6,000th consecutive daily ride of at least one hour

For those of you who don't read RBR I thought I would share the following from this week's issue. Pretty mind-blowing really.

RBR tech guru Jim Langley plans to ride his bike tomorrow.

No big deal, you say? Lots of us will be out there too. But for Jimbo it will be somewhat special -- his 6,000th consecutive daily ride of at least one hour.

The key word is "somewhat" because if RBR weren't keeping count in the note at the end of his Tech Talk column, Jim wouldn't even realize he'd reached another milestone.

He doesn't ride every day just to keep his streak alive. Nope, he says he rides because he feels better than when he doesn't ride. Simple as that.

We can identify, even if we do miss a day now and then. Congrats to Jim on an accomplishment that's nearly unimaginable -- except that he has done it.


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Downward said:
Does he never get ill ?

Even with all the will in the world there are times when you have colds, virus and sickness etc
He does, but he rides anyway. When travelling or the weather makes outdoor riding impossible, he does his hour+ on a turbo-trainer or a gym bike.

It's impressive, but even though I love cycling, I don't love it so much that I want to do it every day. When I'm ill, I think it is better to listen to my body and rest.
Cool. I've just completed what I think is my first month ever of being on the bike every day, and I've continued that into June. But there are a couple of 5km shakedown rides and trips to the shops in there.

Respect to this man. I wish this were normal.
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