A Pound That Wouldn't Stretch


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The ease of counting up the takings must be one of the plus points of a job at Poundstretcher:smile:


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I feel that the chap who got a job at Nissan might not have a job for much longer. Then again, if he fessed up about it at the interview and he's not cash handling, Nissan might just give him a break.
What a numpty thing to go. They say that cheats never prosper and that crime doesn't pay. Certainly true in this case.

Question is......

Would they have phoned the boss and said....

" We have gambled the takings and won £xxx, 000 pounds, so have paid it into the bank with the takings"

Call me a cynic, but I suspect not!


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The comment in Mail says it all - One brain cell between them.

And it's not two youngsters either - one of them is 48.
And they must have had some level of responsibility to be given the daily cash handling duties.
I am glad to see they just resigned instead of coming up with some cock and bull story about being mugged.

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Sorry, but generally, as a store manager, it was my duty to take the days receipts in to the bank, and no one else's. I would never have thought of leaving employes to do that. And our county did not allow gambling until 2014.
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