7/8 speed wheelset


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What would be the best value wheelset suitable for a 7/8 speed on my peugeot optimum. It is 7 speed as standard but have claris 8 speed shifters fitted so could chance the rear mech and go 8 speed.

I'm guessing VFM would point to Shimano r500's but thought I'd ask in case they weren't much better than the mavic 192NE's already fitted


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I would check the width of your rear drop outs 1st , it might be 126 mm for 6-7 speed hubs or is it 130 mm ?
i think you might be able to spread them enough to get the wheel in according to sheldon brown ) without cold setting.


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It's 126 but after reading some sources I'm planning on a tweak.

Stud bar across the drop outs with nuts and washers to set the gap at 126mm, then every few days increase by 1mm up to 130mm


And then it will spring back :smile:. You need to exceed the elastic limit of the steel, stress relief isn't an issue.

Sheldon's site gives some pointers.

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