5mm spacer and top cap 1-1/8" (matt black)


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I bought a newish stem from eBay, mainly cost was postage, to replace the current one on my bike. Unfortunately, I have not been able to fit it because I need an extra 5mm spacer and the top cap which didn't come with it.

Does anybody have one spacer and top cap or know where I could get them without paying more for postage or costing more than the actual stem?

if you are replacing the stem currently on the bike, can you not re-use the same topcap


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Spacers will be in plentiful supply at your LBS. As for the top cap - as above, do you not have one already? Top caps don't usually come with a stem anyway - unless it is proprietary.


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The stem I had before was specialized one with a shim, when I removed it to replace for one without a shim, it left a 3mm gap and the cap would not fit. That's why I thought a top cap would be needed,when in fact I only need a spacer, I think.

I believe that with the spacer installed I should get about 2 mm at the top for the cap. I'll try it this weekend.

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