Bike Drop in London


London, UK
Has anyone used secure bike valet parking in London? The company is called Bike Drop and they have locations dotted around London.

Has anyone used it? What are your experiences? TIA.

jay clock

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Hampshire UK
if the location works i can it actually looks pretty good for the small amount of circs when it might suit. What is a massive bargain is free puncture repair. so if you book 3 hrs for £4.50 that is a deal


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Accra, Ghana
Maybe for a normal contract but contract length might be short and/or notice very short (so the per diem rate significantly reduced from expected). And that is a model that their business could cope with.
I certainly hope so. You have to add onto that the fitting out and staffing costs.
It's something that hasn't been tried before so it must be a bit of a nail biter for them. A very bold enterprise so all power to them.


Several years ago my wife was cycling up to Edinburgh and stopped in Leeds. There was an Evans shop directly outside Leeds station which offered bike parking and ( optional ) servicing. I can't remember the cost but I think it was very reasonable.
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