England : London Sunday London Ride: Street Furniture - 23 May 2021


Bexley, Kent
This is a re-run of a ride from three or four years ago.

A gentle tour around town to explore some of London's more interesting and unusual street furniture. With a little bit of history thrown in. Think bollards, lamp posts and the like. Social pace, everyone welcome. Quiet roads where possible, although it's not always possible to avoid traffic altogether in central London. Even on a Sunday morning.

Subject to final recce, the route is around 20 miles, and will probably finish at the cafe in Russell Square. I expect us to be there around 1.30pm, give or take.

Meet at Hyde Park Corner (by the Royal Artillery Memorial) at 9.30am, leaving shortly after. There'll be a quick comfort break part way round, but it's best if you use the facilities in Hyde Park (you'll need 20p) or a mainline station (free) before you rock up to the start.

The small print, just as a reminder: This is not a formal ride under the auspices of any club. We will be just a bunch of friends on a ride together and my role will be simply to guide us round a route. As such, you will be riding under your own insurance.

Hands up if you're interested.

Nick Saddlesore

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(expressing interest!)

Chap sur le velo

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Sounds great thanks. It's in the diary.

Love London and have been cycling around WE and City a lot in past year.
For once traffic is even better than when I started driving in London 44 years ago, even like it was at 5 am in the Morning!
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