


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I am running out of ideas of where to go cycling in London if anyone knows any good pathways and routes or places to visit please let me know.


London's a big place - you need to let peeps know where your starting point is.


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There are lots of London cycling maps, buy a couple (or get free ones)

check out Sustrans eg www.sustrans.org.uk/our-blog/national-cycle-network-route-collections/2019/all/best-routes-in-london

There used to be a bike buddy website, perhaps you could find someone to ride with?

maybe @rb58 Or @Nick Saddlesore can help you out with some of the routes used for the CC Sunday London rides Which start at Hyde Park Corner mostly?

or get on a train out of London and explore the countryside or get a train to the meeting point for a CTC ride? Just need to avoid the rush hour on week days

@slowmotion is in Shepherds Bush, maybe he has a few routes out

have you explored Richmond Park and the river paths?

Out to Windsor is a nice ride, train back to Waterloo
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I agree with Vickster's idea, why not get a train to somewhere with quieter roads. It doesn't have to take long.
I live in fairly rural Herfordshire but I get bored of my own local routes sometimes too. I got a couple of Sustrans maps and I get on a train and travel no more than about 30 minutes / ten quid train fare, it opens up loads of new possibilities.

Nick Saddlesore

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Central London CTC rides are just out of hibernation, more coming soon, watch the website. Start with 2*. There are also the Sunday London Rides promoted here under 'Recreational Rides', short pootles round town, but useful for meeting people and getting information. There are also the Friday Night Ride to the Coast Lockdown rides, which don't always go to the coast, aren't all at night, and aren't always on Friday. If you want anymore info, PM me and tell me what part of London you are in.
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