Cambridge Dutch roundabout.


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Any Chatters live near this new style roundabout.My mate told me last night they had scrapped it.I doubted that so early on.But it was closed at night for three nights as someone had knocked down a beacon.
So what are the thoughts of local people.We had a new layout done near here,and moaning minnies were out in force.Some people just don't look when driving,it hurts their sense of entitlement.It runs smoothly now.They just need to open their eyes and look.
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I haven't seen (or tried) the new one in Cambridge, but my gut reaction is that if UK drivers can get used to the Magic Roundabout in Swindon, they can feckin well learn to deal with this design.


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IIRC the beacon got knocked down before it actually opened.

I am all in favour, although I would have preferred some consistency in the road markings.



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I don't think it has stopped, if it has stopped, then it should be a car length further forward.
That's my take too - it is crossing the cycle path and, if needs be, will stop at the final give-way line.

What I don't know is why the markings at the 3 o'clock exit differ from all the other exits?

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I've used these in the Netherlands when one on my commute was changed to that type of design....hated it! Would take a lot of confidence to get me to use one in the UK.
My old Cambridge colleagues are whatsapping about it often. Despite a couple of negative stories it seems to be going down well. The rag the Cambridge Live led with the Rbt Closed. Within a few paras you derived it was closed for a few hours overnight, pre opening because a driver (aka Numpty) crashed into a Belisha Beacon :rolleyes:
It's a council vanity project delivered at more than twice the original budget to fix problems that don't exist.

But it is handy for Addenbrooke's Hospital should you have the misfortune to get knocked off.
Vanity project it might be but the problem (problems) exists; climate change/ local pollution; obesity; economic costs. The potential solution in part is active travel. However folk are put off by perceived safety concerns. This is one attempt to address those concerns. It'll take more than just one project though. Even at twice the budget an active travel scheme will far outweigh the Cost Benefit Ratio of a road scheme :okay:


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I hear what you're saying HleB, but even if we all walked to school its fiddling while Rome burns - of the 10 largest CO2 emitters in europe, 9 are coal fired power stations, the tenth is...Ryanair.

But for sustainability, health, social, financial, planning, road death and quality of life reasons, this sort of thing may just be the start of something much bigger.


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IIRC the beacon got knocked down before it actually opened.

I am all in favour, although I would have preferred some consistency in the road markings.

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The problem I have with the layout shown is that the route for the cyclist goes against all current recommendations.

See BC video:


On a current roundabout I take control of the lane.
If entering at E1, and leaving at E4 I take control of the lane (as per BC video) and cross no traffic streams

In the Cambridge arrangement, I cross 4 traffic streams R L R L relying on my and 4 drivers to observe correctly.

On the roundabout as shown, I would feel safer, when entering at E1 and leaving at E4, staying on the main carriageway and controlling the traffic behind me by my positioning as per current RA design and use.
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