A girl that works for me is great in


every way. Smart, intelligent, creative, thinks for her self, doesn't need to be told what to do, gets things done on time and is never off and works longer hours etc...

She's called in sick today and said to the other girl as I was out can I call her as she thinks she has a bug and won't be in today. I'm thinking when I get the message "aye right!" considering she was having quite a busy weekend at a family wedding.

Called her back and she say's "listen I just didn't want to say to Karen but I'm dying here with a hangover and like a burst couch, I'll see you tomorrow if that's alright and I'll take today as a holiday.

Got to love honesty :biggrin:
Greedo said:
like a burst couch, I'll see you tomorrow

gary r

my father in law had a building company,a carpenter called in sick one day,the conversation went like this
"i wont be in today Peter i was having a *ank last night and when i shot my load it was full of blood,so i waited an hour tried it again and there was still blood,so im off to the docs"
got to admire his honesty!!!!
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