A good day for sport

Ha ha ha ha ha.

England beat the frenchies and arsenal blew a win by giving away a penalty in the 2nd minute of injury time.

Worked out nicely. ;)


As a gooner I'm not especially happy, particularly with such a horrific injury to one of the squad. Not good.
Not bad, thank you for asking! I'm still on two crutches but due to go down to one this coming week. I've been back on the turbo for about a week and doing half hour stretches, which is really encouraging but it'll be about three weeks before I'm walking and 4 or 5 before I'm allowed to cycle outside.

It's all a bit tiresome now but I'm very aware of how lucky I've been and am trying not to moan. Can't wait to be cycling properly though. My heart goes out to this poor bloke though...eugh, nasty!

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
You're right, trustysteed, it was a good result for England against the French. I didn't see the match but according to the report I read England were a much improved side compared to the first two games. Wales for the championship is looking good now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I disagree with the claim that it was a baddangerous tackle. It was purely an accident and you can see that from the replays. In fact if anyone was to blame, it was Eduardo himself for being so quick and tricky on the ball.

Player A has the ball which is at a certain location. Player B goes to tackle Player A based on where the ball is at the time. If Player A has the skill and speed to move the ball away from that location at the last split-second, Player B has got no chance of reacting and changing where his tackle is aimed. Therefore not really his fault. Players are not mind readers and cannot know where the ball is going to be in the future. They can guess but that's it.

Now if Player A moves the ball from it's original location but replaces it with his leg instead, Player B's tackle will be on the leg not the ball. You cannot blame Player B completely for the result, Player A has to take some responsibility for his own actions.

Therefore if Eduardo had shown more skill in not only moving the ball away from the tackle of Player B but also making sure his own legs were away from the danger zone, it wouldn't have happened.

So he pretty much has himself to blame as much, if not more, than Taylor.


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It was more than an accident. You should never, ever, go in studs showing like that. The game afterwards was subdued and it was clear Arsenal's players were never going to get it together as normal. How someone can claim that this game is an argument for a good day for sport is beyond me, they'd have to be either heartless or just stupid. Sick humour is one thing, lacking a sense of human sympathy is quite another.
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