A Little Bad Weather

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We had rain this morning. It was a deluge for about 10 minutes. My journey took an extra two and half minutes. My colleagues who drive to work, are still arriving 45 minutes late. I work near the junction of the M25 and M40 and it doesn't take much to bring the whole shooting match to a halt. Each time this sort of thing happens it seems to take less to cause it and longer to sort out. Any bets when we finally reach 'Gridlock Day'?:biggrin:
'Gridlock Day' has already arrived in Cambridge.

Did get soaked today though, a weird 5-minute hurricane type thing, rain going sidways, wheelie bins flying down the street - a touch hairy, plus my shoes are now on the radiator.

Still I'm in a better mood than if I'd been in my car, not moving AT ALL. :-)



wet but not raining as I got ready, minutes later heavy rain and very strong wind whipping the trees around, I defo paused for thought before pulling on my fifteen years old 'cheapest waterproof you have please' top

but it was fine, once you're wet you're wet and as long as you're warm you're fine

the overshoes I'm expecting to arrive today would have been handy though, there's lots of water around when it rains these days, not just puddles, proper deep standing water

it wasn't raining that hard or for that long

John the Monkey

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It was pretty grim in Manchester this morning too (nothing new there). One odd thing was that the commute seemed quite relaxed. Normally the rain seems to put everyone in a really bad mood, and it can be quite hairy dealing with the cars on days like that.

Bit of a change from cycling on quiet sunlit lanes in Normandy last week :biggrin:

Aldi overshoes on Thursday anyway, as my feet were soaked.


John the Monkey said:
It was pretty grim in Manchester this morning :biggrin:

so what's new

I spent the weekend in Newcastle, repeatedly being given a puzzled look by bar staff when I ordered

'in English please' being the best moment, tsk
Rain and terrible driving here in Sarf Lunnun. Sheets of rain and driving wind.

Nearly killed on a roundabout. I was on the roundabout and saw a silver Merc W259JDH approaching from the left. Thought to myself "it's not slowing" and rammed the anchors on, as she blatted past me over the roundabout and through the junction at 30 mph.

All these ****ing stupid mini-roundabouts. I'd like to put concrete slabs around that stupid raised part in the middle. As these idiots pile into them and see their shocks, alloy wheels, brakes, wings and A-pillars wrecked, I'd film it from the pavement and laugh.


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You're right about gridlock in Cambridge, the roads around Parker's Piece is solid for most of the day, I have to take long back routes if I ever drive there.......


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Sat on the bog just before leaving this morning and I suddenly realised I was getting a good soaking as the window was open, started to hear a gushing noise, dashed to find that there was water pouring through the back door where the gutter was overflowing and pouring water straight down the wall, the office window was still open and the monitor and phone were totally soaked, the phone was just saying "please replace the handset and try again" over and over, monitor seems to have survived, back bedroom window also open, water all over the floor. Put a bucket to catch the water coming through the back door which was full to the brim two minutes later.

Great start to the week!


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Seems like most of us had rain this morning then. Personaly I was well happy that it was raining, as I got a new waterproof jacket the other week and have been dieing to try it out.

Now just need to wait till Thursday to get the Aldi overshoes, so I can have nice dry feet as well. So lets hope it's raining on Friday, so I can test those out as well :biggrin:


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Weird. Looked out, bit damp, not raining. Went to get cat. Cat slightly damp. Got into the shower, was halfway through when the bathroom window was sucked open by an almighty gust of wind. Rain pouring in (literally, there was a puddle in the bathroom after).

When I left to go to work it was just normal rain, got a bit wet. Cleared up by the time I'd arrived.
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