A New Way Of Cycling.

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Andy in Sig

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I was just wandering back from the shops when I saw two lads cycling in a hitherto unkown fashion (to me at least). They looked to be about 8 and 6 years old and were on a normal mountain bike except one was standing with both his feet on the left pedal and his hands on the left side of the bars and the other did the same on the right side. When they needed to pedal it was amazing as they of course rose and descended in opposite harmony. Brilliant!


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....but did they stop at the red lights?

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My mind is boggling ;)

I'm wondering if consenting adults could do that .. if you get my drift ;)

New chapter for that book - wassit called - you know the public library keeps it in the back room and one has to ask to borrow it (or so I'm lead to believe).

And then there would be the speedy version -69 (km/hr) :biggrin:
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