A bus driver today

Welsh wheels

Lycra king
South Wales
I noticed the driver of a bus full of passengers driving past me kept looking down. I looked in his cab as he drove past and saw that he was texting on his phone. Nice to know that he cared about the safety of his passengers!


Flouncing Nobber
Hope you grassed him to everyone.
I saw a taxi/minibus going slow the other day. I was waiting to pull out(on my bike)but cautiously waited,as taxi drivers normally go too fast,but this one was unusually crawling along. As he passed i saw him looking down,playing with his bloody phone..:angry:

Tim Hall

Would've but didn't get his plate or number
Completely unconnected point: Do the buses round your way gave emergency engine stop buttons on the outside? Such that might be hit by a passing cyclist?


Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next
North Wales police welcome handlebar camera footage of such things (Norfolk's scheme is based on it). No idea about South Wales, sadly. If they do, get a cam and save some lives next time :thumbsup:

Mrs M

Most days being chauffeured to work by Mr M, passing other traffic I often see drivers "otherwise engaged" NOT paying attention to the road ahead and footering about on their devices.
They usually receive an evil death stare and an occassional wag of the finger and shake of the head.
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