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  1. Michaelt

    Michaelt Active Member

    Ashford, Kent
    Hi all,

    I am starting to do a bit of research into a new bike, I currently own a Fuji Team 3.0 which I purchased through the C2W scheme last year. I have been really happy with this bike and it doesn't really hold me back but when I bought it my only consideration was price.

    Now after 18 months of cycling I want to upgrade and have got three bikes shortlisted:

    Plant X RT-57

    Cannondale SuperSix 105

    Boardman SLR 9.0

    Now my questions are:

    Overall which bike would be considered the best value for money?
    What is the difference between SRAM and Shimano parts; eg 105 or Force?

    Also, I am 6 foot and about 15st, which I am intending on shifting at least half a stone by the time I buy a new bike.

    Thanks for reading and any replies.

  2. derrick

    derrick The Glue that binds us together.

    On looks alone i would go for the cannondale, never used sram nothing wrong with 105 gear, the wife uses it with no probs,
    Not really any help to you, but am sure someone will be along in a bit to give more advice.^_^
  3. lejogger

    lejogger Über Member

    There's a couple of reviews of the Boardman here and here
    It's looks very good value - I believe Force is a better quality groupset than 105.
  4. you plan on losing 7.5 stone..??


    Best 'value' = Planet X
    Force v 105 = No contest. Force is more Ultegra level and significantly lighter. It should come down to ergonomics though, which depends on whichever one you feel most comfortable on.
  5. OP

    Michaelt Active Member

    Ashford, Kent
    yeah, should be easy done in 6 months?!!

    Should have read....half a stone.....
  6. lejogger

    lejogger Über Member

    Agree with this... I personally prefer the look of the Boardman despite it being more expensive - I've never loved the planet x bikes to be honest. They just look like generic chinese imports.
    The Cannondale looks underspecced compared to the other two (depending on how much you can get it for), especially in the wheel department.
  7. GrasB

    GrasB Veteran

    Nr Cambridge
    One thing to watch out for on Planet-X bikes is that they do cut the spec of certain components. For instance they did have a SRAM 'Red setup' which was very cheap however it only had Red shifters, everything else was Rival or non-SRAM kit!
  8. that's pretty much what they are, to be fair - although I think some (not all) of their frames may be exclusive to them, so not all generic as such. Still good frames though and difficult to beat from a value POV... :smile:

    GrasB makes a good point - look carefully at their build specs.... ;)
  9. Nah, 3 feet. :eek:
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